Are the disciples of Qingshan Academy so strong Barbarian looked at Haoyue Academy and said next to Haoyue Academy The sixth level of Qi Dan

Chapter Chapter Martial God Inheritance The heavens do not allow me to go against my will. Even if I die this day, I will tell you that through the ages, the rumbling and terrifying divine calamity has come. Such a terrifying divine catastrophe is still ascending to the sky, and it is necessary to step through the nine skys and fight fiercely with that divine catastrophe. Even if it is unyielding, it will eventually be destroyed under the divine catastrophe.
A million years later, the Tianwu City of the Mohan Dynasty, Tianwu Mountain, this waste is not alive. It’s no use handing over the seven-star order and keeping it. Just throw him off the cliff and let him reunite with his father. Yeheifenggao, five masked men in black on the edge of the Tianwu Mountain cliff have already beaten Lu Han to death.
It’s a good idea anyway. His whole family is dead, leaving this waste and wasting the family’s food, then throwing it down. A few hundred men in black discussed it. Lu Han heard what these people said in a daze, but he had no strength left to struggle, and then he went away. Feeling that I was being lifted up by someone and my body kept falling, Is this the end of Lu Han? A man in black jumped and cursed and said, it’s going to rain, hurry back, now you can go to Xiangchun Garden to have fun for a while, another man in black said, and then the five left immediately, and what they didn’t know was that they were in Lu After Han was thrown down, that bolt of lightning struck Lu Han’s body impartially. He was a waste whose dantian was broken. I had such bad luck. Lu Han’s body was suspended in the air and his whole body was wrapped in a cloud of gas, and there were curses.
Sound boy, you are lucky to be able to get the inheritance left by Lao Tzu.
Lao Tzu ruled the world in ancient times, but he was cut off when he broke through the nine heavens because he was too against the sky. My regret is that I must break through the nine days and go to God’s Domain to ask for an explanation for me. In the end, you remember that I am known as Chaos Martial God, Tianwu City, Lu Family, Lu Han suddenly woke up and found himself lying in his room, and all the injuries on his body disappeared. I didn’t Dead Lu Han looked at everything familiar in the room and was surprised, child, you finally woke up.
In the room, the third elder of the Lu family, Lu Tianfeng said happily. The third grandpa, you saved me.
Besides, your injuries are all healed, but you have been in a coma for the third day.
Lu Tianfeng also felt very strange and unbelievable when he said that. Lu Han frowned slightly, and then remembered the words that appeared in his mind just now.
After a lot of information emerged, the information in the mind of the Chaos Martial God Inheritance appeared, Lu Han was very shocked.
Although he didn’t know who the Chaos Martial God was, he knew that people who could be called gods were terrifying. My dantian, and then Lu Han found his own. The dantian seems to have repaired the strength of the body, not only recovered, but also recovered from the original body training state. The fourth level has been promoted to the fifth level of physical training. The thief God still tortured me for so long and finally gave me some compensation. If this is the case, then I will accept everything and those who want me to die.
Let’s go. Looking at Lu Han, there is a cold chill in the eyes.
My child, now that your father is gone, you are left alone. Your father was kind to me back then. I should take good care of you, but I never thought that you would suffer so much. Lu Tianfeng blamed himself and said, Third Grandpa, I’m fine. From now on, I will live a good life and won’t be bullied again.
Lu Han said, Lu Tianfeng said, when you meet those people, try to hide from them, I can’t be by your side all the time.
Lu Han nodded and Lu Tianfeng left the room.
Lu Han sat cross-legged on the bed and recalled the content of the Chaos Heavenly Kungfu in his mind.
The whole exercise is divided into two categories: body training and qi training. Corresponding to a great realm, the Tianwu Continent advocates force, and the martial arts training is extremely difficult.
The rules are strict and cannot be messed up.
However, there is even a body training chapter in the Chaos Heavenly Art. As we all know, the lowest level of martial arts in the world is the Qi Gathering chapter. There is no exercise at all.
In addition to the physical chapter, every realm except the body training realm has corresponding exercises and martial arts.
If used indiscriminately, it will have a great impact on the subsequent cultivation. In this exercise, each exercise has a corresponding part. There is also a corresponding martial skill called Ben Niu Quan in the corresponding martial arts training state.
Lu Han was surprised, but he had never heard that there was a body training chapter in the exercises, and he had never heard that martial arts could be used in the physical training state, let alone heard of it. I have said that martial skills and ordinary ranks are the lowest level, the yellow rank. On the Tianwu Continent, only when the strength reaches the Qi-gathering state can one practice martial arts, so almost all warriors will only come into contact with martial arts at the Qi-gathering state, and the use of martial arts requires profound energy. The power of martial arts without profound energy cannot be displayed at all.
However, this bullrunning boxing does not need to reach the Qi gathering state to exert its powerful power. It is unbelievable.
Created by him, the corners of Lu Han’s mouth slightly raised. If this body training article is really useful, then his cultivation speed will definitely be faster than others.
It is really effective. According to the article on body forging, although the body forging state does not have energy accumulation and cannot store profound energy, it can also absorb profound energy and then control the impact of profound energy in one’s body. Use the power of profound energy impact to quench the body. The effect is actually It is better than any method, and the key is that it is of great benefit to future cultivation. It can expand the meridians, temper the body, condense the bones, and reach the Qi-gathering state in the future.