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What’s the situation? There are two black guys.
Tang Huan subconsciously glanced at the lady’s bag in his hand, secretly guessing, could it be that he just acted bravely for the sake of this gentleman? Turning around quickly, I saw a Chinese woman running over panting. The black man, Chinese, English, and Mandarin. Where is this place? Tang Huan looked at the surrounding environment in doubt, and then he naturally got the answer.
This is San Francisco in the United States. Today is the date How could it be possible for the Western April Fool’s Day to clearly remember that because of a coincidence, I boarded a plane carrying a large number of social elites to a world-famous forum, but unfortunately there was an accident on the way? No reason! Looking at the vivid people and things around me And some information that emerged from his memory.
Tang Huanruo realized that he was involved in the very technological good thing of traveling through time and space.
No matter what, he was alive. Tang Huan quickly accepted this fact and quickly checked the memory of the main body.
For rebirth People say that their past life experience is the most important wealth. If there is no it, this life will be no different from ordinary people. This trip is not just Tang Huan’s own soul, but also the memories of everyone on the plane. His existence was compressed to an extreme by the huge burst of energy in an instant, and he merged with him to form a whole. The wisdom, emotion, desire, etc. have all been inherited, but this time travel is not perfect. An ordinary Chinese person whose name is Tang Huan and whose occupation is an engineer is blurred.
Your head is okay, is the Chinese woman running up close and sweating profusely, but she still does not forget to greet Tang Huan.
Look at her short hair and round hair. The face is sweet and looks very familiar, a little bit dizzy, it shouldn’t be a big problem, this bag is yours, right? Tang Huan handed the bag over while thinking about the identity of the other party, who is so familiar but doesn’t seem to be his friend. Thank you so much for my passport in the bag Unexpectedly, when I was waiting for the assistant to drive to pick me up, I met a robbed woman with a grateful expression on your face.
Your complexion is so bad.
The black stick hit you on the head.
You should go to the clinic to have a look.
You can’t see far away.
There was one family listening to the other party’s soft voice Tang Huan blurted out with a flash of inspiration in his mind. I remembered it. No wonder you are so familiar. You are Deng Lijun, a famous singer in Southeast Asia. What kind of big singer is it now? Stretched out his hand to help Tang Huan walk towards the clinic, sniffing the vague fragrance of Deng Lijun next to him I rubbed my brows, why do I feel that my thoughts are so messed up? I don’t know if it’s good or bad to receive all the memories of everyone on the plane. The idea that popped up in my heart just now to get rid of Deng Lijun is because of the desire to chase stars.
It seems that many of the fallen elites The person is the fan of the song queen in front of you, Mr. Deng Lijun, what do you call Deng Lijun? Ask me in a soft voice. My name is Tang Huan. The brand new Huan is currently studying at the University of California, Berkeley. Tang Huan instinctively replied about the body, the former owner. Looking back, it turned out that his name was also Tang Huan. What a coincidence. Are you a local Chinese or are you studying here? Deng Lijun, who gradually calmed down from the accident just now, looked curiously at the tall and handsome young man beside him and noticed the pair of piercing eyes on the other side.
There is a different kind of heroism in the eyes of the gods. I came here to seek relatives and study at the same time.
I have been studying for more than two years. He replied naturally, Miss Deng, are you here on vacation in San Francisco? It’s not entirely because the company has arranged a few performances and record contracts in the United States.
So she stopped asking Deng Lijun, but sorted out the memory fragments in her mind with her hands on her forehead After a pass, nothing abnormal was found, and finally he ordered a few words to pay attention to rest, and then the diagnosis was over. During this time, Tang Huan finally recalled some basic information about the host body.
I studied three majors at the same time and studied extremely hard to get the title of madman. Now I have completed my undergraduate courses ahead of schedule and I am about to graduate soon. Thanks to the experience of practicing literature and martial arts with a folk hermit when I was young, my body is strong. It is very good and has a solid foundation, so even if it is attacked by a wooden stick, it is still safe and sound. As for why it was taken away by the traverser, it can only be said that it is God’s will.
With this information, the body and the body will not be separated from each other in the future. In order to walk out of the clinic with Deng Lijun and look at the beautiful woman beside him, Tang Huan guessed that the reason for her appearance in San Francisco should be the reason for her appearance in San Francisco due to the passport incident this month. At the most frustrating stage of his life, Tang Huan just thought that the voice in his heart was urging him to take advantage of such a good time. These damned desires are really disturbing, but they have become a part of himself. Tang Huan raised his brows, it seems that he still can’t control his body and mind well, he should find a quiet place to adjust it, but before that, he can’t do nothing