As far as I know the young one Many famous geniuses in my generation have already arrived Your Excellency and Xia Yiming came late Xia

Chapter 1 It’s not good to be a son-in-law. The sixth generation of the Qiao family has been in business for more than 300 years and has a wealth of wealth.
It is said that even the mayor asked Mr.
Qiao to talk about financing when he wanted to build roads.
Good old man Qiao drove to Hexi. Before he died, the old man made a decision that the world could not understand. He married Luo Yuluo to his precious granddaughter, who was beautiful and beautiful, and who had the status of the first heir of the family. Who is Yu? The young man standing in the corner of the green leather carriage right now is Luo Yu. He looks handsome, his face is sharp and sharp. If it weren’t for the badly faded jeans under the shirt on his upper body, it would be easy to look plain. Was mistaken for a celebrity male model. He is so handsome. He even has a charm that cannot be expressed in words.
If I have to describe it, it can be called the immortality of the man, which is more immortal than Bai Zihua in movies and TV dramas.
But this year is not handsome. When eating, Luo Yu is a single-parent family, relying on his mother to work hard alone to raise him so big, but there was an unexpected situation not long ago, the mother’s small company went bankrupt, and owed a whole lot of debt. Sue her to go to jail Just when the mother and son were desperate, the Qiao family called and wanted to recruit Luo Yu as a aunt, and promised to help the mother pay back the debt as long as Luo Yu agreed. How could he have the heart to watch his mother spend the rest of her life in prison? It stands to reason that a newly married groom should stay in his new house with his newlywed wife, you Lennon me Lennon Luo Yu. This beautiful wife is indeed bubbling.
The first time we met in the Civil Affairs Bureau, Luo Yu was deeply impressed by the scene at that time.
The girl was fair, beautiful, elegant and refined, with a pink neck like a swan, a jade rabbit, a huge, slender waist like a willow, curvy and graceful, and she sat on a high stool in front of the window of the Civil Affairs Bureau. The slender and beautiful legs wrapped in silk stockings made countless men who were about to get the certificate swallow their saliva. Countless big girls who were going to be wives plucked at the ears of their men, but Luo Yu couldn’t stand such a blessing, even after getting the certificate. His husband said that Luo Yu ran all the way from Moshui County to Chenhai City this time to get a certificate from him. He hadn’t stepped into the threshold of Qiao’s house to take a look at the new house before returning home. My wife has been rushed back for two days and two nights Luo Yu has been running back and forth until now I haven’t closed my eyes because there is no seat, I can only lean on the corner of the carriage and doze off every now and then, but what can I do? The round trip fee was not reported to him, and now Luo Yu is penniless, just carrying the red book he just received in his pocket, is it so desolate? More importantly, how can I tell my mother when I go back? Even though he is too sleepy, Luo Yu is tired and sleepy The No.
train has arrived at Mingyang Station, please bring your own salute and get off the train, after all, it has arrived at the station for two days and two nights, in a trance The young lady got her certificate, if she didn’t get it, it’s fine. When this kind of good thing happened, Mom thought it was a trick to trick you into doing pyramid schemes. My mother was very concerned on the phone. I could tell that my mother hadn’t slept well for the past two days. Until this moment, the big rock hanging in my heart finally fell down.
Ah, mom is so busy at work here that you don’t even have time for your wedding. I hope you don’t blame mom.
By the way, it’s normal for Miss Gui to be a bit petty. I am too used to it, try to relax my heart, don’t be arrogant, have the opportunity to coax those people from my in-law’s family, and life will be much more comfortable after I get to know them, after all, they are a famous family. Luo Yu opened his mouth and was suddenly speechless. Luo Yu felt like his mother At this time, it should be secretly wiping away tears at home.
Mother and son have been dependent on each other since childhood.
Son gets married. With mother Luo Meng’s temperament, even if she is seriously ill, she will never miss such an important event as her son marrying a wife and starting a family. And the company has closed down. The office building has been sealed by the court. Mom is so busy with work, but this time my mother was so cruel that she didn’t go and let Luo Yu take care of it all by herself. Luo Yu knew that her mother was afraid of the Qiao family’s mansion and deep courtyard, fearing the faces of those rich and noble faces of the Qiao family, at least her son was getting married How embarrassing it is for her not to be able to bring out a decent dowry. Luo Yu understands how anxious it is for her mother to marry that strange wealthy family.
It’s so hard to do, why don’t you know what’s more, the wealthy Luo Yu is thousands of times stronger than she was when she was prosperous She herself was chased back by her newly married wife, Luo Yu guessed that the next second, her mother would definitely break down and burst into tears.
What happened to the wedding? First, a Rolls Royce took us to the church.
Don’t worry, I’ve grown up. I understand the reasons.
They are urging me to go downstairs to eat. Hang up first. Mom usually pay attention to your body.
After a while, I will bring Xiangxue back to see you. Luo Yu dare not tell mom that he has come back. To make up for the regret, my mother asked Luo Yu to describe the wedding scene. What kind of wedding is there? Very excited and happy After hanging up, I looked around at the faces of those passers-by who were brimming with the joy of returning home Wandering and about to leave the station Find a park bench tonight to catch up on my head like a bolt from the blue Suddenly Luo Yu understands everything By old bastard you