Although Qin Tian wears a store mask and wears ordinary casual clothes ordinary clothes and appearance but Bailiyue will never admit that she is wrong

In online games, the ancient overlord ruled the roost, and the strong were kings. The tree wants to be quiet, but the wind does not stop the knight.
How to fight. It’s been a year, Qin Tian thinks again of the situation when he graduated from college last year and was dumped by his girlfriend Lin Ying Let’s break up, he’s my current boyfriend, he wants to take me abroad, and he’s dumped, so he’s dumped like this, and there’s no chance to ask for clarification Destroy everything around him to make money, make money, make money, and since then, making money has become Qin Tian’s biggest goal in life. He has signed a few big orders in a year. The business is too outstanding.
The fat pig manager feels that his position is threatened. Recently, he has been looking for Qin Tian everywhere. Being reprimanded by the fat pig manager, the fat pig manager came over again Qin Tian asked you to work overtime on Sunday, what did you do? Are you unwilling to do it? Get out early, Qin Tian, ​​who was upset, finally burst into anger and slapped the fat pig with one ear.
The manager stared at gold stars. I quit the job and didn’t look back. I walked out of the office and was targeted by the fat pig manager.
It’s a matter of time before I get fired.
It’s better to leave on my own. Where to work? There is a long line of chirping, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. The second world is a virtual online game developed by oriental companies and countries after 12 years of spending huge sums of money Qin Tian, ​​who is keen to exchange money in the second world of meta-human beings, has a keen heart.
When he was a freshman, a sophomore, and a junior, Qin Tian was a standard game fan and an expert in an online game. In his senior year, he met his girlfriend Lin Ying split up the equipment, quit her senior year, Lin Ying betrayed and left, remembering the past, Qin Tian was almost furious again, the secret map of the sun and the moon kept beating and almost broke the seal, Qin Tian wanted to forget, but he still clenched his fists, Lin Ying, I Qin Tian will definitely make you regret playing games, maybe you can become a professional player RMB and game coins are interchangeable, as long as the game is popular, you can definitely make money Qin Tian will join the virtual helmet buying team without hesitation Sir, which virtual helmet do you want to buy? Ordinary level, silver level, gold level, diamond level, different levels of helmets are just virtual feeling and different degrees, which does not affect the fairness and justice of the game, so expensive, mother After his death, Qin Tian had no father, no mother, no relatives, lost his family, and didn’t have much money. He worked hard for four years in college, worked hard, and finally graduated.
He was squeezed by the fat pig manager and only got a basic salary. Last week, he rented a decent room.
I ordered one room and one living room and paid 10,000 yuan in rent. Now there is only 15,000 yuan on the card. I am poor.
I want a gold helmet. I swipe the card to buy the gold helmet, and only 9,000 yuan is left. Qin Tian immediately regrets buying a gold helmet. Game performance It doesn’t affect the ordinary helmet that should be bought for 2 yuan.
Shaking my head, the old young master’s living habits made me run home and open the computer to log on to the official website, except for some basic introductions. Sure enough, there is no reminder of the game world. The post a second ago was instantly submerged without a trace, and it was really hot. It happened to be opened at 3 o’clock this afternoon. After lunch and rest for a while, it will take more than an hour to open.
The time is so slow.
I have nothing to do and think of the ancient times. After hesitating for a long time to become the second world of human beings, Qin Tian finally made up his mind. No horses, no night grass, no fat, no windfall, no wealth, no riches, Qin Tian, ​​you have to seize this opportunity. The secret map of the sun and the moon for several years The secret map of the sun and the moon obtained by Qin Tian in the depths of the Daxue Mountain.
Four hours later, Qin Tian opened his eyes energetically, and the game has been started for more than two hours. After several years of practice, he fell into samadhi and forgot himself. The helmet is connected to the computer and put on. The virtual helmet Qin Tian hastily clicked to enter the game.
Today is the year and month. Welcome to the ancient virtual helmet to connect with the human body for scanning and identity confirmation.
Please wait for Ding Dong to scan the ID card and bind the ancient to generate a unique account for you.
Welcome to the ancient world. The roar of the divine dragon Qin Tian appeared in front of an ancient palace The slight morning breeze from the ancient palace The thick elements burning on the battlefield felt Qin Tian opened his mouth wide, it was indeed virtual, real, and real as reality, a sense of heroism arose, a boiling blood of battle Welcome to the ancient times, you have not yet created a character, please name it Hei Yan, almost called out the name of the previous game, my mother passed away and died once, Lin Ying betrayed me and left her lonely self, the lonely person is lonelier than a black hole, lonely Qin Tian changed his words and said Gufeng, please choose a profession Occupation is warrior, knight, archer, assassin, mage, shepherd, knight. Choose your favorite knight without hesitation. Kill and seize treasure. Single out immortal beasts.
Only knights can resist attacks.