An extremely beautiful woman opened her eyes wide while drinking tea and chatting Gu Yi you Bailing looked at Jun Jiuqing and Gu Yi and

Summon thousands of monsters to refine top-quality spiritual weapons and blast people into scum in minutes Demon spirit double cultivation against the sky Upgrade women disguised as men and flirt all over the world You snatch my apprentice, snatch my wife What else do you want to grab A big man is chasing after her, entangled and robbing you A certain man, without a word, carried him on the couch Kneeling, the scarlet blood at the corner of the mouth is shocking, the ink-colored dress is hunting in the wind, there is a starburst array under the feet, the strong coercion, and the tearing feeling that stings the soul makes Jun Jiuqing howl in pain, offering sacrifices to the god king blood sword Na Zhu Outside the altar, a blue dress fluttered away.
The silver-haired man had such a stunning face, but his eyes were indifferent to see through the world. Jun Jiu tilted his head and looked at the giant sword glowing with golden light, and fell to kill the gods. The men outside the stage looked at Jun Jiuqing unmoved, and burst out laughing. Her red lips were stained with blood, adding to her alluring sword aura. Her dress was cut open, revealing the black dragon scales on her shoulders hahaha, you despicable villain! In vain for the god Jun Jiuqing’s body suddenly exploded under the blood sword of the god king, his internal organs were severely damaged, his spirit was shattered, his soul was torn apart, Jun Jiuqing suddenly looked up to the sky and screamed, the voice was full of sadness and sternness, you are a demon How can you stand side by side with me? I looked up at Jun Jiuqing, who was struggling in pain in the God-killing Platform, and said such a sentence almost heartlessly. I stood with my hands behind my back, watching the dragon appearing in the God-killing Platform.
At the end, Jun Jiuqing was in great pain, as if he was struggling for the last time.
When Jun Jiuqing heard Jinyan’s words, he suddenly stopped struggling. And the woman standing there is also the person she once trusted the most, Fairy Zhiqian, and she is the one who led Jun Jiuqin to come here. Who would have thought that what was waiting for her from the very beginning was the road to death? Everyone she believed in and loved wanted her. People in the dead say that demons are the most terrifying. Haha Jun Jiuqing bent his lips and smiled, letting the sword energy slash across the flesh and blood of the dragon’s tail one after another. Jin Yan met Jun Jiuqing’s gaze as if from Jun Jiu In Qing’s eyes, he saw teasing and mocking, Zhan Jinyan collected his mind and lost any emotion, suddenly raised his hand and commanded the blood sword of the god king to slash down without mercy, pierced through Jun Jiuqing’s body of the dragon, and blasted the god of death The stage was overwhelmed by such a divine pressure and it shattered. The woman kneeling on the ground was soaked in blood.
Her red eyes looked like she was about to drip blood and tears. Her red lips curled up in a cold arc and her long black hair fell to the ground. What right do you have to kill me? Jun Jiuqing’s red lips parted slightly, and he uttered such a sentence almost coldly.
Suddenly, a blood-colored formation rose from Jun Jiuqing’s feet, and the formation that was brewing with terrifying energy suddenly expanded. The blood from the wound on Jun Jiuqing’s body suddenly floated.
Don’t get up well, the blood sacrifice runs away, the gods suddenly turned pale when they saw the formation, it was almost a breath of effort, the huge energy directly exploded with Jun Jiuqin as the center, the bloody light instantly melted the soul once touched If I want to die, how can I allow you to live forever? Up to the poor, down to the underworld, I would like to extend me and you The stern and crazy roar of Immortality was accompanied by a huge roar. The blood-colored light almost dyed the whole world red. Among the blood-light, seven pale lights flew out of the sky and disappeared. After the blood was wiped out, it turned into a piece of ruins and never existed again. Chapter My King Returns Jun Jiuqing woke up amidst the noise, all she could see was green, surrounded by trees, and she was lying in the center of the trees, and her feet were blurred. Looking at the obvious traces of blood, it looks like an ancient and complicated formation to worship the soul.
Jun Jiuqing stretched out his hand and brushed over the formation. He suddenly smiled, spread his palms and looked at the knife wound on his palm. His whole body couldn’t help trembling violently, and called me with the soul sacrifice. The king is back, I’m back, Jun Jiuqing never thought that she could be reborn after the blood sacrifice and come back. The method of sacrificial soul is an ancient and taboo spell.
The caster summons gods and demons on the premise of sacrificing the soul.
For her to hold this spell is equivalent to Volunteering to hand over one’s own body in order to extradite one’s soul to sacrifice to heaven, what kind of enmity do you have? Let me see what kind of obsessions you have? Bearing the heavy responsibility of the future successor of the Jun family, he has been arrogant and arrogant for more than ten years, but when the Jun family was in decline, he was humiliated and became a waste that everyone in Longlanjing teased. The catastrophe grandpa who was scolded by everyone was seriously ill and dying in bed.
In order to make a living, the concubine conspired with the royal family to dedicate her to the notorious Prince Wan who liked to play with immature boys, but the person who advised her concubine was her heart. Xu’s crown prince Xuanyuanyu, because she disguised herself as a man since she was a child, the two of them had a close relationship, but they were always regarded as brothers. On the day he invited him to the banquet, Jun Jiuqing had already planned to reveal his heart and proclaim that he was a woman. Unfortunately, Xuanyuanyu didn’t give her a chance. It was with her concubine sister who personally sent her to Prince Wan’s mansion. If she hadn’t torn up the space scroll and escaped in an emergency, she would have already become the object of Prince Wan’s teasing by now. It’s so miserable.
Jun Jiuqing slowly opened his eyes as if I can still feel Jun Jiuqing’s desolate cry, all the pain of being crushed, it seems that I can see how the thin woman resolutely cut her hand, the sound of applause, the cry of blood, and the pleading for blood to draw a formation to sacrifice the soul Make a curse, I am willing to sacrifice my soul to heaven and earth, respect the demon god, call my king to come back and hold my body, donate my flesh and blood, I will not enter reincarnation, scattered in heaven and earth, I want them to die, let them die, the voice of the woman in the forest’s desolate and resentful call is in my ears and my heart trembles clearly It can be seen that Jun Jiuqing took a deep breath, the tumbling emotions in the dark eyes were brewing, the corner of his mouth pulled a lonely and arrogant smile, slowly raised his hand and put it on his heart, wait for the dog to accept Jun Jiu for you Leaning up to the sky, smiling lightly, caressing the ink-colored heavy ring between the fingers