As for your daughter do you think I have the capital She is the head of Yunlu Xianju Emperor Beiming shook his head and looked

Haha, I never thought that I, Cheng, would be able to induce you nine old fellows to come out. How respectful I am! A middle-aged man with a long sword in his hand and covered in scars laughed loudly, and he was standing in the sky right now, standing on the ground all around. Countless people looked at him, and even in the air, there were hundreds of people, the nine people headed by them formed a circle and surrounded him. The middle-aged man glanced at the nine people. I chose to be silent, they haven’t spoken yet, people around me are talking all over the place, once we hand it over, we won’t care about this kind of thing, it must be destroyed, many people said the same sentence, Chengyu didn’t respond to it Instead, they continued to say to the nine people, do you want it or what, but don’t say that you’re going to destroy him too The one that came out, not to mention the one on you, we won’t be too embarrassing if we hand him over, who she didn’t say, but Cheng Yu knew what it meant Lu Bian has never compromised too much and said it is useless. Although I am injured now, you don’t want to get it.
As soon as the voice fell from Chengyu as the center, a crimson wave swept out. Except for the first nine people, the rest of the people floating in the air couldn’t hold on.
Falling into the ground, even the faces of the first nine were extremely ugly.
Cheng Yu snorted coldly.
He dared to come and stop me with such strength. I’m not afraid of death. Don’t even think about leaving today.
The first nine flew towards Cheng Yu slowly without saying a word. Seeing this scene, Chengyu laughed, why do you plan to combine the strength of nine people to subdue me? Before taking out the things, don’t say I’m not injured.
I’m not afraid.
After the blood sacrifice slowly finished speaking, there was still a faint smile on his face, while the faces of the nine people changed drastically, and their figures kept retreating. As for the people on the ground, there was still doubt in their eyes.
I don’t know why the nine people suddenly backed away. Without a chance to think about these reasons, a dazzling ray of light spread out in the air, as if covering the entire world, and all the people on the ground, including those nine people, were enveloped, without making a sound, without a trace of noise.
In late autumn, the leaves are falling, and the cobblestone road is covered with thick maple leaves. Pedestrians pass by, making a crisp sound, like a leisurely and melodious music.
Not far away, there is the sound of frolicking.
A group of children, about six or seven years old, hurried past.
Among them, the children who ran at the front shouted and ran, the old monster and the little monster came to the village again The clothes on his body were like pieces of rags sewn together, covered with dust, his hair was messy, and a person followed him carefully, but he was a child about twelve or thirteen years old, also dressed in rags patched clothes, a tender face Dirty, just like this, an old man and a young man walked step by step with the help of the old man, and the adults who were attracted by the shouts of the children also paid attention to this old man, a young man, and then someone made a sound. After seeing this group of children, they all know the noise all day long and thought it was something. After speaking, they picked up the shovel and left here.
Others looked at it and turned their heads to go about their business.
It seems that for this old and young I have known him for a long time.
The old man stopped by the hand of the child.
The old man and the young man stood at the same place. The cobblestone road at the foot went straight into the village, but the two stopped. The old man slowly raised his head, although the dust on his face covered his original The old man coughed for a long while, Yue Er, you have suffered a lot with me these two years, Grandpa, I am sorry for you, but this is what a boy said. The boy was shaken after hearing this. He shook his head and didn’t speak, but he knew in his heart that if it wasn’t for his grandpa Linghe, he would have starved to death more than ten years ago, and the reason why grandpa would say such words is because of an accident two years ago, Ning Yue It was his name, and Ling He met Ning Yue by chance more than ten years ago, because the word Ning was engraved on a jade pendant on his chest, so Ling He named him Ning Yue, according to what his grandfather said. The jade pendant may have been left to him by his parents, even though Ning Yue didn’t care at all whether he could find his parents, Grandpa, why did we come to this village every day for the past two years? The same question was no accident this time, and I didn’t get an answer.
Let’s go, Yue’er didn’t stay any longer, and turned around and left as usual.
Although Ning Yue was very curious, he also understood the ways of the world in the past two years. Since Grandpa Not long after the two left, three men in black appeared at the entrance of the village, but they followed their gazes to see that the direction was the direction where Ning Yue and the two left, but it was strange. It is the clothes of these three people that seem out of place here. The children playing at the entrance of the village seem to have seen them, and they are not curious about their arrival. The three men in black just disappeared in place after a meal, leaving only a group of children playing there. The three of them had never been the same before, and Ling He, who was supported by Ning Yue in the distance, trembled slightly. Ning Yue didn’t notice that Ling He’s eyes had changed a little solemnly. The place where the two lived was not far from the entrance of the village, and they The house is so simple that it feels as if the wind blows it down. The roof is just some thatch on it, and the pillars are just a few logs with some thatch around it.
A fence surrounds this simple thatched house.
However, this They have lived in the residence for two years