Amazed Hong Wan is like a traveling dragon Rong Yao Qiu Chrysanthemum Hua Mao Chun Song is like light clouds covering the moon Fluttering like

Just like in most novels, the protagonist Liu Tao was hit to death by a car. The world he traveled through was still a place called Wufa Continent. There was no vindictiveness, magic, or sorcery, just a name. The way to practice music is right, as long as you can comprehend the profound meaning of music, you can use the power of sound to fly to the sky, escape from the ground, move mountains and fill the sea, and you can do anything.
The realm of music cultivation is divided into six categories Music Emperor Le Zun has three small realms in each stage of junior middle school and late stage. Liu Tao’s luck is not bad.
In this life, his father is one of the generals of a small country in the eastern part of the Wufa Continent.
The music realm has reached the level of the King of Music.
Did Tao comprehend the music introductory classics recorded by his father for you today? Eight days after traveling to this world, Liu Tao has not yet stood up from the hospital bed. His father, Liu Qiao, is urging his father as usual. Didn’t I say everything about me? My head is still a little dizzy and I need to rest for a few more days. Liu Tao, who just got used to the environment on the bed, which is more than twice as high as the gravity of the earth, looked at the very superficial music knowledge tutorial on the table next to him.
Because the records in that book are all things that are worse than the knowledge in elementary school music books.
Although he has forgotten a little bit, as a Chinese in the era of information explosion, how can he appreciate such things? Forget it, brat, let you go, but you must remember to watch it when you have time, for my father, Liu Qiao glanced at Liu Tao, muttered a few words in a low voice, and quietly left the room, I was really unlucky How could I have transmigrated to this sick man? Luckily, my limbs are healthy. Otherwise, wouldn’t I have to stay on the bed for the rest of my life? After locking the door and curling my lips, Liu Tao, who has already learned about the cultivation system of this world, directly followed what he remembered in his mind. Music knowledge began to sit cross-legged and meditate non-stop in his heart. Since the gods let him come here, he can’t waste this opportunity.
Not a quarter of an hour later, just when he felt that he was in a state of recitation, circles suddenly appeared around his body.
The note is like a special effect of fifty cents, and it keeps shaking up, down, left, and right.
This is the power of music. It is really magical.
I can clearly feel that since the music note appeared, his body has been very comfortable, as if he was absorbing energy.
Liu Tao just finished speaking without thinking. Wasted time and continued to silently recite the elementary school music knowledge he knew until the notes around him became louder, and then he slowly woke up from the practice.
After getting off the bed and putting on those brand-new boots, it was the first time I saw him in this life in front of the mirror.
His face was ordinary and not very handsome, but there was a bit of heroism between his brows. He believed that as long as he His body is a bit stronger, he is definitely a Kongwu powerful muscular man Xiaotao, you are really well. I just heard your father say that you have returned to normal.
I thought he was talking nonsense. When Liu Tao was about to go out to bask in the sun, the son of his father’s colleague was also one of his mortal enemies in the past.
Li Xuanba opened the door and walked in. Of course I’m fine. Why did you come to see me this time? I clearly remember the Li in front of me.
Liu Tao, Xuan Ba, who does all kinds of crimes, doesn’t want to continue talking with him, but after all, he bows his head and doesn’t see him, so he can’t help but ask, “Oh, look what you’re talking about.
I can’t come to you if I have nothing to do. Forget it, since you are like this.
” To be honest, I don’t want to turn around.
I’m here today because I want you to participate in the selection of Tianxing Pavilion. You must know that Tianxing Pavilion is a well-known cultivation sect in our Sikong Empire. If you join them, you will definitely be able to get rid of the title of Tianxing Pavilion. Why did you let me go? Didn’t you say that each family in the empire has only one right to recommend? As far as I know, you, Young Master Li, seem to have long wanted to join the Tianxing Pavilion. Two older brothers, and this year his father recommended his eldest brother, so no matter how he arranges, he will have to wait two years.
The little princess of His Majesty today has booked a marriage and will be married in three years. Didn’t I come to hug her thigh in advance? Give him the elixir that makes people instantly become musicians, Brother Xuanba Since you are so generous, I won’t refuse.
Zhuyuan Pill, I will accept it first.
When I successfully join the Tianxing Pavilion and study, I will definitely come back to repay your kindness.
Dan Zhien Liu Tao pretended to be very grateful and said that you are welcome, Brother Liu, you are busy, I will leave first. After finishing this matter, Li Xuanba, who seemed to be completing the task, just left after saying that, and Liu Tao, who watched Li Xuanba go away, also said goodbye He took out the green Zhuyuan Pill and said to himself, what on earth is this guy thinking? Could it be that he wanted me to be poisoned to death, or he couldn’t figure out my joke? He shook his head, put away the Zhuyuan Pill, and read the novel music Knowledge began to cultivate, and he was about to advance to the realm of musicians.
Hongrenxuan, the most popular restaurant in the imperial capital, trotted all the way to the private room on the second floor when he came out of Liu’s mansion. When he saw a man in black drinking, he quickly knelt down. Father on the ground, I’ve finished the matter you told me. Now let’s see if Liu Tao dares to use our Li family’s quota to run for the Tianxing Pavilion disciple. As long as he dares to go, he will definitely die. Hurry up and eat something, my father has already ordered your favorite meal for you, the person Li Xuanba called his father smiled and helped him up, and then poured him a glass of wine for him, first to respect my father