Asked that you can produce starships in the Three Suns Realm how could it be possible that you haven’t waited for Lonely Soprano to respond

Kunlun morning news urgent broadcast Kunlun morning news urgent broadcast In the early hours of this morning, a large-scale explosion occurred in the mustard laboratory of the Qingxu Sword Sect due to an accident. Affected by this accident, the stock price of Qingxu Jianpai plummeted to the limit after the opening of the morning market, triggering an avalanche effect, causing the GEM index to drop by 5.25% and affecting the entire market. As of the time of this press release, the attack The sector index fell 3.73 percent, the defensive sector index fell 2.
98 percent, the composite sector index was the most volatile, and fell 4.
62 percent. Many heavyweights have issued statements claiming that Lin Fei’s demise will not affect the overall situation of the Kunlun world.
The prospects for the entire human society are still bright, and they declare that all major shareholders holding heavyweights will not reduce their holdings in this stock market storm. All cultivators work together to overcome difficulties and try to minimize the impact of this accident Then it is said that it is developing a secret treasure that can change the development process of the entire human society after retreating.
The Qingxu Sword Sect also took this opportunity to land on the GEM with a small local sect that was almost bankrupt, and has become the imitation of countless young entrepreneurs in the Kunlun world. Therefore, the occurrence of this accident is not only the end of a generation of genius legends, but may even affect the evolution history of the entire human society.
Today, the fall of the genius Lin Fei will slow down the overall development level of the Kunlun world for at least ten years. It will also delay the pace of mankind’s conquest of the endless sea of ​​stars.
With the broadcast of the morning news, this explosive news spread throughout the Kunlun world in an instant! A scream suddenly sounded from an inconspicuous bungalow.
The pale young man bounced off a simple camp bed and sat up.
His whole body was dripping with cold sweat, obviously he was greatly frightened.
This young man looked about fifteen or sixteen years old at most. But what makes people feel very weird is that his eyes are more or less black and white, and it looks like the entire eyeball is black. Generally speaking, such eyes are called different pupils by cultivators, which is a symbol of having a mutated spiritual root. Even in this new era where everyone can cultivate, it is very rare, but having different pupils does not necessarily mean a good thing, because some different pupils are so rare that there is no suitable method to practice, and in the end, they can only disappear Everyone looked at the boy’s black eyes and different pupils, which looked very spiritual, shining like cat’s eyes, so although the room was dark, the boy could see everything around him clearly.
The boy had just woken up from a nightmare, and he stretched out I looked and touched my body and limbs with my hands in front of my eyes, and finally showed a thoughtful expression.
Didn’t I already die from the Nascent Soul? Why am I still alive? Moreover, I have returned to my boyhood, and the environment in front of me is so familiar.
I lived in such a one-story house for 16 years before I took the unified examination of the Cultivation Academy called the New Era College Entrance Examination, so to speak.
An inconspicuous one-story house is the place where the radiant genius cultivator in Kunlun Realm lived before the youngest Nascent Soul strongman in Kunlun Realm took off. That’s right, this pale-skinned young man is just Lin Fei who should have fallen.
However, he himself didn’t understand why he was reborn and returned to his boyhood after the Nascent Soul blew himself up.
As a compound comprehension genius, Lin Fei’s knowledge is all-round, and there are things that he can’t even understand.
Maybe it’s because the explosive power in the Mustard Lab was too powerful, which tore through the space-time tunnel, which gave him a chance to merge with his youthful self. Apart from this explanation, Lin Fei temporarily I can’t think of any other possibility. Lin Fei was born as an orphan.
He has always been used to living alone. At this time, he doesn’t need to worry about the secret of his rebirth being known to others. Lin Fei has lived in this bungalow for many years. Everything is very familiar.
The time displayed on the atomic clock beside the bed is the Kunlun calendar year, month and day. As expected, I have returned to my boyhood.
This time is still one month away from my sixteenth birthday, and three days away from the unified examination of the Cultivation Academy that will affect my life. The month and seven days of the Kunlun calendar is a new calendar adopted by human society after it entered the era of national cultivation, and the earth was also renamed the Kunlun realm. This change began with the doomsday war in the AD century. At that time, the earth was exhausted due to energy depletion, and wars among countries were frequent.
In the end, human civilization was almost wiped out in a nuclear explosion. Just when the few surviving humans felt hopeless, the Kunlun God Ruins suddenly descended on the earth. The disappearing psychic power reappeared, bringing the endangered human beings to a new era where they can cultivate themselves. Kunlun Why the Shenxu suddenly descended on the earth has never been known, but with the appearance of the Kunlun Shenxu, the space of the earth has changed accordingly, and the reappearance of spiritual power has also made the legendary cultivation become a reality.
Surviving human beings through cultivation Gained powerful power to rebuild human civilization on the ruins, and finally created an incomparably brilliant new century of comprehension, especially Master Tianxuan, who is known as the father of the new century, pioneered the research of spiritual root gene fluid in Kunlun over the years So that ordinary people without spiritual roots can also gain the ability of cultivation through genetic modification, so the world of Great Harmony that everyone can cultivate in the legend has finally become a reality.
Human beings who have experienced the doomsday war of technological civilization and the new century of cultivation have moved towards a special civilization development. The road is under the efforts of generations of sages