Angrily strode forward the younger sister is the inverse scale in his heart whoever dares to touch it will inevitably receive his anger A character

At the end of the day, Hu Linqian opened his eyes and sat up straight, habitually reached out and grabbed the machete next to him.
How could he softly use the machete? Now my machete is gone, and the thing I grasped is soft and elastic, a little slippery, a scream comes from beside Lin Qian, the voice is high-pitched and clear, this is definitely not the voice of a zombie, Lin Qian scolds in his heart Damn stupid woman screaming so loud, isn’t she afraid of attracting zombies? Wow, Lin Qian turned around and saw a beautiful girl in a pink and white knee-length dress standing next to her with a huff, her right hand was still clutching her thigh. The girl looks familiar.
Lin Qianyi didn’t remember where he saw it before, but the one who can dress so cleanly in the last days is probably from a certain powerful force.
Lin Qianyi grabbed the girl’s slap and slapped him.
As one of the top ten killing gods in the last days, Lin Qian would not be afraid of any powerful force who dared to slap her. Lin Qian didn’t mind cleaning her up. When Lin Qiandao let go, a clear and pleasant voice in front of him shouted dissatisfiedly, Lin Qianguan, Xiaodie, what are you doing? Lin Qian was stunned for a moment before noticing the surrounding environment.
Her surname seems to be Liu, although she is beautiful, but she is a very strict teacher. The current scene is so familiar.
This is clearly the class before the end of the world, and the appearance of the classmates and teachers who are looking at the two of them gradually overlaps with the memory in their minds. Lin Qian was stunned for a moment, and suddenly he was surprised that his proud strength had disappeared, and there was nothing left. Before Lin Qian carefully recalled the beautiful teacher who might be surnamed Liu, he continued, you two, do you know that the college entrance examination is now away? Hearing this, Lin Qian suddenly felt that his brain was not enough.
The college entrance examination took one month, and he saw a few large characters hanging high above the podium.
Thirty days before the college entrance examination, Lin Qian’s goosebumps suddenly popped up. This is a rebirth.
It was the day before the doomsday erupted. No wonder he was in such poor health now. Lin Qian’s hairs immediately stood up. In the last life, Lin Qian clearly remembered that he was studying at school and making the final struggle for the college entrance examination.
But tomorrow, 90% of the world’s People will become zombies who only know non-stop, and there is still one day left.
Lin Qian doesn’t care about Mr.
Liu’s chatter on the podium.
There is only one thought left in his mind. Thinking of this in advance, Lin Qian turned to her deskmate who was raped by him. The beautiful classmate who touched her thigh said, Guan Xiaodie, right? I’m sorry for what happened just now. Now please let this dead wolf dare to moles my aunt and touch her thigh.
I thought it would be fine to just say sorry? Guan Xiaodie hated it to death at this moment Lin Qian squinted at Lin Qian’s eyes with an angry light. Lin Qian looked up and looked around, and he was standing in the classroom.
Seeing that Guan Xiaodie didn’t let her, Lin Qian stood directly on the stool and walked over from the table.
Hey Lin Qian, what are you doing, come down for me, and now it’s in class.
Teacher Liu’s face is full of shock. Trembling all over, pretty face flushed, this student is too arrogant Lin Qian calmly jumped down from a classmate’s desk, ignoring the shocked classmates and teachers, and looked at him in the blink of an eye. The classmates in the previous life didn’t pay much attention How many people can survive here tomorrow? Lin Qian walked to the door of the classroom, sighed, turned his head and told the whole class that he wanted to survive, now go home immediately, prepare food and close the door, Lin Qian really couldn’t bear it, so Remind them kindly.
As for whether anyone believes in him or not, he doesn’t care about his own business.
Now Lin Qian is not one of the top ten killing gods in the previous life. At this time, he doesn’t even have the ability to protect himself, can he take care of other things? He didn’t bring the abilities of his previous life here, only those hellish memories of those ten years. Lin Qian strode out of the campus and went straight to the largest wholesale market in Yunyang City.
It’s May, and the sun is scorching the earth unscrupulously.
Lin Qian There is no time to waste Now there are only 30 hours before the end of the doomsday, he has to prepare too many things, food and weapons Lin Qian took out his mobile phone and called his father, no one answered, and then called his mother, no one answered Lin Qian was very sad about the end of the day One month after the outbreak, his parents died in a riot.
In this life, he will never let the tragedy happen. While walking, he called his parents, but no one answered. Hey, Lin Qian put away his mobile phone and planned to call his parents again later, and found a bank.
Withdrew all the money in his card and overdrafted all the credit card into cash, ready to make a big purchase. For three hours, Lin Qian used the fastest time to purchase all the things he needed, food, simple machine, electronic components, steel, and the purchased small things into a bag.
In a stolen off-road vehicle, Lin Qian drove back to his rented house.
Stealing a car and driving such a technology, people who survived a year in the apocalypse will learn it without a teacher, and wait until some large equipment is delivered. Lin Qian stays up all night driving the machine. Create a weapon for yourself with a machete and a rechargeable laser gun.
This is Lin Qian’s standard configuration in the apocalypse. After a whole night, Lin Qian finally built his own weapon.
After looking at the time, there are still five hours before the end of the doomsday. Lin Qian still hasn’t got through to his parents on the phone.
I regret so much why I was so ignorant in my previous life, so I went to Yunyang thousands of miles away to study alone with my parents Prepare food and water and wait at home for yourself to go back and prepare everything