Anthea gasped and walked over to the garden gate not far away to see Qi Wei Leng directly followed Behind Anthea ran all the way

On a rainy night, it was early morning when Qi Weileng finished his thesis. The other three people in the dormitory had already fallen asleep. The whole room could not hear any sound except for the slight sound of typing on the keyboard. The Donorton dynasty began with Noelson Donorton The emperor, who had a rough life, looked at his computer screen. Qi Weileng took off his glasses, rubbed them, and yawned.
At some point outside the window, it began to rain lightly. He heard the rustling sound. Qi Weileng stood up from his chair.
Get up, stand by the window, gently push open the window, maybe everyone has imagined how history will be changed when they travel back to the past, Qi Wei Leng has guessed the emperor he described more than once in the process of writing the thesis If he hadn’t been killed by his own brother, what kind of achievements would he have made? But there is no such thing in the world.
Noelson was destined to be killed by his younger brother with vicious means when he climbed to the top of the king.
Thinking about it coldly, he suddenly felt dizzy. He held the edge of the window with his hands and wanted to turn around and lie down on the bed, but at this moment, he felt his body was being forcibly pulled by something. Qi Wei took a cold breath and found out. The pulling force became stronger and stronger, and finally pulled him out of the window abruptly.
Within ten seconds of the whole process, Qi Weileng disappeared in the room strangely. Only the wide open window seemed to prove that this Highness once existed.
It’s dangerous, you’re going to kill him right away, the noisy human voice made Qi Weileng open his eyes in pain, the moment he opened his eyes, he felt pain all over his body, and even found it extremely difficult to speak, Your Highness, you’re a wake-up caller The woman’s voice Qi Wei was cold. He blinked his eyes to try to wake up a little more. As a result, he was able to see the scenery in front of him a little bit, but he almost didn’t faint again from being frightened.
The architectural style of the Middle Ages was remarkable. Both Baroque and Lolita are impressive buildings.
Qi Weileng is not a student of the architecture department. It is really difficult for him to distinguish Western architectural styles, but this does not prevent him from seeing where he is, Your Highness. His Highness kept calling him a girl with blond hair who was dressed like a court maid. Qi Weileng had only seen it in history books. As a prank, the girl’s strange pronunciation made Qi Weileng desperately deny what he thought just now, that very weird Ying Guoyin was something he had never heard before, but the most frightening thing was that he could understand it without hindrance What is the girl talking about? You Qi Weileng just said a word and then shut up. He realized that his voice was so strange. Your Majesty, the girl was even more worried when she saw Qi Weileng’s expression.
Seeing Qi Weileng, she wanted to sit up and hurriedly Go forward and help her up, Your Highness, how do you feel? Qi Wei Leng held back the pain in his chest, took a deep breath, and said to the girl, “Go get a mirror, but Your Highness, the girl was stunned, obviously she didn’t understand what Qi Wei Leng meant, but she was just watching.” to Qi Wei Leng’s stubborn After the expression, I had to let Qi Wei Leng lean on the head of the bed and turned around to find a mirror in the room.
The smooth mirror reflected a completely unfamiliar face.
The Western-style face had a pair of blue eyes and pupils, and it looked pretty. The long blond hair hangs softly on the shoulders, and the whole person looks thin and weak.
The moment Qi Weileng saw his face, he felt something was blocked in his throat.
He grabbed the front of his chest and gasped for a few moments. Unable to bear the blow for a while, he fainted, and the strange girl’s yell was still ringing in his ears, Your Highness, I am not your Highness, this is Qi Wei Leng’s last thought after he passed out In the corner, I saw a light wall suddenly appearing in the chilling darkness. The light wall was like a projector, constantly flashing various pictures.
The pictures seemed to be messy, but it was soon discovered that the continuous pictures were the growth history of a person, and that person was the owner of his body just now.
Qi Weileng just watched the boy’s birth, growth and death, and finally a transparent figure appeared. In front of Qi Weileng’s eyes, hello, my name is Noelson Donorton. The young man’s voice is very nice, soft and clear. Qi Weileng can’t believe his ears.
What is your name? Noelson Donorton Noelson smiled and it was you The person who was thinking about it, Qi Wei Leng, was silent for a long while and seemed to have calmed down. What do you want to do? Haven’t you been thinking about what the future would be like if the Siren King hadn’t died at the hands of his younger brother? Now I’m giving you this chance no no I didn’t mean that you Qi Weileng hurriedly wanted to explain but seeing Noelsen waved his hand without hesitation to stop Qi Weileng’s explanation I have already decided the moment the voice fell Qi Weileng The darkness in front of him shattered like a jigsaw puzzle. He opened his eyes suddenly, but saw the familiar ceiling and the worried face beside him again.
His Royal Highness Shui Lai Hao saw that His Royal Highness had finally returned to normal, Wei An almost burst into tears of joy, she wiped the corners of her eyes with her hand and ran out with small steps, alas, Qi Wei Leng was the only one left in the room, he looked at it My slender hands sighed heavily. Don’t say what you shouldn’t say.
It’s different from the history I studied. The childhood memories of this famous emperor in history are not too tragic. His mother Serena is the first daughter of the King of the Eagle Kingdom.
The first wife, the current queen, is the only child, and Noelson’s status has also risen, and he is very popular with his father in the royal family. Unfortunately,