Are you okay today Wang Fang casually Asked she is used to Shen Danqing getting off work early so it’s not surprising that today I

On the second train bound for Guangzhou, although Shen Danqing sat on a double hard seat near the aisle with his eyes slightly closed, his hands crossed his chest, but his heart was like a torrent, Haohao, Tangtang, it’s hard to be calm for a long time, yes, anyone can go back to the road of life I can’t help myself, the same age teenagers are in the same period of time.
In the early spring of the new year, not only the mood is different, but also the person is different.
I remember that in my previous life, I was just a thin boy who was less than a meter tall and weighed less than a catty.
In this life, I am heavy.
Dan Qing is a strong man with a height of 1 meter and a weight of 1 kg. In the same fate, in his previous life, Shen Danqing died of liver cirrhosis due to excessive drinking when he was young.
In this life, he was reborn in his mother’s womb.
The father of the same family, Shen Rongchun, was an educated youth.
Wanting to go back to the city again, I found a single mother in the countryside to start a family, and my mother, Peng Yingchun, only had one older sister, and she married far away, because my father was a public teacher, so she only gave birth to Shen Danqing, and she had her son circumcised. It is conceivable that life was difficult in the era of lack of food and clothing. It may be due to lack of food and nutrition when he was a child.
As an adult, Shen Danqing was only one meter tall and weighed just over 100 catties, not at all like his stout and tall father.
Everyone jokes that he is nothing like Mr.
Shen’s kind. In this life, he is the old governor’s memory. Of course, he needs good fish and his family.
Go down to the field to catch loaches, eels, go up the mountain, use a slingshot to shoot hares, pheasants and turtledoves.
Whenever I have time, I look for food. Of course, I dig the corners of the collective to touch the tender corn cobs, as well as the newly ripe sesame seeds and peanuts. In my previous life, I didn’t dare to do these things because of my young age.
Chairman Mao said that the body is the capital of the revolution. The soul of the uncle, he will not be less courageous, the collective things are missing at all, and there is nothing close to anyone.
Everyone does this, and the result is that when he is almost six years old, not only the body is so brushed upwards, but also horizontally. In my previous life, I studied in the first grade of elementary school at the age of 1, and entered the society early as a minor.
I suffered a lot.
In this life, I started to exercise systematically at the age of six. I didn’t go to the first grade until I was eight. In the class, regardless of height, physique and No one dares to bully him anymore because of his age.
Of course, he doesn’t bother to bully other children.
Children of the same age as classmates and neighbors can’t play together, so they stand out from the crowd. He can only try to keep a low profile and talk less. The most painful There is nothing like being mediocre for the sake of future plans and making mistakes with questions like ten. Uncle Shen said that it is really difficult. Shen Danqing has his own life plan. At that time, he doesn’t plan to study anymore.
He has the memories of his previous life.
The year just happened to be the best time to find his first pot of gold.
He didn’t want to miss the opportunity. But enough of Shen Danqing, in order to achieve his goal, he kept in the middle and lower reaches of every exam, never took risks, and was scolded by his parents. After a long time, his parents thought that he only had this piece of material to rest his hope of his son Jackie Chan.
Fortunately, he has a long body. All these years, he has been free from illness and pain, and finally talked about his parents’ wish. When he grows up, he can live and support himself.
After graduating from junior high school, of course, he failed to enter high school.
How about his ten-thousand-year performance at the end of the crane? Just after he turned 1, he went to the police station to get a first-generation ID card.
The little bird is about to spread its wings and fly high. It shouldn’t be called a veteran, at least Shen Danqing himself thinks so. Panning for gold is the first and most important step in Shen Danqing’s plan.
How to convince his parents is his first problem. When he first mentioned it to his mother, his mother strongly opposed him. I don’t feel at ease when my baby arrives so far away. My mother shook her head like a rattle and said that this is the first time Shen Danqing has been begged by her mother for the New Year.
Cousin, he got off in the eighth day.
Shen Danqing said to his mother with pleading eyes, how could you find him in an unfamiliar place? His acquaintances will inform his Shen Danqing, weaving a well-known lie, do you really want to go there? Can you really make a lot of money there? Mother said with a reluctant look, mom, you don’t want me to be so big and have sex at home, listen to my cousin.
If you don’t go out, you will regret it for the rest of your life. Mom, you don’t want to take care of my life, right? Shen Danqing continued to beg her mother for a long time, she just tilted her head and couldn’t bear it.
Look at the begging eyes of your son, okay, when you arrive, you must write a letter to tell your parents right away, Shen Danqing, who will write a letter to my family as soon as I enter the factory, said excitedly that I have said about my mother.
With his whereabouts, Shen Danqing is full of lies. It is impossible for him not to know what happened in his previous life. Does he not know that his cousin is abusing? After being reborn for so many years, Shen Danqing already has a plan.
What no one would think of is to go to Huizhou I didn’t expect to pick up waste products. If it wasn’t for Shen Danqing’s experience in his previous life, no one would have thought that those who picked up waste products in the past nine years would have made a fortune because the country lacked waste paper, plastic, waste copper, iron, aluminum and aluminum alloys and other raw materials. The price of raw materials is high. Mineral water bottle, 50 cents for paper, soy sauce bottle, beer bottle, 50 cents, aluminum, 5 pieces of iron, 2 pieces of brass, copper, 20 pieces of aluminum alloy, 15 pieces