As soon as the door opened he saw Zhou Jingming sitting inside curiously asking Xiao Zhou when did you come Zhou Jingming who was burying

Automobile crash test The real vehicle crash laboratory of the Highway Traffic Test Site of the Ministry of Communications in Yanjing is independently developed by SAIC Motor.
The internal research and development code-named the high-end car Glory has finally arrived after the initial concept car design, subsequent prototype car setup and engineering prototype car design.
The vehicle performance experiment, which is scheduled to be launched at the Yanjing International Auto Show in October this year, is SAIC’s flagship car this year. It is different from SAIC’s previous self-designed model, Roewe Glory, from the shape design to the internal engine transmission and other key parts.
The design is all done by Chinese designers, and the foreign technicians only put forward relevant suggestions on the overall vehicle design of this car from the perspective of a third party. This is definitely a major event in the history of Chinese automobiles, and it is a milestone.
Today What needs to be carried out is the crash test related to the passive safety of automobiles. The crash test has been valued by the world’s major car manufacturers. It can be traced back to the mid-1990s, especially when the German crash test standard was put forward, which made the car crash test a rule. Generally speaking, the crash test is mainly divided into two aspects: frontal collision and side collision. The two collision standards are not the same, and the frontal collision is divided into rigid wall collision and frontal collision. There is only one type of collision speed for side collisions with kilometers per hour. At this moment, the staff in the crash laboratory are making final preparations. In the brand-new car, the key person for this crash test is placed on the driver’s seat, referred to as a crash test dummy. Humans are based on a large number of cadaver experiments. The materials used to make the body are all special materials, plus the relevant sensor supporting equipment.
The price of a dummy is at least ten thousand dollars. The acceleration sensor works normally. The displacement sensor works normally.
The bending moment sensor works normally for a week. Can the work start? When there was no problem with the last inspection process, a man in a suit and leather shoes about 40 years old walked up to Zhou Jingming and asked respectfully.
Let’s get started.
As the general layout of this Honor model, Zhou Jingming has fully participated in the design of each major assembly of this car. It can be said that this Honor car is Zhou Jingming’s lifelong painstaking effort, and it is a comprehensive manifestation of his design philosophy. From Nanjing Automobile Co., Ltd.
Zhou Jingming, who has gone abroad, has worked for Volkswagen and General Motors successively.
He has rich experience in automobile design.
He even obtained the title of researcher-level senior engineer when he was only 2 years old. He has a high reputation in the entire automobile field and has participated in the design of many models. Zhou Jingming has always had a wish that one day he can design a car with full autonomy for the Chinese people. After returning to work at SAIC, Zhou Jingming put this matter on the agenda, and today’s glory has Zhou Jingming’s consent.
Afterwards, the man made gestures.
After receiving the instructions, the staff began the crash test according to the procedure. The dummy used in this test is the current one.
The most commonly used crash test dummy in the world, the supporting sensors on its body are also the most advanced at present. The collected data will definitely be of great help to the improvement of this car. The man looked at the red new car parked in the test field.
He said that although he is not an expert in car evaluation, just judging from the exterior design, this car named Glory will definitely be the most popular car in the car market this year. Of course, Zhou Gong, the car crash test you designed is definitely five stars There must be nothing wrong with the level standard. Then the man looked at Zhou Jingming and said flatteringly that everything depends on the final result.
Zhou Jingming smiled and said with burning eyes. Although it sounds very modest, anyone can see it.
Zhou Jingming’s face was full of confidence.
Following the conversation between the two, the collision test over there had already begun. The car directly hit the collision wall of the test site at a speed of kilometers per hour, and only a bang sound was heard.
After colliding with each other, the front face of the car has been severely disfigured at this time, but in contrast, the deformation of the cockpit and passenger compartment of the car is very small.
The various airbags arranged in the car also deployed quickly at the first collision. The column and column deformation of the car is also very small and does not affect the space of the cockpit and the passenger compartment.
Usually, when a car collides head-on, it will cause a fatal threat to the driver and passengers in the car. This threat comes from the collision. The energy generated, but the current vehicle is well done because of the passive safety. The energy-absorbing area at the front of the body and the airbag will block most of the energy. At this time, the life of the people in the car is determined by the degree of deformation of the pillars. If the pillars deform If it is too large, the space between the cockpit and the passenger compartment will be severely compressed, causing secondary damage to the occupants of the vehicle, and it will also hinder the escape of the occupants in the vehicle.
As a result, the car’s crash test score will be greatly reduced.
Judging from this standard, it does not matter Is it the response speed of the airbag or the degree of deformation of the pillar? The crash test performance of this Honor car is first-class. Of course, the final result depends on the data.
After the experiment is over, the staff is busy again.
The data is also quickly sent to the computer terminal to analyze the experimental results this time through complex calculation procedures.
The probability of the dummy not being fatally injured and being fatally injured is less than the overall score. The final rating is five-star.
The staff came to the conclusion that five-star is the highest level in the crash test. Congratulations Zhou Gong.
It is indeed Zhou Gong.
The safety performance of the car you designed is indeed guaranteed. Although such a result has long been expected, the man is still say so