As soon as I can leave the boundary I cant wait for a thousand years I cant see you I cant wait for a moment

Chapter 1 Journey to the East, Golden Crow, Scorching Sun, Sunshine in the sky, Looking at the Qingli River, A monkey jumped out of the river, rose into the air, and looked around. The river below is full of torrential water. I can’t see where the land is.
The vast river is incredible. The monkey fell on the river and felt his body. Smaller than dust, the magnificence of nature was beyond his imagination, causing him to give up the idea of ​​exploring the land.
With a plop, he fell back into the river with a flick of his legs, turning into a wave of water and falling vertically down the river. The depth of the river was unfathomable. There was a splendid scene, but layers of river water quickly blocked the sunlight. When he landed at the bottom of the river, his feet were already wading in the mud, and he could not see his fingers.
Surviving in such an environment was not easy. Fortunately, monkeys are used to being in the water. His breathing is also adapted to being with the darkness, but he lives alone and can’t get rid of the loneliness in his heart.
His name is Yuan He. His body is an aquatic ape, but his soul is a real human being.
Flooded in the long, dark river, suddenly changing from land to water, it is like falling into an abyss, Yuan He longed to escape, so he floated to the surface of the river many times, trying to land and live, but his habits are no different from those of fish.
Depleted and weak, without water, he would die, and Yuan He didn’t know where the land was.
The memory of the ape’s original owner warned him over and over again that the aquarium and the human race were incompatible. The danger was too great. After many attempts, he finally lost the idea of ​​landing. I don’t know how many water goblins are there.
I am a monster myself. Since I was reborn as an ape, I always think about my past life, but it doesn’t help me.
I should look forward. The life of a monster may not be exciting. Traveled over a month ago, until today let go of the past, he decided to inherit the will of the original owner of the ape, practice supernatural powers, and start his new demon life. The ape he leaned over has a pair of long ears, which can capture the sound of the water. If you don’t move your demon power and concentrate, naturally the sound of waters within a radius of 20 to 30 miles will fall into his ears.
If he exhausts his demon power to find a certain person or a certain demon, the distance can be doubled. It’s a pity that he can only hear the sound but can’t see the appearance of the other party. Moreover, this kind of supernatural power can only be used in the air outside the river, and the effect will be greatly reduced, but it can already be called extraordinary talent.
This ape swam from the west and crossed tens of thousands of miles of water. In dangerous places, relying on the supernatural powers of spiritual ears to eavesdrop, they have repeatedly avoided disasters and evacuated, as if they were life-saving wind ear. Tens of thousands of miles is a long journey.
In the Qingli River, it is only a short distance. The narrowest width of the essence is more than a thousand miles, and the length cannot be measured at all, but it reminds Yuan He of the myth of Journey to the West in his previous life. What kind of magical powers is Gen Jiao good at using, and which territory does he live in? Which demon country governs all these needs Yuan He to slowly grope and grasp.
He is a soul possessed by an ape who has devoured the ape. The unowned land that gathers together is the Owl Soul Mountain. To the west is the Iron Wing Demon Kingdom. To the east is the Golden Crow Demon Kingdom. If you walk a few miles east, you can enter the territory of the Golden Crow Kingdom. The ape had to stay away from the old water to seek refuge because of a catastrophe in his hometown. It’s not aimless fleeing.
The place of refuge has been chosen before departure. It’s in a water palace in the Golden Crow Kingdom.
Since the founding of the Golden Crow Kingdom, there have been sixty-two generations of monster clans who have a long lifespan.
In order to rule and govern the country, more than ten large-scale water mansions have been opened up.
One mansion covers thousands of miles of water, and various ethnic groups have opened their own demon caves to live in it.
He was about to continue his eastward journey, and suddenly there was a sound of blowing a conch.
He immediately raised his ears and began to eavesdrop. In the nearby grassy mountains, old shrimps, young shrimps, green shrimps and red shrimps have swam out of their nests.
The colorful formations are huge.
Huge water waves are set off. Groups gather towards the green lotus trees. This is Qixia Yaodong. Choose a place to build a cave mansion, use Qixia as the name of the cave, attract the shrimp tribes from all directions to live together, and educate them for generations to multiply and form the current scale.
There are various shrimp tribes living in the cave.
There are fish scales on their tails, but they are all made of shrimp.
The orthodox Habitat Cave is centered on a green lotus tree. The trunk of this tree is thick and a door is dug at the bottom. This is also the residence of the cave master Xia Zhong. He has lived in the river for more than five hundred years, ruled by the demon king of the Golden Crow Kingdom. He saw a group of shrimps approaching and slowly drooping the snails. His face was gloomy and his golden brows were frowning. Human shoulders and arms, but the body below the chest and abdomen is still a shrimp body, which looks strange.
The skin is made of shrimp shells, and it has a hideous appearance.
This is the result of his practice of bone transformation and transfiguration. After reaching the second level of bone-cutting realm, he is qualified to practice transfiguration. King Jinwu bestowed this sorcery along with him when he was conferred the title of Cave Master. The behavior is slow, unable to create things, and it is inconvenient to master tools. In order to better govern and educate the cave people, he still took shape, but only part of the transformation of the monster bones.
Chung’s voice, come forward