And after interrogating these soul clansmen it has been confirmed that the parents of the soul clan are both soul clan people no one is

Chapter 1 Yun’er Save Me The Misty Cloud Sect is recognized as the strongest force in the Jiajia Empire, and even the power of the royal family may not be able to do anything to the Misty Yunzong, and its suzerain Yunshan is the strongest in the Jiajia Empire. Huang Dianfeng is so terrifying, but the master of Yunlan Sect, who is so heroic, is still unmarried, and has become a century-old mystery of Yunlan Sect and even the entire Jiajia Empire.
At this time, Yunshan’s personal disciple is also Yun Yun, the young suzerain. But I feel that I have discovered the truth.
Today, Yunyun is about to attack the three-star Douhuang, but it is impossible to get it, so I feel a little anxious, and the cultivation is not going well. I don’t know what is wrong in the practice.
After being puzzled, Yunyun had no choice but to take advantage of the teacher.
She asked her for advice during the retreat, but when Yun Yun walked towards her master’s cave, she was deeply shocked that her teacher was lying in the arms of a little boy, let alone seeing the boy even more At this time, even Yun Yun, who has never eaten pork or seen pigs running, understood what was going on.
At this moment, her little face, which was originally refined from the world, was inevitably stained with the world of mortals and became charming and charming.
After leaving the cave, Yun Yun came back to her senses a little.
At this time, her calm and beautiful cheeks were full of entanglements. At this moment, Yun Yun felt a little more understanding She wondered why Shizun always retreated frequently, and this time it was clear that he had just left the retreat not long ago, so why did he say that he was going to retreat again? What’s more, Shizun’s retreat was at the peak of Douhuang, and he didn’t seem to have made any progress, but now she knows Why did the master fail to improve his cultivation base no matter how much he retreated? It turns out that the so-called retreat of the master means doing such a thing. It is so disappointing. No wonder why the master is more than two hundred years old and has not yet married. It turns out that the one he likes is a man.
Moreover, he was still such a little boy when Yunyun became Douhuang, Yunshan had already handed over all matters of Yunlanzong to Yunyun, and Yunyun had become the young master of Yunlanzong.
It has been two years since I heard about such incredible things in the sect.
There is also a male disciple in the sect who has the same preferences as the master, but most of these disciples are private. I will never let my liking for men come to light, but there is no impenetrable wall in the world.
One day, three disciples with the same hobbies are brave enough to spend the day together. But one of the three is Yun De, the elder of the sect.
The elder was planning to come here to treat his nephew, but he found out that after the shocking and absurd thing, the elder was in a hurry when he found out, and spit out a series of fragrant and bastard words from the elder’s mouth one after another. In extreme anger, the elder wanted to slap all three of them to death on the spot, but seeing his nephew’s face similar to hers, he couldn’t do it after all, but finally expelled the three of them with a sigh. This is the end of the matter of Yunlanzong’s expulsion from the clan. Although the cloud is calm and the wind is light, but such a rare matter spread throughout the entire Yunlanzong in less than half a day, and finally reached Yunyun’s ears.
Yun Yun also learned at this time For the guy who did such an unbelievable thing, both the secular world and the cultivator have a unified name, pervert. Thinking of this, Yun Yun wanted to go in and stop Master from this dangerous behavior, and told him it was wrong, but in the end Yun Yun Yun still walked away from the place of right and wrong with heavy steps, as for the little boy, he could only wait for the master to make up for it, and this time is definitely the last time, Yun Yun tightly clenched her fists and swore to think of her own. Master is such a respectable person, maybe she has never known the real master, but in any case, she really did not expect her master to be such a person in private, and now that the master is old, if he still If she can’t break through the Dou Zong, I’m afraid she won’t be able to live for ten years.
She really doesn’t want to see the master who has always loved and cared for her in every possible way.
Yun Yun, who clenches her fists tightly in this year of the ancient stick, feels that she needs to do something. What is it? As the number one powerhouse in the Overweight Empire, Yunshan is not as happy and unrestrained as others imagined. On the contrary, his hair has become thinner because even if he has concentrated almost all the resources of the Yunlan Sect, he is still It has been a long time since he failed to break through the realm of Dou Zong.
He is more than 200 years old and has run out of energy.
He himself is a man of extraordinary talent. Originally, he wanted to gamble and sprint to Dou Zong with all his resources at the cost of all resources.
It turned out to be a failure, and it also caused the Yunlanzong’s strength to fail. Fortunately, he took in a good apprentice.
At the age of 23, he was already a Douhuang one-star powerhouse, but Nuoda, Yunlanzong, except them. There is no more Dou Huang, even Dou King, he knows very well that once the day of his fall comes, if Yun’er has not reached the peak of Dou Huang, at least he must break through to Dou Zong, or else at that time It was the day when the Yunlan Sect was destroyed, because the influence of the Yunlan Sect in the Jiajia Empire was even greater than that of the Jiajia Empire’s royal family.
The courageous ones dare to blatantly disobey the royal family when it comes to the interests of the family, but even if they are so powerful, they never dare to disobey the orders of the Misty Cloud Sect, so the overweight royal family can’t help but want to kill the Misty Yunzong.
If it wasn’t for me, the Yunlan Sect, it wasn’t because of my Yunshan Overweight Empire, I’m afraid it would have been wiped out by the snake people led by Medusa in the western desert, recalling the past, Yunlan opened When the patriarch Yun Potian was still there, the Misty Yunzong was so beautiful.
In this Northwest Continent, it could even be ranked in the top ten.
Ten thousand sects surrendered, so no one would dare not follow, but now the Misty Yunzong is in the hands of me, Yunshan.
It’s impossible to reach this point where the sect is about to perish