As soon as she came out a lady and a young man walked over The lady is Lan Shuangnings mother and the young man is

The first and second chapters are a bit boring, but there are many important events.
I hope the officials will read it. In a coffee shop on Yaxin Street, Timo quietly sits on a single chair and reads the newspaper in his hand. On the coffee table in front of him is a cup of coffee. It was steaming hot at first, but now it’s completely cold. The two waiters in front of the stage got together and discussed in a low voice. Is he waiting for someone? I’ve been sitting there for half an hour.
I’m really patient. I’ve been waiting for so long.
It must be because someone broke the appointment.
It’s about right, the quiet environment of the coffee shop was broken by a sudden door opening, a young man in a suit barged in, who was so rude, the disturbed people looked at the young man unkindly and waited for them to see the young man At that time, I saw the young man wearing famous brand clothes, with a personable bearing, and they suddenly had an illusion.
How could such a person be the rude person who pushed the door hard? With a little sweaty breath, he was in a hurry, obviously he was running all the way, his eyes swept around and finally fixed on an inconspicuous figure, after confirming that the other person was his former friend, he quickly walked over to the two waiters in front of the stage Seeing Zhang Yuhua walking towards Jimo, they all showed surprised expressions.
Zhang Yuhua was wearing a famous brand with a dignified appearance, while Jimo was wearing an unknown casual clothes.
Relations Jimo saw that Zhang Yuhua put down the newspaper in his hand and showed a smile on his face, he was not angry at all because he was late for a long time, you are here, he heard Jimo say hello, Zhang Yuhua also showed a smile and sat opposite him, apologizing Xiao Mo, I’m sorry, my brothers have been apart for three years I’m late for this meeting, I really owe it to you, don’t apologize to me for making you and me seem very unfamiliar, Jimo said with that comforting smile on his face and Yuhua, don’t call me Xiao Mo anymore since three years The moment I was kicked out of the Xiao family before, my surname was no longer Xiao. Call me Ji Mo.
The smile on Ji’s face in the seasons has never changed.
Being kicked out of the family is a very sad thing, but what he said seems like It doesn’t matter.
You changed your surname. Hearing him say this, Zhang Yuhua was taken aback for a moment, and then he said anxiously, why are you so confused? Once you change your surname, you will never have a chance to go back to Xiao’s house.
You know how serious it is. I didn’t intend to go back to that house, Jimo still had that relaxed smile on his face, seeing that he didn’t change his meaning, Zhang Yuhua didn’t stop trying to persuade him, he told me what happened three years ago, I know someone deliberately harmed you, just find out The truth, you can go back to Xiao’s house, change your surname back quickly, you still have a chance, Jimo’s face is still not moved at all, he pushes the cold coffee in front of Zhang Yuhua to quench his thirst, Jimo said, I know your kindness But if you asked me out just to persuade me to go back to Xiao’s house, I think I should go Zhang Yuhua picked up the coffee and drank it, his face became bitter in an instant, not what Jimo said was bitter, but the coffee Jimo ordered was bitter A cup of coffee without sugar Zhang Yuhua even suspects that this is not the coffee Jimo ordered, because in his memory Jimo always drinks coffee with sugar, but he doesn’t take it too seriously. Now there is something serious to say, I’m asking you out. Of course it’s not because of this, but I also think I should persuade you, after all, you still have a chance to go back, Zhang Yuhua, let’s get down to business, okay, I’ve said this, you can’t stand it Jimo nodded, with a smile on his face, Shuang Ning She, Zhang Yuhua, took a deep breath and was about to get married. As soon as the words fell, the smile on Jimo’s face stiffened, and a trace of sadness flashed in his eyes, but these moments were covered up by him. From the beginning, Jimo’s face was smiling, even when he mentioned There was no change on his face when he was kicked out of the family, but Zhang Yuhua’s words pierced the softest part of his heart, Lan Shuangning, the beautiful girl who once swore an alliance with him, is about to marry someone else. My little friend is getting married in a blink of an eye. Time flies so quickly, so I really want to bless her. Jimo’s smile suddenly became thicker.
I don’t know if it’s a real blessing or to hide his sadness.
Zhang Yuhua looked at his smile and didn’t speak.
He knew at this time.
Jimo must be very sad in his heart. When will she get married and who will she marry? One month later, she will marry Guo Tingyun. Jimo still has a smile on his face as if he really doesn’t care. Well, I won’t go when the time comes, you can give her a blessing. Zhang Yuhua frowned and asked, “Aren’t you planning to go? If you explained to her clearly what happened back then, she would definitely not agree to marry someone else.” Jimo shook his head and said, “Yuhua, I don’t want to disturb her.
I can’t give her a happy life now.” I can’t show up at her wedding and ruin her happiness.
Are you guys passing by because of that conspiracy? If you don’t want to mention it, then don’t mention it Zhang Yuhua got up and said today I’m just free to take you for a stroll, out of the coffee shop Zhang Yuhua took a taxi to the young master, where the driver is an old man Seeing Zhang Yuhua’s extraordinary clothes, he called him young master Go to the Tianqiao Club Zhang Yuhua said Okay, Jimo asked Zhang Yuhua, did you come by car? Don’t mention it, it’s stuck in the middle of the road, Zhang Yuhua said Zhang Yuhua originally came by car, but when he came, he encountered a traffic jam on the road, so he called and asked others to drive for him.
This is why Zhang Yuhua was late. Jingshan City is too bustling with high-rise buildings and towering buildings.
Although the transportation industry is developing rapidly, there are still traffic jams in this bustling city. There are still taxis shuttling among the many vehicles for half an hour every day. An hour later, Zhang Yuhua stopped at a tall building, paid the money and got out of the car with Jimo