And balance its dangerous if your management is monolithic because theres no one to correct your mistakes Giordano thinks that inspectors and reviewers must have

Running a Business Leader Chapter Author’s Library Content Introduction Leaders are not watchmen.
They must have goals and ideals and know where they are going. Formal small groups If you don’t have ideals and goals, you won’t be successful, and the people you lead won’t be there, as the Bible says, those without vision must perish.
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We are professional format e-books because of you. Chapter 1 Developing Compelling Leadership – Leaders Have Vision and Purpose Leaders are not caretakers They must have purpose and vision Know where you are going Whether you are a Tactical Air Commander leading an army of 100,000 or just leading a dozen A team of individuals or an informal small group If you don’t have ideals and goals you won’t make it and the people you lead won’t make it as the bible says without vision there is a thing called the parade worm The small insects are also what we often call the follower. It has such a strange name because it has a unique way of crawling.
When a lot of insects walk together, they will connect end to end and form a line to take the lead.
The parade insects are responsible for finding mulberry leaves, their main food. No matter where the leading one crawls, those behind will follow them.
When crawling to find mulberry leaves, there are about five of them marching in a straight line. A scientist forms a group. The worms did an interesting experiment by winding them in a circle and putting the leader and the last one end-to-end so that there would be no leader and no goal. In the center of the circle he placed a plate of mulberry leaves, the scientist.
I want to know how long this situation without leader and followers can last.
He thinks that when they are very hungry, the circle will definitely disband. Everyone will rush to eat mulberry leaves, but the result is beyond his expectation.
Starving to death still end to end in a circle food only inches apart but they still follow the one ahead crawling nowhere to be found man is not a parade bug if you don’t have vision don’t know where you’re going no one will follow Instead, they will follow someone who has vision, purpose, and knows where they are going The chairman of the board of directors and thirty prominent leaders of public institutions found that all interviewees had a high level of purpose and knew where they were taking the group. Without exception, their vision and willingness have attracted others to follow, served as Commander-in-Chief of the Allied Forces in Europe and were inspired by successive U.S. Presidents Trusted four-star general Andrew Goodpast made clarity of purpose his first leadership principle.
Communications company founder and chairman William McGowan was the first to break AT&T’s long-distance monopoly. He is a firm believer that people don’t come for safety, they come for a challenge, they want to be part of something new. People are attracted to a leader’s vision and future goals because they know that through his leadership they and the group will Keep moving forward.
The future is better than the present.
Former U.
S. War College chief Maj. Gen.
Perry Smith found that a leader can often influence his group by setting a lofty goal and a strategic vision. Former U.S.
Army chief of staff Edward Mayer A four-star general, he has made great contributions to the improvement of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff organization.
He once said that without a vision, the group will fail, so that subordinates understand their own vision and goals. Vision is important, but having goals is only your leading action. The other half is to let everyone understand your vision and goals. You must communicate to align the goals of those you lead.
John Young, president of Hewlett-Packard Computer Company, said that successful companies have a common set of goals from top to bottom.
Country travel Magazine publisher James Bugier set up his own printing plant based on this principle.
He raised $100,000 to purchase equipment, train operators, and spent a total of forty-five days before and after finding a site. He relied entirely on communication with his subordinates They have the same goal as him and things are done quickly.
His view is that a secret goal cannot be helped by participants and others.
Explaining the goal clearly and making it clear to all participants can stimulate their enthusiasm and make them perform at their best.
This is an infinite power that can’t be obtained by oppression. If you have big goals and can communicate with others, you can still succeed despite other conditions.
That evening he led his troops to Basten, Belgium, two days before the Germans had begun their Operation Ardennes, the last major German offensive of World War II. History tells us that this battle was before the end of the war.
The backlash Ewell brought less than a thousand people to the battlefield, and the higher command couldn’t tell him the situation of the enemy and the friendly forces, and there was no intelligence, but Ewell had his own ideas and communicated well with his subordinates. He told them what we want Attacking the Germans, that’s what they did. They stopped the attack of more than 30,000 people from the German 1st Panzer Corps, forcing Hitler to change the Arler work plan, which would affect the situation of the entire World War II. Roger