As I was talking I don’t know which disciple yelled I’m having lunch Tang rushed to see the food like a group of hungry dogs

While humming, she washed off the mud on her jade feet. There was a heavy rain just now and the mountain road was full of mud, causing the little girl to step on the mud. She couldn’t stand it, so she had to take off her shoes and socks.
My bare feet were washed clean before continuing on the road.
The little girl stood up, trimmed her hair, adjusted her men’s clothes, and changed her appearance. Today, she disguised herself as a man and changed her appearance.
Going to Xiaoyao Peak is a very important thing to do.
Rain Slowly stopped her, raised her wet bare feet, wiped off the water drops on her little feet with a brocade handkerchief, changed into a pair of boots and continued to walk towards the mountain gate, and finally she met the senior brother of the Xiaoyao School in front of the mountain gate, you are Liu Qianye Liu Qianye was 12 years old this year and went to Xiaoyao Peak to learn as a teacher. When he first entered the mountain gate, he met his elder brother Yuchen for the first time.
He was shocked that the elder brother of heaven and man actually walked out of the mountain gate to welcome her. Dust’s figure immediately lit up the surrounding environment. He was dressed in white, and his simple but slightly gorgeous appearance couldn’t hide his aloofness and arrogance. His indifferent but cold eyes seemed to be able to penetrate people’s hearts. All the birds and beasts around were submissive and respectful. She bent down to him to show her respect. This is also the first time Liu Qianye met such a wonderful person. She was so nervous that she forgot to say hello.
She was even a little afraid of this cold-faced big brother Yu Chen, who glanced at her with eyes as cold as water. You actually showed a slight smile, you are Liu Qianye who stood out from the many candidate disciples of the outer sect Liu Qianye finally realized Liu Qianye bowed and bowed Liu Qianye greeted senior brother Yuchen who are you Liu Qianye Nanyang person Yuchen came from From today onwards, you are one of the direct disciples of my Xiaoyao Sect. Come with me, and I will take you to see Master Liu Qianye, Hu Liu Qianye is relieved.
Although the appearance of the elder brother is cold, he is easy-going and airy. No big deal Liu Qianye became bolder, she glanced at the long sword on Yu Chen’s waist and couldn’t help but ask Eldest Brother, are you a sword cultivator? Ming likes to show off, jumps up and down beside Yuchen, excitedly says that I am also a sword cultivator, and now I have cultivated to the state of sword heart clarity, senior brother, your sword cultivator must be very good for so many years, can I practice kendo with you in the future? Yuchen takes a deep breath He continued walking without saying a word, Liu Qianye thought that senior brother disliked his kendo cultivation level is too low, and said senior brother, don’t get me wrong, I just started to practice kendo and my level is naturally lower, but my cultivation base is already in the late stage of foundation establishment and soon After forming a core, Yu Chen’s expression was a bit ugly, but she still praised her, yes, she is indeed a once-in-a-thousand-year genius, and at the age of twelve, he was in the late stage of foundation establishment, haha, not bad, Yu Chen smiled, but the smile was a little stiff The blue veins popped out, and the words that came out were also insincere. The two juniors beside me looked at each other and screamed in their hearts.
This junior junior, who just started, doesn’t know how high the sky is, and keeps poking at the senior senior brother’s scars. The two of them frequently asked Liu Qian Ye Shi winked and wanted to imply that she should stop saying these words, but Liu Qianye didn’t understand. Unknowingly, I was curious to ask senior brother which state you have reached after so many years of cultivation.
Blue veins appeared on the left forehead of Yuchen, and finally he couldn’t bear it anymore and yelled, “little bastard, are you annoying? Is the foundation building period so great?” Liu Qianye never thought of being like a fairy The gentle elder brother actually swears at her, his little face flushes red, he bows his head and dare not speak any more, his eyes are full of tears, he is very aggrieved and very inexplicable, he doesn’t know what he did wrong, the two disciples beside him panicked one by one At a loss, he hurriedly bowed to ask for forgiveness, big brother. It was my fault that he didn’t teach him the rules before going up the mountain.
The two disciples felt like the two rabbits being stared at by a lion. They didn’t dare to take a breath. Their backs were covered with sweat. After a few seconds, Yuchen took a deep breath to ease his emotions. He reached out and touched Liu Qianye.
Forget it this time, don’t talk nonsense next time, do you know Liu Qianye stretched out her small hand and wiped her tears, I’m sorry, big brother, I know I was wrong, I must pay more attention next time, in fact, she is still in the fog and doesn’t know how to trick her The big brother Yuchen pulled her all the way to a cliff and walked up a rainbow bridge.
The rainbow bridge is crystal clear and the valley below is surrounded by clouds and mist. I don’t know how deep it is. Liu Qianye couldn’t help but be fascinated.
Lightly said, be careful that the road is slippery, there is a bottomless abyss below, once you fall, you will never be able to get up again Liu Qianye became excited again, I understand that they have walked on this rainbow bridge for half an hour, and the white clouds are gradually thinning, and they have walked out of the end It is the head of the Xiaoyao Sect, Li Daozi, who practiced in the main hall of Sanqing. Yuchen said lightly that the younger brother Liu Qianye is Yuchen. I will see the master later.
Since neither Ziyang nor Chunyang have taught you the rules of the house, I will teach you some.
Our Xiaoyao Sect doesn’t have any big rules, that’s all.
You can’t bully your masters, destroy your ancestors, you can’t betray your senior brothers, you can’t collude with evil spirits Liu Qianye listens carefully, it’s true that the Xiaoyao Sect’s rules are not like other sects. You can be forgiven, Yuchen continues to talk, try not to cause trouble, we don’t cause trouble, but we are not afraid of trouble, in case someone makes trouble, you can’t lose the face of my carefree school, in other words, anyone who dares to provoke you will kill me If you can’t beat him, just call out. Our senior brothers and outer disciples on the mountain will help you. Liu Qianye is Yuchen.
This is the key point.
Try not to have anything to do with the women in the next door, and don’t mess with them.
If you meet them, just treat them as air