As long as there is no deep hatred or the other party does not take the initiative to kill him Chen Dong is willing to

Some people drive a luxury car and some take a bus. I am different. I use light kung fu. Chen Dong, a freshman in high school, was lucky enough to meet a mysterious old man who taught him Kung Fu.
From then on, a legendary encounter unfolded. On the way, he met a crazy old man who slammed a heavy punch on the stomach of the young Chen Dong.
Chen Dong was so painful that he almost burst into tears, and his body was bent into a shrimp shape.
You dare to write a love letter to Wang Ying even if you don’t see what the hell you are. The words “I like you to be my girlfriend” are faintly visible on the letter paper. This love letter was indeed written by Chen Dong. Ying is a girl with exquisite face and fashionable dress, and she smells fragrant. Chen Dong, who grew up in the city, was lucky enough to sit at the same table with Wang Ying.
After three days of ecstasy, he wrote to Wang Ying The letter paper for the love letter was carefully selected from a small shop with lace and colors. Wang Ying didn’t write back to him until after school and asked him to meet him at the milk tea shop outside the school.
After taking a little perfume and preparing carefully, he went to the milk tea shop he had made an appointment with, and was stopped by a yellow-haired young man outside the milk tea shop.
Chen Dong knew that this yellow-haired young man was nicknamed Brother Dali, and he was in his twenties.
He was from the school.
How did the famous gangster’s love letter get into Dali’s hands? Chen Dong was full of doubts and didn’t dare to ask.
He could only silently endure Dali’s insults.
The two of them were not in the same order. Seeing that they were almost the same, Dali rubbed his thumbs.
He and his index finger asked gloomyly how to solve it, I don’t need to say more, Chen Dong looked at Brother Dali’s fingers and asked doubtfully, Bi Xinbi your sister’s heart, Brother Dali almost vomited blood and rubbed his fingers, saying that the fuck is asking for money Meaning, Chen Dong suddenly realized, dude, I’m a little nervous about borrowing a hundred yuan to spend it, Brother Dali hehe laughing at a hundred yuan, Chen Dong’s heart trembled, this is almost his living expenses for a week, but this is still picked out from the mouth of his alcoholic father. Brother Dali, I don’t want to drink the northwest wind, but looking at this posture, Brother Dali won’t let me go if I don’t come out with a hundred yuan. Why are you here, Wang Ying? Chen Dong suddenly looked behind Brother Dali in surprise Brother also looked back, taking this opportunity, Chen Dong ran away immediately, you fucking dare to play me Dad chased and beat Chen Dong, who ran like this, and sneaked into the school in a flash Brother Dali, no matter how crazy he is, he would not dare to chase him into the school. I guess I’m used to it. Of course, it’s impossible for Chen Dong to never go out. Even if he will stay at school for the rest of the day, he will have to go home on the weekend, or he will run out of food next week.
Fortunately, there are still a few days before the weekend, so he can think about what to do. How about dealing with this big brother? It was getting dark slowly, Chen Dong walked towards the cafeteria, he hadn’t eaten yet, he had planned to have dinner with Wang Ying, but now it seems that it was just his own wishful thinking, because Chen Dong came quite late, there was no one on the way to the cafeteria, Chen Dong walked As I was walking, I suddenly felt nausea in my chest, as if I had a heart attack, and cold sweat broke out on my forehead, what happened? You can feel my murderous intent. At this moment, a surprised voice suddenly sounded. When Chen Dong looked up, he saw an old man with white beard and hair standing in front of him. The old man was wearing tattered clothes and a shoe on his foot.
There are still holes showing dirty toes. The old man is looking at Chen Dong with excitement.
What murderous look? Chen Dong looks confused. Do you feel very uncomfortable now? The old man grabbed Chen Dong’s shoulder and said, as if someone strangled you Chen Dong nodded again and again, yes, this feeling is so good, I can really feel that the old man is very excited, his mouth is grinning, he said happily, young man, your bones are unique, you are a unique martial arts genius, you must worship me as your teacher I pass on your exquisite martial arts to become number one in the world in the future, that’s not a problem. Practice martial arts and become number one in the world.
Hearing these TV drama-like lines, Chen Dong’s eyes widened. Unlike a normal person, Chen Dong was speechless, pushed the old man away and continued walking towards the cafeteria, hey, why are you leaving? The old man suddenly yelled and rushed to Chen Dong with a stride, and spread his arms like a big bird. This move is called white crane spreading its wings.
The old man clenched his fist again and then punched it forward.
This move is called black tiger heart out.
The move is actually the most obvious, the skill is too profound, you don’t understand it now, don’t you believe it? Chen Dong is really a little dumbfounded, but Chen Dong really doesn’t understand it, but from these few strokes, it seems that there are really two brushes, at least it looks like that. The old man said, “Think about it, if you have the skills, would you still be afraid of that kind of person? It turns out that the old man has seen everything, but just these few words made Chen Dong’s blood boil. Yes, if I know kung fu, so why should I be afraid of someone like Brother Dali? When the time comes, who will be able to control him when he enters and exits the school randomly? In the scene where the punches fly, Brother Dali couldn’t help but want to kneel down to the old man to learn from his teacher, but he just wanted to kneel down