Are you going to teach others how to box You misunderstood me I don’t intend to make money I just want to open a boxing

Hey, if you failed the exam, it would be useless if you want to enter the interview. Dai Li rubbed his temples.
The heavy feeling in his head became more and more dizzy.
I must have caught a cold. If I knew it, I would not have gone to see the meteor shower last night.
Sure enough, he caught a cold. Li Dai said to himself that Li Dai is a fresh graduate.
As a fresh graduate, Li Dai didn’t choose to take the postgraduate entrance examination because Li Dai’s parents are ordinary working-class people with no power and power. Compared with family conditions Generally, it is not easy for this kind of family to raise a college student. Li Dai is also a very filial person. He doesn’t want to burden his parents, so he decided to join the army of fresh graduates. It’s just what Li Dai learned.
The major is called sports training major, but you can probably understand what this major does after hearing the name, and the employment prospects of this major are even worse.
For example, literature majors and philosophy majors are not easy to get a job, but if it doesn’t work, you can find a copywriter. Such a job, but for someone who majored in sports training and wants to find a job as a copywriter, no one wants to find a job for college students this year.
It is already very difficult for a commoner family like Li Dai to find a job, let alone Li. Dai’s school is not a university major, but sports training is a hell of a start in terms of finding a job, so Li Dai aims at the recruitment of public institutions.
For example, primary and secondary schools recruit physical education teachers every year. Sports schools and sports teams will also recruit. Recruiting a coach to be a teacher or being a coach is a solid job. In order to take the exam, Li Dai has been reviewing since the first semester of his senior year, and he also went to the training class organized by the Education Bureau to study pedagogy and psychology, and got his teacher certificate. Today is the exam day for public institutions, but Li Dai started to feel dizzy early in the morning.
Li Dai insisted on walking into the exam room, but he couldn’t tell the difference between east, west, and north. In the end, there were only two words on the street, Li Dai continued rubbing his temples and thought in his heart. Originally, he thought about being a middle school physical education teacher. Not only would he have weekends and normal holidays, but he could also have winter and summer vacations. Now, there is no hope of being a physical education teacher.
If he really can’t find a job I’m going to write an online novel and write a story about an athlete. I have already thought about the title of the book. It’s called Almighty Athlete.
Such a lousy title is sure no one will read such a boring novel.
A voice suddenly came from Dai Li’s mind. Who is talking? Dai Li looked around, but he didn’t find anyone talking to him.
Don’t look for me.
That voice sounded again in your head. Dai Li’s goosebumps instantly arose because of the voice.
I was so scared that a voice suddenly appeared in my mind. Normal people would feel fear. Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you.
That voice rang out again.
Who is this guy? What’s the matter? The guy’s voice lingers in Dai Li’s mind, he knows what I’m thinking, Dai Li I was surprised, of course I know what you are thinking, so you only need to think about it before you can communicate with me.
The voice said, who are you? Li Dai thought silently.
Your guide is also a part of the coaching system.
My task is to teach you to familiarize yourself with and use this coaching system.
The voice continued, Li Dai immediately remembered that the so-called systems in online novels are basically plug-ins.
The poor guy instantly becomes rich and handsome, and there are all kinds of beauties in his arms.
Li Dai never expected to encounter such a good thing. The coaching system listens to the name.
This is a system plug-in related to the coach. Li Dai asked, yes, it can be counted.
It’s a hacker in your life.
That voice understood Dai Li’s inner thoughts again, and then said that the coaching system not only makes you a coach, but also makes you an excellent coach, and even the top coach in the world, making you reach the pinnacle of life. The system can be said to be omnipotent. You can have the coaching system. You are the luckiest person on earth who can do anything.
Then recharge my bank card.
Wanxian Li Dai complained in his heart that he couldn’t do it, and his voice was quite embarrassing, but with this With the coaching system, you can easily earn tens of thousands or even trillions. It’s not a problem. I don’t want to face the unknown and it popped up in my head. Dai Li subconsciously chose to refuse.
The voice was categorical. I followed the meteor for so long. After finally finding a place to stay, it took me a whole morning to match with you. Now I say no. It’s already a morning too late. I’ve been dizzy all morning.
It’s this guy’s fault. Dai Li thought in his heart that I want to match you. The brain wave is so that I can communicate with you. This process will probably make you feel slightly dizzy. The voice said rather cheekily. Slight dizziness.
You caused me to fail the exam. You caused me to lose my job. How difficult is it? Do you know how long I have been preparing for this exam? Li Dai found the culprit and suddenly became angry. The voice said disdainfully, even if you get admitted, at most you will be a middle school physical education teacher. You have the opportunity to become the top coach in the world and let you go to the pinnacle of life. Compared with the top coaches in the world, what is a middle school physical education teacher? If you can afford a house and get a daughter-in-law, you are already content with a mere monthly salary of tens of thousands. With me, even if you are an idiot, you can become the greatest coach in the world. Then the voice continued, then you should be something like a novice instructor, right? Dai Li Open your mouth and ask about what you don’t understand about the coaching system