Asked if everything is ready Mu Ming immediately replied respectfully everything is as per your order you have worked so hard Qing Ling nodded then

Jinling Prime Minister’s Mansion’s dilapidated and old small courtyard attic is swaying with wind and rain The corridor is drizzle and the breeze from the past is blowing, bringing along the deep alleys The babbling actors’ lyrics and music Bring the benefits of the country to Jinling Emperor Zhou I think this year the swallows still recognize Wang Xie Merry only Use the usual Zunzu to suppress Wanpixiu, still fishing at the east end of Tianmeng Yudian, and take a look at the golden horizontal belt, next year, you will be appointed as the prime minister, and you will have Hongmei’s new singing of incense rolls, tenderness, and the Huatang will be drunk all night.
The incense was put away in the middle of the night, and in the blink of an eye, it has been almost half a month since I came to this world. Listening to the occasional singing in my ears, Qingyi still feels a little dazed, as if everything around her is just a big dream. After waking up, she is still the same.
As long as that cold-blooded and ruthless killer completes the last mission, she can wash her hands with Shen Qinan and leave the organization, but the fact is that there was an accident in the middle of the mission.
Miss Nine, Qingyi spent half a month to say whether it was long or short, but it was enough for the muddle-headed Qingyi to understand the world she lived in. This is a dynasty that has never been recorded in history books.
The country she lives in is called Cangwu Kingdom and Jinling is Its capital, the prime minister, Qingcheng, has a remarkable status in the court and won the trust of the emperor, and even the status of the entire prime minister’s mansion has risen with the tide.
It is not an exaggeration to say that it is splendid and prosperous, but it is a pity that the presence of the original owner in such a large prime minister’s mansion is almost zero. By the way, the prime minister has nine children, four sons and five daughters, the eldest son Qingyi, the second daughter Qinger, the fourth son Qingsi and the seventh son Qingqi are both born to the wife of the first wife, the Jiang family. The third son Qingshan and the eighth girl Qing The fifth girl Qingwu and the sixth girl Qinglu, the twin sisters, were born by Aunt Lin. The twin sisters were born by Aunt Han. The original owner, Qingyi, was born by Aunt Ning, the most unfavored lady in the house. This powerful father is not good at commenting on how he is, but he thinks that the prime minister is a man who likes to save trouble.
This can be seen from the names of the nine brothers and sisters. Qing Yiqing Er Qingshan Qingsi Qing Wuqing Lu Qingqi, Qinglong, and Qingchao correspond to numbers from one to nine. Even though they all use homophonic characters, Qingchao still smells a strong perfunctory atmosphere from it.
Qingchao is very suspicious of this.
If any aunt adds another child Will there still be a Qingshi in the mansion who said that the original owner is not favored at all in this mansion? In addition to the reason that the original owner himself is stupid, obese and unlovable, it is also due to the existence of a small oil bottle That’s right, the original owner sneaked out of the mansion five years ago, but met a human trafficker and was taken away for more than ten days. Finally, he found him back, but he lost his innocence. And this is not the most unlucky thing.
The most unlucky thing is the two A month later, the original owner was found out to be pregnant. According to the wishes of the wife of the prime minister, Mrs. Jiang, the evil seeds in the original owner’s belly should not be left behind anyway, but this stupid original owner doesn’t know which muscle is wrong. If she insisted on keeping the child, Aunt Ning had no choice but to kneel outside the study door.
Crying day and night, our Lord Prime Minister, this is not the Lord Prime Minister.
In the end, Aunt Ning got impatient and waved the child with a big hand. It’s okay, but from now on, the original owner is not allowed to step out of Wutong Xiaozhu, and no one is allowed to visit the Prime Minister’s mansion.
Aunt Ning knew that this was already the greatest concession made by the prime minister, so she could only watch her only daughter being sent to Wutong Xiaozhu with tears in her eyes.
Seven months later, the original owner gave birth to a boy safely. Foolish people have foolish blessings, this child is extremely intelligent, but it is a pity that he has been implicated by his own mother. At the age of four, he has not yet enlightened. The whole body is skinny and bone-boned. Looking at it, I feel pitiful.
Wutong Xiaozhu is here for a long time.
The Xiangfu has gradually become a taboo that is not mentioned. It seems that the existence of the mother and son is a great shame to the entire Xiangfu. Under such circumstances, the life of the original owner, mother and son will naturally not be easy, and the original owner is a fool. He can’t even take care of himself.
Not to mention taking care of the child, I asked Qingbai to say that it was God’s blessing that the child grew so big, of course, this cannot be done without the careful care of the big girl Mingjin next to the original owner. So everything she knows now comes from Ming Jin.
Of course, there is also that cheap little bun.
Ming Jin has been with the original owner since she was a child. It can be said that she is loyal and will never leave him. It’s a pity that she, a girl, can do so little.
Although the Prime Minister clearly stated that no one is allowed to enter Wutong Xiaozhu, after all, his attention is focused on the former dynasty and rarely interferes with the affairs of the backyard, so the fifth girl, the sixth girl and the eighth girl often bribe the servants to bully the mother and son.
She won’t have a high fever for several days, and Qingyi won’t take over this mess.
To be honest, Qingyi really doesn’t want to take over this mess. She has her own life in modern times and has worked for so many years. The killer finally met the one that made her willing to join hands. The life is just one step away, and she can say goodbye to the past and start a new life, but at this time, an accident happened, and she came to such a feudal society where imperial power is supreme. She is not reconciled, how can she be reconciled in that world, Shen Qinan is still there When she was an orphan, she had nothing since she was a child, and she cherished everything because she had nothing, but she would hold on to everything that belonged to her, so from the day she came to this world, going back became her only obsession. However, as a qualified Killer Qingyi is best at making the most calm analysis and judgment in the most unfavorable environment. She is very clear that going back cannot be done overnight, so she will live in this body for a long time to come. That being the case