And the rising sense of powerlessness and frustration made him even powerless to chase after him so what if he made her give up the

In this life, some people are suitable for dog blood and some people are suitable for love. It can be regarded as a small fresh dog blood article. The main character of the sweet story, Lin Jingyan, the supporting role, Lin Ran, Jiming, and other peacekeeping zongzi.
Chapter 1 I obviously like you, but I just can’t say it. Inscription Chapter 1.
What does Miss Lin want to eat? A senior executive in the financial industry with a master’s degree from a famous real estate university is said to have a high annual income and a wealthy family. His parents, one older brother and one older sister all work in the banking system and their positions are not low.
The other older brother runs a company with good income.
The introducer said that he has a good temper, he is very easy-going, he has no bad habits, he likes small animals, and he is good at cooking.
Because of his intense academic work and too busy work, he has no time to fall in love.
Such conditions seem to make him less than 1.6 meters tall and ugly. It’s not that difficult to accept, at least it looks like a person who can live a solid life, more than enough, of course, four years ago, not two years ago, she wouldn’t even glance at such a man, but she is not young anymore, at least passed When I was young, I always wanted to find an excellent and perfect man in the vast sea of ​​people, and then I had a vigorous and heart-breaking love with this prince charming, and finally lived happily with the prince, but I didn’t realize until I grew up.
Let alone Prince Charming, it is not easy to find a man who is not a scumbag, cheats, hits women, and is not a man, and the two of them see each other right. Lin Jingyan flipped through the menu Qiaoxiao Qianxi Mr. Zhang You decide At this moment, if anyone acquainted sees Lin Jingyan like this, they will probably be surprised.
She is a beauty. Her long chestnut curly hair also makes her look lazy and sexy.
However, Lin Jingyan’s daily life is hearty and hearty.
Smile rarely reveals this very feminine smile. After so many failed blind dates, she made up her mind not to reveal her nature at least until she got to know each other well.
Turning the topic to work, Lin Jingyan graduated from a liberal arts university and works in an advertising company and knows nothing about finance, so she can only answer casually.
Fortunately, she has a lot of experience in receiving customers, although she only responds with a focused look and a smile on her face. It doesn’t give people the feeling of perfunctory.
After a meal, Mr.
Zhang doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to go back and ask her if she has any plans in the future. If you have nothing to do, do you want to watch a movie? But it’s a little embarrassing when I go out. Lin Jingyan is 1.
68 meters tall even though she only wears flat shoes, and her height disadvantage is more obvious because of her height. Lin Jingyan sighed silently in her heart, showing obvious embarrassment.
If the other party is the kind with particularly strong self-esteem, There is a high possibility that the model will fail. No matter how hard she tries to be like a bird, it is still too much effort.
Outside the cinema, Mr.
Zhang went to buy a ticket. The voice interrupted her thoughts, look at what that guy over there is doing to me Why are you so jealous? Even if I saw it, so what? He is so handsome, can’t I take a second look? Just now on the street, your eyes were always staring at the girl in a short skirt by the side of the road. Do you look like you? Lin Jingyan couldn’t help laughing at Lin Jingyan’s eyes, but she looked over curiously to know what Mr. Huoshui looked like.
She just turned her head, and the next moment, she saw a tall figure with wide shoulders, narrow hips, black short and soft hair, standing out from the turbulent crowd. It hangs down to the side of the neck to reveal a section of fair neck, which is indeed eye-catching.
There are more than one girl around looking at him, but after realizing who it is, Lin Jingyan froze instantly, and her subconscious reflex was to run away.
And the next second after discovering Lin Jingyan, she walked towards her.
Why did you make such a gentle voice so calm, but Lin Jingyan felt a little bit of a shock in her heart? She saw him now, as if she saw the king of Hades urging her to die. She never thought that she would directly Lin Jingyan tried her best to smile and said, of course Lin Ran, who was watching a movie, looked around.