Are you Zhuang Yi or Su Xiaotang Speaking of Fang Jingshen’s eyes narrowing dangerously isn’t it that you said just now that there is no

When I was in college, I opened a Taobao store in my spare time. The name of the store is You.
It looks delicious.
It sells all kinds of snacks. It was just to pass the time and earn some extra money. Unexpectedly, under the management of her foodie, the business of the store became increasingly popular.
Su Xiaotang was in her sophomore year. Already able to take care of her own tuition and living expenses Among her classmates, she is like a little rich woman. After graduating from university, everyone is busy looking for a job. Su Xiaotang no longer works as an agent and rents a two-bedroom and one living room to stock up on her own and continue to operate her snack shop. It’s just this snack shop. Let her get rich and become well-off, but at the same time let her roll farther and farther on the fat and round road. I’m sorry, my dear, this cranberry cookie is out of stock.
Yes, Su Xiaotang, I’m sorry, I just took it apart and ate it offended me, waiting for Su Xiaotang to sit cross-legged on a chair with disheveled hair and no image, throwing cookies into his mouth one by one with his fleshy paws.
My good friend Li Ranran brought bad news, but don’t blame me for not notifying you in advance of the college reunion tomorrow night. You have to clean yourself up.
Do you have to go? I’m so troublesome.
I still need it. Wash your hair and change your clothes, Su Xiaotang, are you going to live in Shoubi Nanshan for a long time? Li Ranran’s roar came from the other end of the phone.
Su Xiaotang curled her lips and took the phone away. If you don’t go out, if you go on like this, you will degenerate into a caveman. I heard from the squad leader that there are many high-quality young people in our class who are single. What a great opportunity. Maybe they can get out of the singles.
Soften your voice, don’t you want to see that bitch Song Minghui? Whenever you mention this name, Li Ranran will be mad at you for paying so much for that bitch and spending so much money on him for his postgraduate studies. Fortunately, he hasn’t been working for long.
I just hooked up with the little girl in the company.
What did I tell you at the beginning? The Phoenix man is unreliable. Tianya, so many posts are not enough for you to be a warning.
When Li Ranran was indignant, Su Xiaotang happily made another one.
Single business while confirming the delivery information with the buyer and talking to Li Ranran. However, he has already returned the money to me with interest. Besides, the past has passed, and I don’t want to go. It’s purely because I’m lazy.
What do you think of you as a credit card? If you pay in advance and pay it back, can you settle it with a little money? Okay, okay, I won’t tell you.
I’m busy here.
I’ll be there on time tomorrow.
Bai Su Xiaotang quickly finished speaking and hung up the phone in a hurry. When Song Minghui proposed to break up, she was not sad.
Although she didn’t have a vigorous love, she was serious about getting married. These days, she kept a dog and ran away with him. It will be sad, let alone a man who has been with him for so long, but the degree of this kind of sadness is probably only similar to that of a buyer who ate half of it and asked to return the product.
The ups and downs and unforgettable memories of her life were given to a man named Fang Jingshen from high school to college.
I fell in love for seven full years until the year when I graduated from senior year.
The male god finally had a girlfriend, and the girlfriend was her roommate. Hua Shutian, a talented man and a beautiful woman from this school. It seemed that she couldn’t eat any more delicious food in her life, and then Song Minghui confessed to her not long after.
He said that she was fat and cute, and he liked her very much. She asked her if she wanted to try together, and then they got together naturally. Until half a year ago, Song Minghui directly told her that he had found true love and proposed to break up with her.
A few days later, he paid 30,000 yuan in her card, as if he didn’t want to have anything to do with her.
I broke up with Shu Tian within a few months, but she was not stupid enough to think that if they broke up, she would have a chance.
She didn’t have any hope at the beginning, so the seven-year secret love never turned into a clear love.
Shu Tian’s thing is just It made her lose even the thought of watching from a distance. The next day, it wasn’t until half an hour before the party that Su Xiaotang went to wash his headgear slowly. He was wearing the most convenient clothes and was thinking about what else he needed to prepare.
The round husky flew excitedly from the balcony to her feet, gasped and wagged its tail wildly at her, watching her spherical weapon of mass destruction, Su Xiaotang, had a problem. After messing up the bedroom and the living room, there is still the ability to open the door of the room where the goods are stored.
When Su Xiaotang came back that night, he only saw the scene like a gust of wind passing through the border.
It was a mess and it was unbearable to see, but the instigator still had an innocent expression, wagging his tail and rushed forward to follow.
She was so angry that she wanted to stew this thing, and then she tied it up with a chain before going out, and the thing was so active.
When I came back, I saw that the place around its neck was worn by the chain. Su Xiaotang has a knife-mouthed bean curd heart and is reluctant to tie it since that time. She tries to take it with her whenever she goes out.
Fortunately, she doesn’t go out often. Now she sees that Su Xiaotang is about to go out. The second guy immediately frantically wagged his tail and came up to her, at first he rubbed against her leg obsequiously, then he clawed at the door and pulled, impatiently wanting to go out to meet his master, standing there, a certain animal that was still lingering With a groan, she used her mouth to grab her trousers, Su Xiaotang had no choice but to call Li Ranran, Hey Xiaotang, have you arrived yet? What should I do? Can the hotel bring a dog in? Li Ranran also knows how hard her dog is. Hearing what she said, I understand.
You wait for me to help you ask.
After a while, Li Ranran happily told her Xiaotang, you can take it with you Come here, the manager is a buddy of one of our classmates