Asked excitedly in Grays arms Gray hugged her and sat on the recliner he took out mysteriously raised two fingers two hundred Bells beautiful eyes

Sleeping Beauty I have the Witch Godmother Her true love wakes me up Snow White I have the Dwarfs They will make me strong I save myself Princesses We don’t need princes and dragon slayers Gray No you need a firm eye Fairy tale princess world has many heroines Unlimited Stream author’s custom label Unlimited Stream Easy Dragon Chapter 1 The dragon slaying warrior will eventually become the evil dragon Xiu Ang A fiery red dragon roars unwillingly, but what comes out of the ferocious and terrifying dragon’s mouth is no longer Burning Heaven The flames on the ground are just a few poor little sparks.
Its body was pierced by a silver spear and it was nailed to the ground viciously.
Don’t worry, little turkey, use your body to lay the foundation stone for my success.
On the back of the red dragon, a valiant young man shouted the words of the second class, raised the knight sword in his hand, swung the sword down, and slashed across the red dragon’s neck. The red dragon’s roar stopped abruptly.
The ferocious head fell to the ground, and the pair of golden eyes still showed a look of unwillingness. The red dragon that lost its head didn’t seem to have died immediately, and its stump rolled violently on the ground, as if it could still feel the severe pain from its neck. Fight against the dead red dragon again, jump lightly away from the dead red dragon that is still struggling Twelve years have finally come to the harvest season. It won’t be long before I can get promoted and raise my salary to marry a princess. I will become a king and reach the pinnacle of my life.
The struggle of the red dragon has become weak, but it is everywhere in the castle. It sprays on its neck when it struggles.
The scorching dragon blood that came out stained the entire castle red.
Gray wiped the dragon blood on his face without tidying up and went directly to the room where the princess was held. The wounds on his body and the blood shed by the dragon are all his medals for bravery. This is an honor.
Ding the host kills the dragon to achieve the achievement of dragon slaying warrior one achievement point, the achievement is indeed achieved Gray hehe smiled a light curtain that only he can see appeared in front of Gray Sutton’s strength, agility, physical strength, spiritual skills, advanced spear, advanced fighting, intermediate swordsmanship, intermediate equestrian Archery achievement points are the sum of his achievement points over the years. It is not easy to achieve each achievement point.
Each achievement point means to make a certain achievement in a certain thing. For so many years, Gray has gained a total of more than 20. It’s just an achievement point. If he didn’t work hard, his physical fitness would be at least 20% lower than now The highest among the knights today is only intermediate spearmanship and elementary fighting, or intermediate swordplay and elementary fighting, and even some are entry-level and even elementary-level. Gray has no habit of keeping achievement points unless he has long thought about upgrading a certain skill.
He will definitely convert all the achievement points into his own strength. Gray’s first improvement is strength and physical strength, which are more obvious for strength improvement, such as mental attributes.
If it is not for better control of the improved strength, he will not be very I went back to upgrade because the effect of the upgrade didn’t seem obvious. I was about to allocate all the achievement points to my four-dimensional attributes, but suddenly I felt a strong burning sensation on my skin.
There was something rushing in my mind. Gray lowered his head and found that those sprays were everywhere.
Dragon’s blood was continuously gathering blood threads towards him like worms wrapped around his body, trying to penetrate his body through the pores.
As more and more dragon’s blood gathered on his body, Gray found that the rushing thing in his mind was getting stronger and stronger. Powerful, it will soon break through his defenses and rush into his mind.
Evil thoughts are pure evil thoughts. This is the evil thoughts of the evil dragon. Soon, Gray sensed what was about to rush in through his powerful mental power.
Those evil thoughts were hidden in the dragon’s blood.
As long as the dragon’s blood enters his body, those evil thoughts will also enter with him.
If he is dead, An Sheng Gray can feel that as long as those evil thoughts rush into his mind, he will become another creature and be dominated by evil thoughts. Another creature, Gray, recalled a story in the previous life on the Internet.
The dragon slaying warrior will eventually become a dragon.
How could it be possible that I am me? Turkey Gray growled and added all the achievement points to the spiritual attribute without hesitation.
In an instant, Gray felt that his spirit was nourished by a magical energy, and it became stronger and stronger, and his perception became more sensitive.
The spiritual attribute reached After seventeen o’clock, Gray also saw an evil dragon with burning flames constantly attacking a barrier, and he was in the middle of the barrier. Gray looked down and saw that he was a pure white light ball with no hands or feet.
But in an instant, the light group grew hands and feet, had facial features, and even had an extra spear turned into spiritual power in his hand. Little turkey, I can kill you when you are alive, and now I am afraid that you are a lonely soul.
No ghost, Gray snorted coldly, took the initiative to cancel the mental barrier, and let the other party invade his spiritual world. The spirit and the body are inseparable. Without the body, the spirit alone is a rootless tree and water without a source.
Today, it is just the remnants of the evil dragon. There is nothing to be afraid of the fire dragon. It is not known for its powerful spiritual power. Its power is at most comparable to that of the physical body. Except for a few special beings, the spirit of other creatures cannot exist independently. Once separated from the physical body, the power will be greatly attenuated. With the body of a fire dragon, what else can he do to him? What’s more, his mental power has skyrocketed a lot now. Compared with the fire dragon’s evil thoughts, he has no chance of winning. There is no need to delay defense.
Attack is the best defense against fire dragons. Seeing this, the evil thought didn’t hesitate at all