Are you leaving Smelling the faint smell of tobacco knowing that he was going to smoke he gnawed on the pigs trotter silently took a

After the last seagull flew away, Spring City ushered in the rainy season. The rain probably stopped after only a while. The succulent plants on the classroom window sill fell a few round drops of water, glowing golden in the sun. Tonight, the teacher is coming to you.
After school, don’t run around with your schoolbag.
Forget about school. I’m here to pick you up.
Zhou Jinfan saw the message and was on the spot. The new tutor will be here tonight.
According to the news, this brother is this year’s number one student in the college entrance examination in southern Yunnan Province. Fu Shiwei asked how to find a high school student to teach you. He remembered that most of the teachers Zhou Jinfan’s family found for him were famous teachers from famous schools. Don’t mention it, Zhou Jinfan is annoyed that this tutor was recommended by my godfather to my dad. My godfather has established a public welfare organization, so what? Fu Shiwei nodded, as if he was a student donated by his organization. Godfather said that this is the first time a student has won the first prize, maybe the family conditions are not very good, Zhou Jinfan heard Zhou Kun say that he was an orphan two days ago, he realized it from the beginning, so Lao Xie wanted to use me to do good things, Lao Xie It’s the nickname he gave to his dad.
If Fu Shiwei is the No. 1 pick this year, have you searched it? There may be photos in the news.
What if it’s a handsome guy? How could it be that I haven’t searched it yet? The entry of the provincial number one scholar popped up at the same time, many newspaper news clicked in casually, and there was a photo of a boy being interviewed, wearing a red and white short-sleeved school uniform, thin and short, wearing round glasses, and his surname is ordinary.
It’s very interesting.
The last name is Qiang, but the first name is even more interesting. Is it Qiang Xiaozhuang, who is the number one scholar in liberal arts this year? The students donated by the godfather organization heard that they can’t afford the school’s free lunch. It’s also donated by a charity organization.
It’s not him Xiaofan.
Look here Zhou Jinfan just noticed the line of small words below the picture. The source network is still implanted in his mind The image of the skinny little boy, strong and small, he smiled, and then he forwarded a piece of news he just saw on Weibo to Zhou Kun, who was waiting in the car for the children to leave school, and Zhou Kun was playing with his mobile phone Doudizhu while wearing sunglasses. Subconsciously clicked on the link and was stunned by the Indian man who used his bald head to smuggle drugs. He actually hid methamphetamine under the wig. The news from Xiaofan said that if your foot bath city is seized in the future, you can consider doing this.
At least you can hide a catty for a week.
Kun was so angry that the wig was about to burn, so that Zhou Jinfan didn’t show a good face when he got in the car.
Why did it take so long to come out? Didn’t I ask you to hurry up, teacher, what can I do? Zhou Jinfan closed the car door and adjusted the seat to a comfortable place What time is the radian of the arc? Six thirty, six thirty, why are you panicking? It’s only five o’clock. He puts on a sun hat to cover his face. Spring City is like spring all the year round. Ultraviolet rays are harsh and harsh. The sky that just rained is as blue as glass and shakes people. Can’t keep my eyes open Zhou Kun’s BMW After ten minutes, drive into the underground parking lot.
Zhou’s house is not far from the school. It’s a 20-minute walk. It’s a foreclosure house he only moved into after he entered middle school. He lives on the top floor and made a large study room for his study atmosphere. The bookshelves are full of reading materials such as literature, history and poetry from various countries.
He actually took them out and read them. Zhou Jinfan likes to read miscellaneous books, especially mystery novels and other obscure classics.
There are only traces swept by the housekeeping aunt with a feather duster. I drank a bowl of papaya water made by my aunt at home.
Zhou Jinfan pushed the stroller downstairs to walk the dog. The elevator, this very long and narrow staircase, is like a dark cave. Their old Beagle staggered to the bottom of the building, and then he was too tired to lie on the ground, sticking out his tongue, and being a rascal, Zhou Jinfan had to hug him before he would sit on the baby. Follow the navigation on the cart to find Cuihu Lake.
Guan Zuoheng rides a lady’s bike that doesn’t match his figure and slowly rides along the edge of Cuihu Lake.
There are many cartoon cruise ships floating on the emerald lake. There are couples and a family of three from Chuncheng Shiyuan.
The main entrance of the community is facing the quietest corner of Cuihu Lake. The gate is not resplendent but quaint like an academy.
When entering the gate, the security guards connected to Mr. Zhou’s family in the second phase building for confirmation before letting him into the community.
The third phase of the community is very He followed the road signs and rode his bicycle through the narrow streets of the garden-like community.
Guan Zuoheng couldn’t find his way. He stopped to communicate with Zhou Kun on the phone. Did you see it? We went into the gap between our building and he looked up to find the one on the side of the building. The number saw Dong and Dong was probably in front of him, and when he was about to ride over, a black baby carriage came oncoming from above the ramp and ran towards him out of control.
He only needed to dodge slightly to avoid it.
Come, but the others did not avoid the speed bump under the ramp. Guan Zuoheng rushed over without hesitation in two big strides to get ahead of the speed bump and grabbed the stroller with his hands. Because of the force, his arms showed smooth forearm lines. With one foot on the wheel, he leaned over and used his whole body to protect the baby who was about to be ejected due to the force of the dive. The touch of the furry living thing that came out from inside made him suddenly realize that something was wrong. The pure brown eyes looked at him probably out of curiosity, the wet black nose tip lightly touched Guan Zuoheng’s neck, he turned his head and immediately dodged the stroller, which had stabilized Guan Zuoheng only then saw a little boy going down the slope Running here, sweating profusely, yelling, Little Ao, sister, sister, dog? Before the boy ran over, Guan Zuoheng threw away the stroller