Asking where my son is Zhao Ziyue said with a smile brother Qingye should be in the upper extreme realm of Jiuchongtian now according to

After being reborn and returning, the world is full of storms. Once I entered the rivers and lakes, the years of urging the emperor to dominate the industry.
Talking and laughing, life is unbearable.
A drunken sword, straddling, swinging ghosts and raining bones, like mountains and birds, flying dust, things like tides, people like water.
I opened my eyes, sat up on the jade bed, and sorted out my memory. This is the first time I heard a noise in the room.
A girl pushed the door and walked in.
The bell on her feet made a burst of wonderful sounds with the movement of her feet, senior brother, you rest Alright, the girl’s name is Zhao Guo’er, the only female disciple of the Heaven-Treading Sect, Zhao Ziyue raised her head and looked at the corner of the girl’s eyes, and controlled her emotions slightly. It’s been a thousand years and there are no more chances. After pondering for a while, she asked Master. Are you back? Junior sister Zhao Guoer tilted her head and looked at Zhao Ziyue with some puzzlement Well, Zhao Ziyue nodded. The timeline is right.
It looks like it’s the same as the previous few times.
This time, you have to be more careful.
Zhao Guoer looked at Zhao Ziyue’s hesitant look.
People from those sects come, right? It’s like this every time.
He just reborn from those mid-level sects at the bottom of the mountain and came up to the mountain. After learning that the nine masters have left, these young people become bolder.
The place where Zhao Ziyue lives is called In Xianyuan Continent, he is the eldest disciple of Tianzong, the first sect in Xianyuan Continent The second step, others, even the weak, have no success even the first step, just wait for me to go, Zhao Ziyue has just finished speaking, he has already arrived at the gate of the Tiantianzong Mountain, looking at the mob in front of him, who claim to be the eight great gods, the corners of Zhao Ziyue’s mouth slightly raised A few times before, he would chat with them a few times, but this time it won’t be over, they have more important things to do. Seeing Zhao Ziyue appearing in front of them, the leader blocking the way was about to speak out, but Zhao Ziyue was just talking to them.
He made a gesture and said calmly, then the leader was surprised to find that he was speechless and ignored them.
Zhao Ziyue closed his eyes and muttered to himself, thinking that the wind and cloud move life and death. Someone in the joint force couldn’t help but said that another leader’s face changed drastically, and he said that it’s not good, it’s the boundless tactic, everyone quickly find a good place to hide I was extremely annoyed. Originally, according to the information, the nine immortals of the Tiantian Sect disappeared. They joined forces and prepared to take advantage of the fire to loot the first sect in the Xianyuan Continent.
But I never expected that the nine elders were indeed not there, but their eldest disciple. I also came to this step and learned the Cangmang Jue. A gust of wind blew through the eight major sects, the number of people reduced by half, and disappeared in this world as if it had never appeared before. Another gust of wind blew through the eight major sects.
No, now maybe it can no longer be called the eight major sects.
closed because There is only one person left on the field, he is the initiator of this incident, and he is also the one with the strongest cultivation.
He reached the second step and barely broke through the silence mark that Zhao Ziyue gave him. He gasped and said, I didn’t expect Zhao Ziyue, you He actually stepped into the third step Zhao Ziyue looked at him with a blank face and said lightly, there are many things you didn’t expect, but I don’t bother to tell you about the sword coming.
Let’s fall into Zhao Ziyue’s hands and die. Zhao Ziyue took the sword and took the second step. The lord of the second step was not killed by the Cangmang Art, so he had to do the second step himself.
Immortal Sword was about to fight Zhao Ziyue to escape, he had no such idea at all How could the second step escape from the hands of the third step? The vitality is extremely tenacious, even a severed head can survive, not to mention just being severed. Zhao Ziyue pointed at him with a sword and said lightly, “I understand, I can still keep the spirit and soul. The second step of reincarnation.
” The monk smiled miserably. A monk’s lifespan is endless. Why did he come from a dead end? But he still nodded and said thank you.
As soon as the words fell, he had already chosen to kill himself. Looking at his corpse, Zhao Ziyue felt mixed emotions in his heart. How long is the life expectancy? Hehe, there is still a period of time before that giant palm will come and destroy the entire Immortal Fate Continent. The eighth door is about to be opened, Zhao Ziyue is the chief disciple of the Tatian Sect, the first millennium since the nine masters left Including himself was also crushed to pieces, but afterwards he discovered a strange thing, he was reborn and returned to a thousand years ago when the giant palm destroyed the world. At this time, he remembered what the masters left when they left before. If any existence that is difficult to fight appears, you should push open the nine doors. Each door is an opportunity for you to grasp. Then he pushed open the nine doors left by the masters.
The first door is at In it, it only took him nine hundred years to become invincible and finally became the master of that world. Then he returned to Tatianzong and waited for the giant palm to come. After a thousand years, the giant palm was not late and the last time. Slowly falling from the sky with an unstoppable momentum, Zhao Ziyue flew directly into the sky, trying to block the giant palm. After a while, his thoughts turned, he realized how ridiculous his invincibility in that world was.