Anybody Hes not a dark man But the attitude of the companion makes his heart ache He seems to hear the voice again It says

Chapter 1 Game Welcome to Horror Dreams. Everything here is an illusion. Everything is an illusion.
Everything is an illusion.
With a scream, Jiang Feng woke up from the nightmare, and his pajamas were already wet with sweat.
How long has it been since I watched a horror movie? Why do you have this kind of dream ghost? This is not a feudal superstition. Modern science has proven that ghosts are just hallucinations that people generally have, but most people don’t realize it.
Therefore, sometimes these hallucinations are interpreted as ghosts.
How can there be ghosts in the world? Jiang Feng turned on the light, the dim light illuminated the room, it was completely dark outside the window, and he couldn’t see anything. He went to the bathroom and prepared to take a hot bath to relax.
Maybe it’s because the work has been too stressful recently, so that’s why he had nightmares. Jiang Feng comforted himself. With the warm liquid coming out of the hair, a fishy-sweet aroma permeated his nostrils.
The sweet smell is not right. Jiang Feng opened his eyes. What was falling out of the hair was indeed hot water.
He looked at the mirror beside him. The hot water is still pouring down on Jiangfeng, but he feels that he is in the midst of winter, and there is actually a person who looks like him in the mirror, who is also taking a bath, and the color of the water is red, like human blood. Staring at the mirror for fear that the mirror image in the mirror would suddenly come out.
Jiang Feng looked at the mirror image and also looked at Jiang Feng.
Jiang Feng tried to touch the bathroom doorknob. The shadow in the mirror also moved. It also reached out to touch the doorknob.
Most of its body disappeared from sight. At this moment, Jiang Feng can be said to be completely naked, because he was too nervous to hold back the momentum of his body, and how embarrassing it is to throw himself directly into someone else’s arms. Next to it was a man complaining, why did the bathroom door suddenly open in the middle of the night, and who opened the Yuba? He turned off the switch of the Yuba, and the air seemed to be very quiet at this moment.
What Feng said, the man walked back on his own, lying on the bed covered with a quilt and continued to sleep, he couldn’t see me, Jiang Feng’s mind went blank, he rented a room by himself, now why is there another man in the room, watching that man helplessly Lie on the bed and continue to sleep, that’s not the bed he was lying on, etc.
He seemed to be unable to see himself, and just now he passed through his body. Jiang Feng squatted at the head of the man’s bed and stared at him as if he was nervous. After staring at him for a long time, the hot feeling on the other person made Jiang Feng very uncomfortable. He could vaguely see two groups of green flames.
Could it be that I am dead? Jiang Feng sorted out his memory and had no impression of death.
Jiang Feng felt more uncomfortable, he wasn’t gay, he was always staring at others, why did he go to the bathroom, opened the door and looked at the shadow in the mirror His shadow seems to have expected Jiang Feng to come back, no? The expression on the shadow in the mirror is Jiang Feng’s current expression, full of sarcasm, laughing, the bath is not finished yet! The hot water in the shaggy head flows out again, and the scarlet hot water is like a mirror of blood. The pale face in the middle began to smile. This is Jiang Feng’s smile. This is Jiang Feng’s residence. That’s right, and he may have been dead for how long. Has he been dead for seven days? He died for seven days.
A new tenant moved in to his house. The landlord is really ruthless.
After three months of rent arrears, he actually let a new tenant move in after his sudden death.
His belongings No one has cleaned up yet, and the more he thinks about it, the more resentment Jiang Feng feels in his heart.
Who is inside, someone outside the door said, his tone of panic seems to be very scared, the voice seems to be the man from before, Jiang Feng did not answer, and then there is the sound of the bathroom door opening, patting the bathroom The light was turned on and the man looked into the bathroom, there seemed to be nothing but the unkempt hair that was running water, he walked in two steps and looked around, there was nothing, could it be that the unkempt hair was broken? The man murmured that he The panic in his tone had completely betrayed him, he was afraid hehehe Jiang Feng smiled sinisterly, but unfortunately the man didn’t respond at all because he couldn’t hear Jiang Feng grabbed the opponent, and his hand passed through the opponent’s body.
Unable to touch him, the man walked up to the head and turned off the switch of the Yuba with his hands. Jiang Feng watched from the sidelines.
Since the other party couldn’t see him, what if he turned on the Yuba again? Hearing this sound very clearly, the man’s body froze, crashing, and the hot water in the bathroom heater spewed out steam again, slowly covering the mirror in the bathroom.
The man turned around and saw the switch of the bathroom heater being turned on again, the pupils in his eyes shrank, and then he seemed Suppressing the fear in his heart, he wanted to continue to turn off the switch of the Yuba. Jiang Feng looked indifferently at the fact that the man had to be let out of his house. The Yuba was turned off by the man.
He stared at the switch of the Yuba for a long time, and the Yuba didn’t move at all.
When he breathed a sigh of relief, the bath heater was turned on again, and the hot water splashed down.
The man’s body trembled. He seemed to have experienced the scene before Jiang Feng. I don’t know if it was sweat or water vapor that condensed on his forehead. After a while, a drop of water fell from his chin.
After being quiet for a long time, Jiang Feng felt that the time was about to reach out and close the Yuba.
Jiang Feng walked to the side mirror, staring at the man, ready to do something when his attention was reversed. When people are afraid, the body will instinctively become numb from the soles of the feet. During this period, some people will be unable to move.
The man in front of me is obviously that type.