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Let’s see how an ordinary man finds a chance, walks on the path of practice, and walks freely on the world of mortals. The little boy lay flat on the bed with his palms up, his legs parallel to his shoulders, took deep breaths silently, tried to relax himself, and then twisted and twisted several times. He finally found a pose that satisfied him, so he began to imagine the idea of ​​guarding his dantian.
The little boy’s name is Sha Ling, his name is very ordinary, his family background is average, his father is an ordinary engineer in this metropolis, and his mother is an elementary school teacher.
From his ancestors to the present, none of his distant relatives and neighbors is a martial artist or qigong master. The master has never even practiced boxing or kicking before, so Sha Ling’s qigong practice is purely personal imagination, without the guidance of a master, he relies on the vague cultivation methods in several martial arts novels he has read. First of all, Sha Ling is still a child.
Which of the plots in the book is illusory and which is real? If you don’t have enough discernment and resistance, an adult will basically not believe it because it says in the book that you can get some magical powers by practicing like this. In addition, Sha Ling is a A smarter child who loves to read, which caused him to read more than a dozen martial arts novels at a young age. His relative eyesight also plummeted.
He loves to read and loves to fantasize, so the newborn calf Sha Ling, who is not afraid of tigers, began to grope and practice.
The child has a pure heart. Focusing on keeping the dantian wholeheartedly, he managed to truly meditate and concentrate.
After a while, he actually felt a small warm current in his abdomen.
He danced with joy and thought about directing the warm current to walk along the meridian with his mind. As for where the meridian is, he did it. I don’t know, but this time I’m not satisfied. I tried it for about half an hour, but there was no response. Sha Ling started to feel sleepy.
I tried to keep myself awake and tried the mind control method. In less than two minutes, Xiao Sha Ling turned over and became confused.
The next night, Xiao Ling Sha Ling started his practice again.
When he calmed down, there was still a faint heat flow. After that, there was still no achievement. The heat sensed intermittently for more than a month could neither crush steel nor lighten his body like a swallow. It’s hard to last long, and I can’t see anything good in training. I was soon attracted by the new cartoons and left Qi training behind. This is just the reaction of a very ordinary boy who has read martial arts novels. I believe many people of the same age Boys have a similar experience. As they get older, childhood dreams are gradually forgotten.
In the blink of an eye, seventeen years have passed. Thirty-year-old Sha Ling is already a mature man.
Some are happy, angry, sad, and happy because they like to study and do their homework well.
Thousands of troops crossed the single-plank bridge without any danger. After graduation, they found a job in a state-owned unit These two things used to be the pride of my parents. It was about ten o’clock in the evening. Sha Ling walked alone in the yard, and his figure was a bit lonely. He walked downstairs to the spruce tree. Sha Ling leaned against the tree and lit a fire.
Only smoke but not much smoke, just let the sparks flash and shine, half-raised head, gaze fell on the round and big moon on a summer night, a bit dazed in the eyes, like a state-owned unit, what is said is the theory of seniority Although Sha Ling is a hard worker, when he just graduated, he didn’t know how to look at his face. He accidentally offended the leader and didn’t get a chance to be promoted for a few years. His peers and colleagues more or less expressed sympathy for him.
But this kind of sympathy and encouragement seemed to pierce him faintly like a thin needle, so much so that today’s male colleagues of the same generation have already been transferred to other positions or promoted, or to departments that are easy and lucrative. It can be said that they have all made progress. He stayed in the same place and worked hard for so many years until recently he was promoted to a deputy position, but for him, he has seen a lot of tricks in the workplace after so many years, deep down, he is already extremely tired of life without passion, even if the promotion of the position does not let him What’s so fun, but seeing more of the faces of people around me. Work is annoying and helpless.
The luck of falling in love with Shaling is even worse. During college, my girlfriend who wasn’t full of lovers married someone else.
In the same office building, I would occasionally run into each other.
The embarrassment of Sha Ling was self-evident. Afterwards, colleagues or friends helped introduce girlfriends, but I never got along with my favorite girlfriend in school. That kind of tacit understanding is natural and sweet, and after work, many people actually fall in love no longer purely with the smell of money and interests.
What Sha Ling envies is the kind of affectionate envy that cannot be moved by poor and lowly couples. He wants to find a true love that belongs to him in this utilitarian world, but this kind of thing is because of fate. Sha Ling’s pickiness keeps him procrastinating until now and he has no marriage partner. When I returned home, Sha Ling wanted to have a good rest. Tired and tired, summer night wind blowing, Sha Ling took a deep breath, looked up at the sky, the stars twinkling, thinking about the countless intelligent human beings thousands of light years away, Sha Ling firmly believed that there is still space in the universe There are many advanced intelligent creatures who think that every star is as big as the earth, and standing in a certain city on the earth, they are smaller than an ant But he can’t get rid of the secular world, he is doomed to be a mediocre person, thinking about it for a while, laughing at himself, Sha Ling stomps out the cigarette butt and walks home, and at night, before going to bed, he reads the popular fairy tale novel Sha Ling lays on his back Relax on the bed, listen to your breathing silently, and gradually fall asleep with the rhythm of breathing.
Of course, he doesn’t expect to be like the male protagonist in Xianxia novels.