Are you tired is it because of your mother’s business Last time I went to Penglai Island but you already met Lang Huan went to

That short journey actually made me think about it thousands of years later. It is the warmest memory related to Dragon Four that I can recall.
At that moment, I seemed to hear a sigh in my heart.
Feng Ge, Feng Ge, you finally accepted this disaster Content TagsSpiritual Gods and MonstersSorrowful and Sad LoveSearchKeywordsProtagonistFeng GeDragonSiDragon LidiMiaoSupporting roleHuangyuKong XuanJiaotengOther ArticlesBasic InformationArticle TypeOriginal RomanceAntique Fairy WorksStyleMain DramaSeriesNo Affiliated SeriesArticle Progress CompletedFull Text Digital editor commented that 20,000 years ago, there was a rebellion of Jiaolong, which caused the people to die. The Heavenly Emperor sent troops to wipe out the Jiaolong family. The two fell in love at first sight. After many twists and turns, Long Si agreed to marry the Emperor of Heaven. Feng Ge was heartbroken and rescued by the third son of the Emperor of Heaven, Di Mo.
In the end, the two got married. Come heartily, the storyline of this article is smooth and natural, with ups and downs, clear and obvious links, and the connection is very attractive. This article revolves around the grievances of the fairy family, but it is not clichéd.
The plot is tense and exciting enough to affect people’s hearts.
The birth of the author has something to say, what must be explained is that in fact, in the legend, the phoenix is ​​male and the phoenix is ​​female, but for the sake of the heroine, I deliberately turned it upside down. Don’t shoot me ignorant. At that time, I was an egg and it had been hatched for a year.
After hatching, even if it is a worm, A Niang is a bit impatient.
A Niang is the patriarch of the Feng Clan.
First, I laid three eggs before, and only two of them were phoenixes.
Although my brothers are lively and lovable, I look at the Feng Clan.
No successors, A Niang still lost her usual calmness and placed me under the bodhi tree at the highest point of Lingshan. She ordered four birds of paradise to watch day and night, hoping that the aura of the Buddha would protect me from incubating safely.
Our phoenix family respects the phoenix, although the phoenix is ​​male. In the marriage of the Feng clan, it is the role of a human wife. For example, although Dad is more than a hundred times stronger than A Niang, he always follows A Niang gently. The patriarch of the same Feng clan can only be Feng Jue. It can’t be the phoenix clan.
The dragon clan was born in the chaos of ancient times. They are the supreme beasts. In this world, apart from the heavenly emperor clan, we can lower our proud heads. There is no other race that is more noble than us. Even the Buddhas of the West are against it. We are very close to the races in the world, let alone worship the dragon and the phoenix. However, our phoenix is ​​different from the dragon. The phoenix has always had a weak blood. A phoenix must grow to 36,000 years old and marry a phoenix to give birth to a phoenix. Eggs and other races are not necessarily eggs. Naturally, they are separated from the race. It takes tens of thousands of years for a phoenix egg to hatch into a phoenix or a phoenix. Unfortunately, even a noble phoenix egg is not the same as an ordinary egg. There are also many dumb eggs that have worked so hard to hatch for thousands of years but there is no movement. How sad and hopeless is that, and a phoenix will never lay more than four eggs, so from ancient times to the present Our phoenix family has always been thin and only a few hundred.
The dragon family is the opposite of us.
I don’t know why the dragon family, both ancient gods and beasts, has such a strong ability to reproduce.
Isn’t there a saying in the world that dragons have nine sons, all of them are different, and the number of children is endless. Nowadays, there are one or two dragons or dragon-like reptiles guarding any creek.
In comparison, our Feng clan has only lived in this Lingshan mountain since ancient times. How rare is the rare thing? Feng Ge, do you know what the world sees? The chances of reaching our phoenix are lower than the chances of being hit by a meteor. It’s not surprising that dragons are too promiscuous. As long as they are reptiles, they can intermarry and produce so many nondescript offspring, which makes people feel disgusted.
I don’t know why, when I talk about these fallacies and heresies of the Dragon Clan Huangming, these fallacies and heresies automatically appear before my eyes, bah, bah, Huangming, please close your beak and go back to when I was just an egg, I was the last one of Auntie I’m a child, no matter if I’m a villain or not, at that time, A Niang has already seen through Qiushui, hoping to hatch a phoenix, and after 36,000 years, she will take over the position of patriarch from her, and then go to the world with my father to have a good time. The current patriarch has not given birth to a phoenix girl to inherit the great position, so he has to choose a suitable Xiaofeng as the successor in the clan, but it is too difficult because if it is not the daughter of the current patriarch, he must wait for the twelve-feathered Xiaofeng to hatch I don’t know who made this perverted rule Twelve Feather’s phoenix can hardly produce a mother in one hundred thousand years, that is, Twelve Feather’s previous patriarch waited for her birth and waited for a full 120,000 years. An old tearful pampered A Niang on Jiuchongtian A Niang had already felt the feelings of the old patriarch at that time, she thought that she might be trapped to death in the position of the patriarch until she became a bald old phoenix and could not leave this place Little Lingshan was so depressed that he pulled his feathers. In fact, since ten thousand years ago, I have already had a sense of consciousness. One day, in the midst of chaos, it seemed as if I woke up suddenly. I slowly gained a little clarity.
Who am I? When I was 12,000 years old, I already knew that I was in a small round space, and there were people walking around outside, and there was a sound of fluttering.
Later, I knew that it was four birds of paradise fluttering.
Wings and twitter From their words, I know they are waiting for me to go out, but I don’t want to touch the cardamom, you don’t want to fan your wings again, can you fix your bad habit, fanning makes me dizzy? Wings, when you come back from Lingshan, you always say some inexplicable things. The other screams and answers. Don’t make a noise. Seriously look at the little highness. The patriarch and the empress entrusted us with such an important task. Didn’t you want you to quarrel with the little highness? a voice said