Asking Lianhua to invite her is probably because of Wei Xueweis affairs Shen Sangyu sat on the armchair with a smile in his eyes and

Blood stains in the snow A blood-stained palm clings tightly to the snow shadows, leaving a glaring scarlet mark The woman’s fair neck is wrapped with a barbed iron chain Barbs pierced into the skin Painful lips A horrible and hideous wound was torn out on the cheek.
The originally clear and lively eyes now had two empty hollows. It was even terrifying to look at her. She was covered in blood, mottled, festered and intermingled with countless scars all over her body. She struggled in the snow for a while. Moving little by little, the remaining blood under her body dragged out a shocking bloodstain.
The bulge and roundness of her abdomen showed that she was full-term pregnant.
Shen Sangyu raised her head blankly facing nothingness.
The pain that penetrated deep into her heart made her wish she couldn’t speak Gao Jingqi, do you really want it? Because of her, we ruined the thirteen-year relationship between you and me Buried you, if you insist on not saving Xuewei, then you will go to hell with your wild species Only the blood of the fetus can be cured, otherwise one dead body and two lives will be hard to recover.
This is false. My child can’t save your sweetheart. You are Prince Shuo, how can you listen to the slander? The prince is not in the slightest, the lady is not good, she vomited blood again The doctor said that the fetal blood must be taken immediately Wei Xuewei’s personal servant girl under the porch shouted impatiently, but there was no panic on her face, on the contrary, she was endlessly arrogant and proud Shen Sang Yuben asked you again, are you serious? I don’t want Gao Jingqi’s voice to suddenly become tense, and I don’t want Shen Sangyu to tremble in pain, but still tightly protect her abdomen. Gao Jingqi’s patience is exhausted, and the hands under the python robe reach out to hold the knife. The hands that have gently touched her cheeks countless times At this moment, it is pressed against the reflection of the blade on her abdomen, Hong and Bai bite Shen Sangyu, trying to struggle, but she can’t exert any strength, she can only grasp the corner of the python robe weakly. The finger holding the boa robe snorted coldly. The wife is worthy of you in his heart.
Shen Sangyu is nothing. If not for the close relationship between the first prince and the founding uncle’s mansion, there would be such an inexplicable marriage. A vulgar person from the countryside all day long The woman who thinks about fighting and killing is also delusional about climbing his high branch. If it weren’t for you, Xuewei, and I would have been wronged and married. Now this poor disease is all her pretending. She knows that you and I have a marriage contract.
But she still borrowed her superior position, and now she tricked you into taking my life. She is cruel, vicious, and vicious. Shen Sangyu roared hoarsely. It’s too old to see whether it’s blood or saliva mixed up.
The empty eye sockets are clearly empty, but there’s a hint of hatred.
How dare you slander Xuewei. Ken convinced your father to help I will treat you well even if I am the King of Jue.
Xuewei uses the strength of the entire Wei family to help me. You still have the face to slander her as she said this, then sneered and kicked away the severed finger at her foot, which is an eyesore. Xuewei is the best match for me in this world. Woman and you are just a stepping stone on my road to becoming a king As for now, this stepping stone is finally used Wangye Wei Xuewei was helped to walk to Gao Jingqi’s side Her soft face hid all the viciousness in the python robe The doctor said I was dying concubine Thinking of seeing the prince again before you die, you won’t die The damned person is her Gao Jingqi hugged her so tenderly that the vicious look of killing people with a knife just now is not left. As long as the fetal blood Xuewei is taken, Xuewei will be saved. The usual sweet voice falls.
In Shen Sangyu’s ears, the former sisterhood is just a joke at the moment.
After her marriage proposal with Prince Shuo’s mansion, her cousin hastily made a scene with Gao Jingqi in the dark. The whole world knew that she was forced to agree to marry her into the palace. At that time, she felt distressed. This innocent cousin made her love her everywhere, and what she got in return was the current urging, urging Gao Jingqi to kill her.
The superior is simply inferior to a beast. Never forget that you poisoned your father to death.
You will get retribution.
Gao Jingqi kicked her chest angrily.
A mouthful of blood sprayed out and stained his python robe. Give it to me. Shut up, I haven’t forgotten how Gao Tingqin’s anti-dog can get his trust, I haven’t forgotten you, Shen Sangyu betrayed me at the most critical moment, so I can only use your life to save the one who truly loves me Gao Jingqi showed his dagger Shen Sangyu heard the sound of the knife being drawn out of its sheath, and finally crawled all over with fear, hugged Gao Jingqi’s leg, and begged in mourning, please let this child go, I can do whatever you want as long as you let him go Opening the only piece of veil on her abdomen, the round belly looked full of vitality, he was relieved, the child is still there in Xuewei, there is help, don’t touch my child, the cold blade just touched the abdomen, Chen Sangyu pushed with strength from nowhere With all the efforts in front of me, I curled up to protect the fetus Gao Jingqi raised her brocade boots and stomped on her head, making her unable to move.
Xuewei must die.
Sangyu finally broke down and cried loudly, as if wanting to cry out the sky Gao Jingqi You are not worthy of being human, how many swords I have resisted for you to take your head, how many innocent people I have killed so that you can sit firmly on the throne, but because of Wei Xuewei’s absurd lies, you want to take the blood of my fetus, you lard Bewitched, you kill your brother, your father, your favorite concubine, your wife, your mother, your son, you will be condemned by God