Amruso looked fiercely at another prison where the three Pushi brothers were also imprisoned so although we captured them all we have been Dont dare

Psychologist Jung believed that every individual has a persona.
If the individual cannot distinguish the persona from the real self, it will cause cognitive confusion.
After all, the persona becomes a mask to control the individual’s real personality and repeatedly exerts influence on the individual’s real personality. Sneak with a mask or take off the mask to break through the fog. One side is a murderer and the other is a stalker.
The fog needs to be broken to find the truth.
This is a story about the apostle who chases the murderer in the white night.
This is a journey of redemption for others and self-salvation. Three ragged and disabled teenagers on Renmin Road in Anjing City walked through several small alleys and came to a dilapidated private house. After looking around, they passed through an iron gate and entered the dark hall inside.
Spread some quilts, the children sat on the quilts and looked helplessly at the flat-headed man in the hall after putting the money they collected into a big bucket. They were really hungry. The hungry teenagers swallowed their saliva and wanted to taste The delicious food was placed on the table, but today their food is only steamed buns, because the man said that the teenagers did not complete the task, and the scream was because the man kicked a boy with a disabled left leg. You have to eat and you have to be beaten. From the terrified eyes of the children, you can see that all this has become commonplace to them. They are afraid, but they can only bear the sound of the iron gate.
Walked in with a child about five or six years old, and the two threw the child on the ground. Hearing the child cry, one of them stomped on it and shouted, “Cry again, kill you.” He signaled to the left and right to pull the child up and saw the other three children in the room curled up together for an instant. They turned their heads and did not dare to look at them, but their trembling bodies already showed that the next scene was a nightmare for them.
The children who had just been brought in He also felt that danger was coming, but he couldn’t resist the restraint of adults. His arm was pinned to the ground by one of them, while the other had picked up a hammer.
This scene is familiar to everyone here. Adults are perpetrators.
Children They are the bearers of tragedy Greedy and daring criminals maiming abducted children They use evil means to get dirty money They are creating a human tragedy They are the demons in children’s hearts Accompanied by the screams of pain With blood spattering, the child was smashed, two fingers were broken, and his face was slapped heavily, because the child’s struggle made the man smash into the wrong direction. These demons need to continue to torture this poor boy in panic and despair.
The eyes of the child flowed from the eyes of the child. At this moment, he must only think about going home, thinking about his father and mother, these young people have just come into contact with this world, but this world has brought them such encounters.
With a bang, the iron door was re-opened The hammer that knocked the man away was hanging in the air. He turned his head and saw a few policemen rushing in, and ran quickly. The three men in the house dispersed in an instant, and they fled from all directions. It was the boy who stepped on the child and jumped out of the window.
The terrified disabled boy made several policemen’s scalps swell, and even saw the bloody boy with severed fingers. One of the policemen’s eyes were bloodshot and his fists were clenched.
Quickly rushed over, the policeman punched the man with the hammer in the face, followed by him a step, jumped over the window, and chased after the fleeing man The nerve of the policeman, he unleashed his full potential and approached his target with a vent-like momentum.
The man with a flat head felt the pressure behind him, and he also realized that the motor cells of the policeman behind him were far ahead of him. In front of him was the bustling Renmin Road. There you can take advantage of the flow of people to find a chance to escape, so the flat-headed man must not be caught here.
The evil light flashed, and the flat-headed man took out a dagger from his body and swung it around. The rushing policeman turned sideways and did not let the flat-headed man He succeeded, but the inertia of running still caused the policeman to stagger, slip and fall to the ground, watching the flat-headed man take the opportunity and wanted to escape from the police. At the first moment, a carp leaped up from the ground and kicked on the wall next to him. The man fell to the ground without giving the crew-cut man another chance to wield the dagger. The muscular man, over 1.
8 meters tall, smashed the crew-cut man’s hand towards the ground with all his strength.
After falling to the ground, this is a contest of great disparity in strength. The policeman’s physical fitness is much higher than that of the crew-cut man, not to mention that the policeman’s fighting skills are also superior. Seeing this posture, the crew-cut man knew that he couldn’t run away. Surrender to the policeman, I surrender to you, sir, the bloodshot policeman’s eyes are full of the eyes of the child just now, without the slightest hesitation, he slammed his fist heavily on the cheek of the crew-cut man, this punched crew-cut man’s eyes are bleeding with gold stars from the corners of his mouth From the corner of his eye, he saw that the fist was about to hit again, and he yelled, “The police have beaten someone, the police have beaten someone, help, help, help! The incendiary words made the crowd around look around. Not far away is Renmin Road.
As the crowds gathered, the number increased. Many people have already picked up their mobile phones to take pictures, and some people don’t forget to add oil and vinegar to write all kinds of sensational headlines.
But the policeman didn’t stop punching and punching. The policeman vented his anger. His heart was bleeding because he closed his eyes. The terrified eyes of those children appeared, and as soon as they closed their eyes, they saw the blood-stained severed finger of the child punching and punching until his colleague chased him and grabbed him.
Roaring, even if I take off this police uniform today, I still need to fix you, you bastard, you are still a human being, even if you murdered a child