As soon as the master uncle died his way back to the Sanshengmen was completely cut off even if he did something wrong even if

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The night wind blows slowly. The surface of the lake reflects the bright moon in the sky.
The swaying and swaying long willow tree hangs down into the lake and draws ripples. Mo Chen likes this quiet night, especially after he just came out of the old house. The hustle and bustle of the big city makes him not used to such a quiet lake and the surrounding environment. The forest of willow trees can help him find the feeling he is familiar with, he is really useless Mo Chen can’t help but shake his head and smile wryly, he is already eighteen years old, he is an adult, yet he just left the old house and within a day, he starts to miss the old house and its people Before going out, Liao Mingming was full of confidence and ambition, and promised his master that he must do something meaningful in this world before going back.
In the quiet night, a small voice suddenly came out.
Mo Chen was stunned, then listened carefully. There was a burst of intermittent sobbing not far in front of him.
The soft voice should be a young girl with some doubts and curiosity. Mo Chen walked over to the calm lake after looking for the voice. Sitting on the bank facing the lake, the slender back sobbed softly.
Mo Chen could only tell that it was a light-colored cheongsam woven with simple and elegant patterns. As the girl sobbed, her shoulders trembled and trembled.
In the middle of the night, she hid alone in the dark. Weeping secretly, that lonely and thin back made Mo Chen feel sorry for the fact that there were too many sad things in the world, although he might not be able to help, but it was better than letting her be sad alone, the girl was afraid of frightening the other party Mo Chen whispered The back of the crying girl paused, the girl turned her head slowly under the bright moonlight, the girl’s black hair was like silk, she was small and her face was red and swollen even though she was crying, her eyes were wide open due to fright, but they were still clear and bright like The starry sky above the head is slightly turned up, the nose is slightly raised, a pair of fresh and moist red lips, a row of white teeth looming between the lips, for a moment, Mo Chen seems to see a white lotus in full bloom with dewdrops dripping with dewdrops in the cold pool water night Dripping lotus heart There is actually such a beautiful person in the world Mo Chen is deeply shocked by the eyebrows, the eyes, the nose, the lips, no matter what it is, the beauty makes him stop even if the frown is slightly frowned, the sad face of Lihua with tears It still surprised him so much that he couldn’t speak.
The teardrops in his eyes suddenly overflowed from the eye sockets and slid down his creamy and delicate cheeks.
Mo Chen’s heart suddenly tightened with the teardrops, and it was as hot as burning out of his heart.
Mo Chen didn’t know how long he stared at her until the girl vigilantly wiped away her tears and stood up, Mo Chen suddenly realized his gaffe, cleared his throat in embarrassment and lowered his eyes. While he lowered his gaze, a burst of elegant and unique fragrance suddenly brushed over the tip of his nose. In a daze, the white shadow flashed past in front of his eyes.
The girl had already walked sideways and quickly walked three steps in front of him, and ran away in two steps until the girl’s back disappeared. In the thick night, Mo Chen came back to his senses as if he had just woken up from a dream.
What he saw just now was the lotus fairy.
Those bright big eyes are like What would it look like if he smiled? I wanted to smooth the frown with my hands and wipe away the tears that made him sad, but did she still remember him? He had completely disappeared from her memory, thinking that she might be forgotten just like that.
After seeing Mo Chen, I felt my heart was heavy and suffocating, so stuffy and uncomfortable. Mo Chen, why did he suddenly realize that someone was calling him Mo Chen? Then he hurriedly came back to his senses. The man sitting opposite pursed his lips and smiled.
The man in his forties On his face, he has a calm, mature and prudent face, with long blue hair that looks black but not black, and a pair of blue-black eyes that look like a deep pool, but there is a hint of dissatisfaction in the early morning.
Don’t tell me it was just yesterday.
After leaving the old house, I started to miss home today, Uncle Nine. It’s because I can’t get distracted. Mo Chen still had a somewhat childish face, with a guilty expression on his face, and hurriedly put his mind back to the man called Uncle Nine. Only then was he satisfied. I laughed happily and looked at Mo Chen, who was somewhat apologetic. I heard that the old man has accepted a good talent that is rare in a thousand years.
I thought it was them flattering the old man.
I just realized that the cowhide is really not blown out, even if there are not many people with this level of god seal in the Sanshengmen, not to mention that you have just graduated and are not considered a formal disciple. When you return after three years of trials, your future must be limitless.
Where, Uncle Jiu, you have said the same thing before, you have heard it countless times, and you already feel that it is natural to praise Mo Chen, and you just smiled out of politeness and modesty, but right now you still have three years to stay, and you will not be able to return until after these three years The old house, yes, I understand.
Mo Chen nodded. The three-year trial was known to Mo Chen since he was a child, and it is also the rules of Sanshengmen since ancient times.
Because Sanshengmen is an ancient and mysterious sect, it has been practiced for thousands of years. They live in seclusion, and these disciples are all unaccompanied orphans.
When they were brought back to the Sanshengmen, the oldest was only about one year old. The Sanshengmen raised them, these helpless children. They have to grow up in an isolated environment, so the three-year trial is the test of Sanshengmen for each disciple, and it also gives them a chance to choose again, live in the world, understand the world and people in the world, and then choose to continue To stay in the world or to return to the Sanshengmen, of course, they are not really isolated from the world during the eighteen years they lived to the age of 18. In fact, the Sanshengmen sent them to ordinary schools to go to school and play with ordinary children from time to time. The uncle will take them to the mortal world to walk around, otherwise they will be sent to the mortal world when they are adults, not to mention trials, even survival will be problematic, and even if they are asked to leave the old house and come out to live by themselves, the master will make them acquainted in the mortal world The sect took care of them.
He was entrusted to Uncle Jiu to take care of them temporarily.