As expected after listening to Kou Fengs words Wen frowned and looked at Kou Feng with dissatisfaction no I think what A Yu said is

Please support the genuine copyright to the author. Zhang Yu, a game expert, inexplicably traveled to a different world that is exactly the same as the game world when playing online games, and changed from a super top expert to a super waste.
Facing the inexplicable time travel, Zhang Yu felt very sad Fortunately, this world is actually a realistic version of the game world just like the game world, and Zhang Yu doesn’t have all the history, secrets, treasure locations, and gossip of this world, but he knows everything about it, so he knows it too well.
The extra Zhang Yu is starting to be awesome. The first volume of the first chapter of the first chapter of the first chapter of the foreign world. In front of Juju, there is a big drop of pears. Zhang Yu is one of the 300 million players in the Tianwu World.
Being deciphered by fanatical players, as a powerful party who likes black and black and has no lower limit, likes to listen to other people’s gossip. He is chased and killed from the main city of the demon clan to the main city of the gods every day. After his shameless deeds, he will always leave a lonesome and lonely back to the enemies who will never rest in peace.
In front of the neat middle fingers and scolding, he is as fast as running, lonely as sharp, and only leaves a trail of smoke and dust for the enemies who come after him.
Lonely and lonely Gao, your sister, Gao You have the kind, don’t kill the trumpet. I don’t know which trumpet without long eyes has come back to life.
It’s a burst of spitting at Zhang Yu, destroying the lonely atmosphere of the master. The next moment, this is still The future master who didn’t grow up was instantly killed Zhang Yu wiped the blood on the dagger Loneliness like snow’s bastard air was released again Loneliness Zhang Yu looked up to the sky and sighed I, you will definitely be struck by lightning Another trumpet revived Zhang Yu Hehe smiled and immediately wanted to step forward to kill the opponent and continue to play the lonely master, but at this moment a thunder suddenly struck his head. The him in the game and the him in reality disappeared without a trace at the same time.
Just scolded Zhang Seeing this, Yu’s trumpet was stunned for a long time before he came back to his senses. Finally, he laughed out of shape.
It turned out that Zhang Yu was really hurt when he was struck by lightning.
No matter how painful it was, he didn’t lose it.
Consciousness, so he felt very sad, angry and depressed while in pain, and he couldn’t help but wonder if he had done less good deeds to help the old lady cross the road, which made his character negative. I can’t feel or control my limbs, and even what I see in front of my eyes is only darkness. I don’t know how long it has passed.
Zhang Yu suddenly finds that there is no pain in his body.
The control of his limbs has also been withdrawn.
He immediately opened his eyes and looked around, and found that he was actually around.
In a fantastic and beautiful garden, this garden is full of various exotic plants, none of which are the same, and all of them are extremely precious ancient spiritual roots in the world of Tianwu.
Even if you want to find one in the outside world, it is difficult to find one.
Adding to the difficulty, Zhang Yu was startled and puzzled.
His eyes swayed back and forth on those dazzling ancient spiritual roots. Finally, when he moved his eyes to the back, he was stunned. It was an ancient dense forest full of monsters, although he could only see a corner of the dense forest. Zhang Yu still sees that this dense forest is a taboo that even 100-level masters regard as a forbidden area The demon forest Zhang Yu’s breath suddenly became short of breath, even if he was chased and killed by dozens of hundred-level masters, he would not be so nervous now, boy, this is a taboo demon forest Once a master strays into the Forbidden Demon Forest, he will surely die. Looking around, Zhang Yu’s heart skipped a beat. He found that the garden he was in was surrounded by the Forbidden Demon Forest. The countless plants and beasts in the Forbidden Demon Forest were also full of aggressiveness.
And in the center of the demon forest, there is also a super large open garden, which is also the lair. In it grows countless ancient spiritual roots that have disappeared from the outside world. Take a look at the surrounding area.
In the depths of the forbidden demon forest, there are still countless ancient spiritual roots. It must be that one.
It’s a super big lair, Dream Garden, what the hell did I come to? No matter how you look at it, Zhang Yu was stunned for a long time before he came back to his senses and quickly called the item box, equipment box and other things, sadly found that everything in the backpack was gone, even the equipment on his body had become The novice in the game is equipped with loose cloth clothes and shorts.
This is not the end. What Zhang Yu committed the most is that he has changed from a super master to a super novice. All attributes have been initialized.
To use a more classic sentence, he is now a scum with only combat effectiveness. Zhang Yuru was struck by lightning for a long time and didn’t come back to his senses for a long time