As soon as Fang Qinchu entered the door he saw that his daughterinlaw was still asleep so he licked his face and came to sit

Yu Shuyan accompanies her husband from a poor family to finally win the number one prize, thinking that after all the hard work, he will reach the pinnacle of life, but the result is that it doesn’t exist.
In less than three years, he was spoiled by his concubine and wiped out his wife. He was reborn and returned to fifteen years old. In this life, the Qin family is turned upside down by only talking and not doing anything The Daily Life of a Beautiful Wife Chapter 1 The Daily Life of a Beautiful Wife in a Nongmen Writer Xiangjun Copywriter This book is the daily life of a reborn couple who are jealous, jealous, and resentful, fight each other, and flirt with each other, please be careful at the scene of the crime I thought that after all the hardships and rewards, I will reach the pinnacle of my life, but the result is that it does not exist. In less than three years, I was spoiled by my husband and killed my wife. I was reborn and returned to fifteen years old. Seeing the scumbag entangled me again. The world is turned upside down, determined to be a shrew, fighting wits and courage with mother-in-law and sister-in-law, but she won the hearts of her in-laws and husband, and became a good wife and a lightning rod.
The wife actually ordered my son to separate the family and move from Yujiawan to Yulan Village, a few miles away.
I am your mother-in-law.
Even if you move here, don’t try to get rid of me, or I will let Yulan Village The village chief will be fair and your reputation will be ruined by then, so you don’t even want to live in the village. The sixty-year-old Mrs. Qi pointed at Xu Sanniang’s nose and yelled at Mrs.
Yu. Behind the old lady was the eldest daughter-in-law Mrs.
Cai and Mrs.
At this time, holding a dustpan of corn in her arms, Xu Sanniang was annoyed by the old lady Yu and smiled, looking at the two who snatched the food in front of her, she said mother-in-law, you are unreasonable, why are we here? This Yulan Village is not a mother-in-law My mother forbade us to live in Yujiawan back then. The so-called division of the family and land never fell under the name of my second room.
At the time, my mother-in-law said that my second room would not be used for the elderly care, so we don’t want to have any share in these fields.
Now Jiang Quan lives by hunting. Every bite of food in the family is bought with cash.
Over the years, if he hadn’t had the strength, our family of four would have starved to death in this Yulan village. But has my mother-in-law ever come to see us? What do you mean by taking food? Xu Sanniang’s words are very sincere. The disturbed neighbors gathered around and nodded when they heard this. Yu Jiangquan moved to Yulan Village with his wife and children and his family of four. This piece of foundation was built and a thatched hut was raised. After so many years, the children were raised and finally a brick yard was built. In a blink of an eye, the people at home came to fight the autumn wind.
This month, they stole three times every time. There are many people in Yulan Village who are shameless and skinless.
Seeing the joke, but the old lady Yu didn’t know it. Instead, she pushed Xu Sanniang away with her eldest daughter-in-law swaggering away. Xu Sanniang saw her daughter With that angry face, she hurriedly explained to the old lady that the harvest has not been good in the past few years. Your uncle’s family has many children and often can’t eat enough. Don’t worry about these things between adults. Mother Yu Shuyan looked at her mother depressedly, let’s rely on it Why did my uncle’s family come to our rescue when our family was out of business? I remember when I was a child, I was sick and my father wanted to get me some corn porridge to drink. I went to grandma’s house to beg for food on my back. Grandma wouldn’t let my father in, mother Have you forgotten all these things? I was five years old at the time, and I remember it clearly.
The more Yu Shuyan talked, the more angry she was. There was a trace of baby fat on her face, she looked naive when she was angry, Yu Sanniang looked at her little daughter like this and couldn’t help feeling soft, touched the child’s head and said, “I will tell you what mother said to you. There are some things that are not good for being a wife It’s convenient to say that your grandma’s family can’t survive, so I came here to play the autumn wind. I usually stand in front of them. I’m not weak, but I’m afraid they will think I’m talkative, mother, you’re just too talkative.
Yu Shuyan looked helplessly at her mother and at this familiar face.
For a moment, she was in a daze for two lifetimes. Once again, she saw the happy mother, still the same as before. She was still so beautiful, so kind and gentle. Thinking of her previous life, Yu Shuyan couldn’t help but hit her.
She had been the number one scholar for three years, and she thought that her whole life would be changed because of Qin Chu’s efforts, but she didn’t expect it to end in the end.