Ao Qingshan said proudly Xiao Long glanced at Qin Feng in the distance At this moment Qin Feng is standing in front of everyone from

Chapter 1: Reborn as a Snake Chapter 1: Reborn as a Snake, Unexpectedly, the dignified Lao Tzu, the Fentian Dragon Emperor, was reborn as a beast. In the dark and damp cave, a long, slender, dark creature was scanning the surroundings with a cold expression. There are two creatures that look exactly like him are two black ridge snake young snakes and a few broken egg shells behind them show that they were born not long ago and what the hell they turned into is a snake or a non-venomous black ridge Snakes are the lowest first-order monsters who will be killed by someone at some point. As one of the eight emperors in the mainland of China, Xiao Long is in a very bad mood.
He finally found the blood essence of the time-space ancestor dragon. It only needs to be refined. With the essence of blood, he is fully sure to break through the shackles of Emperor Wudi’s peak through time and space, and become the legendary Daoist immortal who breaks through the air, but he did not expect that at the critical moment of his refining, Emperor Honglian joined forces with the other two titled Emperor Wudi and three people.
Killing him so badly that Xiao Long saw that there was no hope of breaking through, he ignited the blood essence of the Time-Space Ancestral Dragon and blew himself up on the spot, killing a titled Martial Emperor on the spot, and another person was degraded by the time-space blood essence, and the baby finally turned into a fertilized egg. Gray-gray Red Lotus Martial Emperor was blown up and became seriously injured and escaped without a hundred years of self-cultivation. To be precise, there are only six titled Martial Emperors left on the mainland of China, including the seriously injured Red Lotus Martial Emperor.
You rape and then kill and then rape and kill again to relieve the hatred in my heart Thinking of Emperor Honglian’s fiery devil figure and angelic face Xiao Long swallowed his saliva and then gritted his teeth This kind of femme fatale doesn’t rape her corpse a hundred times after killing her It’s not enough to vent his anger. The problem is that if he meets Emperor Honglian in his current state, he will be able to kill him with a breath, not to mention whether he can see it or not.
For him, the body and the mortal body are floating clouds and the soul is the essence. He has a human soul, so to be clear, he is a human being. Going to the Yaozun, he practiced the soul-snatching technique, found a human body with good qualifications, and snatched it. Xiao Long tried to squirm, although he was not used to it, but he still crawled around in the cave with difficulty, and after a while, he was so tired that he was out of breath. The physical body is too rotten, so I need to find a way to reform it, right, what would be the effect if a monster practiced a human’s kung fu? This is the supreme skill of the dragon clan. Although the dragon clan is a race of gods and beasts, it is essentially an evolution of monsters.
If you use the body of this black-ridged snake to practice dragon clan skills, wouldn’t you think that Xiao Long has an urge to try? The monsters are all above the Yaozun and start to transform into form and practice exercises. There is no first-order monster in the world who can practice exercises.
Xiao Chen is sure that this is the first time in history.
Think of the core of a book of dragons Cultivation method Canglong Secret Code This kind of exercise produces gentle internal temperature, which has the effect of strengthening the meridians and tempering the body. As for the level of only Xuan-level low-grade and higher-level, he also has even heaven-level exercises, but that kind of exercise is too violent.
This weak body might explode into scumbags at the beginning of training. The Canglong Secret Code is the most suitable one for him to choose. After he has laid a good foundation, he can switch to a higher-level one. Immediately, he follows the specific rules The running route begins to absorb the faint aura between heaven and earth.
Generally speaking, the grades of exercises are divided into four levels, yellow level, mysterious level, earth level, sky level, and each level is divided into low-level, middle-level, upper-level, top-level, and fourth-level.
Most ordinary people can only cultivate to yellow level. It is not bad for a family with good conditions to cultivate a yellow-level top-grade one. Mysterious-level kung fu is only available in big sects, and you must be talented enough to become a core disciple or elder to practice Xiao Long. This kung fu is the most mysterious-level kung fu. Gentle, plus the body of a monster is stronger than a human, so it is more handy to cultivate.
It took Xiao Long about a day to finally incorporate the aura into his body, and after several cycles, it was stored in the monster core. The core of a human warrior is the Dantian monster. The core of the Canglong Secret Code is the demon core, which is indeed a dragon clan skill. Xiao Long’s demon core was originally black and not autumnal.
After being baptized by the aura transformed by the Canglong Secret Code, it carried a touch of gold, and his scales also had a touch of light gold. The aura seemed extremely tenacious, Xiao Long tried to wander around again and found that it was much smoother than before, without feeling a little strenuous.
Coiled in the lair without moving, bursts of spiritual energy flowed in like a vortex, sucked in the meridian, and circulated again and again.
Xiao Long’s body was also growing gradually, his snake body was getting thicker and longer, and his body was getting darker and deeper.
The two brothers beside him seemed to be Curious, I crawled over and vomited the snake letter, but I was immediately shocked by Xiao Long’s aura.
Xiao Long wanted to teach these two little guys, but with the IQ of a first-order monster, whether they can understand it is a problem, so I don’t know.
After two days of continuous training, haha, he finally reached the first level. Xiao Long was very excited. He felt that the power at this moment was ten times stronger than before, not only stronger than ordinary second-order monsters, but his monster core did not change. The diameter is still only One centimeter shows that he is still at the stage of a first-order monster beast.
With his momentum back, everything returned to calm, but he found that the two brothers were lying on the side trembling.
Contain the breath, the little guy came over, Xiao Long sent out a thought, the language of the monster was mastered in the memory of his birth