Arrogant yes Dong Zhuo nodded with a smile on his face Guo Si immediately shook his head and rushed out to the arena seeing that

Doctor, how about my young master? An old man who looks like a housekeeper anxiously surrounded the doctor who was looking for the medicine box and asked Mr.
Tinghou. The skin injury is nothing serious, why the young master has not woken up yet? The doctor hesitated seeing the old man’s anxious look, finally Sighing, Tinghou fell off his horse and probably hit his head accidentally. As for when I will wake up, I don’t know.
I beg you, doctor, you must find a way to save us, young master.
No matter how much money it is, I will pay double.
I don’t save it, but I’m just a poor student, I’m powerless, I’d better invite someone else to be wise. Seeing the doctor shake his head and leave with a sigh, the old man’s face was full of ashes. Passed away three years ago, the young master is only sixteen years old now, the old master has been drinking and gambling all his life, and his family property has already been ruined, but the young master has no such bad habits.
Who knew that he accidentally fell off when he was out riding a horse this morning, and he was already unconscious when he was brought back by his servants.
Butler Zhang was so frightened that he hurriedly searched for medical treatment, and the one who left just now is already the third one, isn’t it? Is Tinghou’s lineage coming to an end? Butler Zhang stayed in Tinghoufu for thirty-five years, and watched the young master grow up with his own eyes. He was unmarried, and he even regarded the young master as his own child. Looking around, although the servants cleaned it cleanly, the damaged eaves and the mottled walls all remind people of the dilapidated place here.
Does Steward Zhang still want to invite a doctor? How much money must heal the young master? Zhang Chun said in a firm tone. Seeing the servant leave in a hurry, Zhang Chun couldn’t help but frowned.
It’s almost sold off, and now there are only three hundred acres left.
Most of the servants in Fuli have also been dismissed, and I only have five people.
Originally, the usual expenses can be supported, but now it seems that the land will be sold, so Zhang Chun is frowning. The young master who was supposed to be drowsy in the house when he was not showing up, who is now Nanyang Tinghou Liu Fen, suddenly opened his eyes, but his eyes were full of helplessness and bitterness, how could this happen? By mistake, Liu Fen is not the original Nanyang Tinghou, but from a later century. Originally, he was also called Liu Fen.
He was originally just an ordinary office worker who had a car accident in order to save a child. When he woke up, he came to the end of the Han Dynasty.
He had already regained consciousness before the hour, but the sudden extra memory in his mind made Liu Fen still unbelievable that he had come to the end of the Han Dynasty and came to this chaotic world that was about to cause turmoil. Although Liu Fen is not a Three Kingdoms fan, he can be seen everywhere on TV and on the Internet, and he has also played some Three Kingdoms games.
After hearing and seeing, he more or less knows something.
This era sounds very exciting. Surging, but if you are really in it, you will know how indifferent it is. Let a person living in a peaceful age come here suddenly. Liu Fen just wants to scold his mother.
What should I do? The place where I am now is Nanyang, which is not far from Luoyang, the imperial capital of the Han Dynasty, and I know from my memory that this year is the first year of Zhongping, which is also the time of the Yellow Turban Uprising.
The most worry-free result of living is of course holding a thick thigh.
Cao Cao, Sun Quan, and Liu Bei, but now these three people have not made a fortune at all. Cao Cao should still be his second grandparent in Luoyang. It seems that Liu Bei is still a baby.
This guy should be even worse. Thinking of still selling straw sandals, Liu Fen instantly felt balanced.
He is also a Tinghou, a serious relative of the emperor, and his starting point is much better than these three. Self-respect, then Dong Zhuo trampled on the dignity of the Han family, otherwise, no matter how ambitious those people are, under the influence of the Han family’s 400-year heritage, they must not dare to have any other ideas, so the Yellow Turban Rebellion cannot be stopped by Liu Fen. If Dong Zhuo could prevent Dong Zhuo from entering Beijing, would the end of the Han Dynasty be different? Liu Fen couldn’t help but feel hot when he thought of this.
If you are clever, if you make good use of it, maybe the Han Dynasty can really last for a hundred years, then he will still be a proper official dynasty. As for a hundred years from now, Liu Fen kicks his legs, they love to make trouble, and Liu Fen is excited. Sitting up, the idea is very good, but how can I make the emperor trust me and reuse me? The royal relatives sound quite bluffing, my family knows about my own affairs, he and the current emperor don’t know anyone at all, if you are in a good mood, then you still If you can pull it in front of people, if you don’t want to be a bird, you have to think about it carefully. This is related to your life’s happy life. Squeak, the door is opened. Young master, you are awake.
Thank God, it’s the blessing of the ancestors.
Liu Fen woke up and looked at the excited Zhang Chun.
Liu Fen couldn’t help showing a smile from the heart. In the previous life, he was an orphan. After growing up, he found a job after tossing and turning. My memory has already known that although there is an asshole father, Zhang Chun, who is a housekeeper in front of me, is a person who treats him well from the bottom of his heart, and is also a family member whom the original owner of this body agrees with from the bottom of his heart. Liu Fen saw the smile on Zhang Chun’s face.
My heart is also inexplicably warm.
Maybe because of practicing martial arts, his hearing is much better than the original body.