As she expected relying on her eighth soul ring and her dragon martial soul to deal with the oneeyed dragon sea snake martial soul At

Unforgettable pain, Tu Youyou opened her eyes with great effort, and saw the young woman in shock who was saved by herself and the baby carriage in her hand, so it’s good that Tu Shan’s passed on to her and became the last generation Are you really ashamed of your ancestors? Consciousness gradually sinks, slowly blurs, the light in front of your eyes gradually disappears, and finally returns to darkness. At the last moment of life, Tu Youyou saw a panicked and guilty young woman crying her baby Noisy passers-by, the sound of ambulances resounding into the sky, and himself lying in a pool of blood, Douluo Dalu, Star Dou Forest, Tu Youyou, has been in this world for three days, and at this moment, he still can’t figure out why he would appear in this place.
He should have died at the scene of the car accident after saving someone. Why did he still come here? What is this place? The monsters fought and killed each other with ferocious faces. In the end, the winner devoured the corpse of the loser. Heaven should not be so unrestrained.
Then I should have come to another world.
As for why I don’t think this is hell. He is so enthusiastic, kind, honest, brave, and would rather be late for class than to help his grandmother cross the road. No matter what, he shouldn’t go to hell, but the good news is that this world is far more spiritual than in his previous life, and he finally You can learn the wonderful techniques handed down by your ancestors, Tu Youyou, the 168th generation descendant of the Tu Shan family, and now he is the only descendant of the Tu Shan family alive. His ancestors can even be traced back to ancient times, according to his old mother.
It is said that one of his ancestors used to be the wife of the Emperor, and the wife of the Emperor also left a set of magical methods for his descendants to practice. Facts have proved that this magical method can indeed be practiced. There is no lack of history. After the ancestors practiced the magic method, they started their own heroic path, but it was passed down to his generation, and the world has come to the end of the Dharma era, not to mention the practice, and even his real body has never dared to show in front of the world, but this is the world.
The spiritual energy is enough to support him to practice the magical method handed down from ancient times. Although he only practiced for three days, Tu Youyou felt that his body had grown by at least ten centimeters, and his physique was far from being as thin as when he first came here. Any of the terrifying monsters he saw in the past three days when he first arrived could easily tear him into pieces, but after these three days of practice, Tu Youyou felt that at least he should be able to fight with the weakest one.
A few people broke their wrists a little bit, and there was a bang, a loud bang, interrupting Tu Youyou’s train of thought.
Tu Youyou looked out through the gap in the tree trunk, and saw a colorful tiger rushing straight at it at an extremely fast speed. A big tree with a height of tens of meters hit this towering big tree with a bang And the loud noise just now was the sound made by this tiger hitting a big tree, but if you treat this tiger as an ordinary tiger, you will be wrong. In the previous life, Tu Youyou saw the longest tiger in the zoo But about two meters, the body length of this colorful tiger is at least seven or eight meters. According to the simplest mathematical conversion, the weight of this tiger should be at least close to two tons. But this tiger can’t happen for no reason. Go hit the big tree when the wind blows.
Tu Youyou continued to read patiently. Soon, Tu Youyou’s pupils shrank slightly.
A slender big snake hovered above the thick tree, and the whole body of the snake showed a strange dark green color.
Only a small part of the head is pink. If it wasn’t for that small piece of pink, Tu Youyou felt that she might not have seen this big snake and tiger hit the big tree a few times, and the big snake hovering on the tree also woke up. The incomparable indifference in the green snake pupils seemed to be looking at a dead body, and then the big snake moved. The big snake quickly flew down from the tree and landed on the ground in an instant. The dark green snake tail also fell. It was on the ground until then that Tu Youyou didn’t realize that the body length of this big snake was much longer than that terrifying tiger. Even Tu Youyou’s body length at least reached ten meters at a rough look. Good guy, this world.
It’s scary. Seeing a big snake at random is about the same length as the longest one in my previous life? But looking at a tiger and a snake facing each other far away, Tu Youyou’s heart is afraid that the world will not be chaotic, and hope that they will fight quickly and finally color The colorful tiger seemed to be unable to bear the gaze of the big snake’s cold eyes, and took the lead in attacking. The huge but not bloated body of the tiger jumped up and smashed straight at the big snake with a pair of sharp tiger eyes. The claws also waved in mid-air, bringing out gusts of tiger wind, but the speed of the big snake was even more astonishing than that of the tiger. Tu Youyou’s eyes didn’t even catch the big snake’s movement, and the big snake was already wrapped around the tiger’s body. The two sharp snake teeth emitting a bit of cold light had already pierced the tiger’s body, and a shrill roar resounded immediately, the loud sound made Tu Youyou’s ears ache, and then Tu Youyou’s ears ached. Under the gaze of amazed eyes, the tiger began to struggle violently. The sharp tiger claws also slashed on the big snake’s body, making Tu Youyou feel a little surprised that the big snake’s body seemed to be made of gold steel. Under the sharp tiger’s claws, there was a ding sound like a sword colliding.
The big snake quickly let go of the tiger’s restraint and retreated to a place far away from the tiger. Tu Youyou noticed.