Although Lin Jie would not use this soultype mindreading technique on Chu Jing Li Linger felt that it was unnecessary and He trusts Chu Jing

In the parallel world, after the war, the division of wasteland and thorns led to the world falling into a state of no national government management. Several extreme pacifists have their own peace ideas, but there are many contradictions.
Observers want to monitor all human regions.
All rule needs to be ruled by the emperor. He controls the magician enough to form a crushing personal ability to force others to submit.
The scientist is capable of forming a crushing technological force to force others to submit.
His goal of appearing in this world is to leave. Since he can do it, he also has to do it. Chapter Chapter 1: The Year of Love or Not, Meichuan City is on summer vacation, and he still wakes up every day to turn on his game console and play various games to open up wasteland and work part-time at the same time Being a video game master earning thousands of dollars a month is a life of joy.
He has been in this business for two years and has a savings of 10,000 in his account. The age of falling in love, playing games every day Lin Jie always smiles every time he hears this The most important thing is that the wife is obedient, and the straight man who plays games every day, Lin Jie, finds a girlfriend when he is free. In fact, Lin Jie does not have to worry about finding a girlfriend. As long as he puts down the controller, his height, complexion, health and facial features The flaw is that before graduating from university, my savings still have a chance to save up to a few digits under the premise of krypton gold in the game.
I don’t think it would be difficult without a girlfriend, right? After finishing the time, the inertia slid his chair far away from the table. Lin Jie stretched his waist and got up and went to pull the door of his room. Today, my mother didn’t make any noise and asked me to go out to ask a girl out. Lin Jie was surprised, maybe It must be that my parents gave up, after all my life has always been like this, and my mother has not yet reached menopause, nagging non-stop Lin Jie smiled and opened the door, but at this moment Lin Jie was stunned. His family originally lived in The first floor of a three-bedroom apartment, but when he opened the door, it didn’t look like his own living room.
All the windows he could see had no glass and the concrete floor was covered with moss. The layout was not much different from that of an unfinished building. Jie almost hesitated to call his parents when he looked back and saw that his original bedroom suddenly became the same.
His game console disappeared and there was only a rotten wooden bed left in the room.
Shocked, Lin Jie, who has been traveling in the game world for many years, hastily ran back to his room and looked out the window. The familiar and boring scenery that he had seen in front of his house had already changed beyond recognition. Thick moss covered all those buildings.
There were no pedestrians on the street downstairs. Occasionally, a few mice as big as pigs passed by. The sound is because on weekdays, at least the mother hasn’t gone out to work at this time, but there is no response at all. Lin Jie’s voice caught the attention of the group of mice on the street. With a dangerous breath, Lin Jie hurriedly backed away from the window and returned to the living room. At this time, in the living room, there was a solar perpetual calendar that his family had never had before, but it showed the current time under a layer of dust.
The time there was still the year, month, day, and Lin. Jie was stunned by the way he opened the door, right? Traveling through this is not the same time in the future. At the same time, Lin Jie found a piece of science and technology newspaper that was almost stuck on the table, recording some things in the world at this time.
There are only two articles that can be seen clearly. The end of the war. Humanity finally uses nuclear weapons to destroy the domination of mankind. Is there peace in the parallel world? Is there? Lin Jie took a look at this newspaper, and there are some points of view.
I don’t know whether human beings can survive this time. The only certainty is that all countries will be destroyed and cease to exist.
Lin Jie looked at this situation and wanted to cry. Parallel The history corresponding to the time here in this world is different from his own world. The surrounding buildings are similar to his world, except that there are abandoned ruins everywhere. In this world, his parents who are worried about not being able to find a girlfriend don’t know if there is one he hasn’t yet. The game after the liver is gone, the hard-earned money exchanged for the liver in Love Saving or not is probably contributed to the bank, Lin Jie is depressed, the bedroom door is not in the right posture, can’t you go back? At this moment, there is a tight and noisy voice in the corridor. Jie can directly judge that it is the running sound of a group of four-legged creatures vying for food after they found food. His hairs stand on end in shock, the crisis is approaching, he is in a desperate situation and there is no system, but for Lin Jie, it is not the time to accept his fate, at least Lin Jie does not want to become a rat shit, he almost quickly looks for everything that can arm him, but all he can find is one A rusted and broken iron rod, because there is no door, Lin Jie can’t wait here, and then he also rushed to the stairs, he wanted to run up, although Lin Jie is not the kind of handsome guy who is a parkour type, but it is a matter of life and death between several buildings If there is no gap, it will definitely turn into rat feces, and Lin Jie in the emergency corridor also confirmed his judgment through the gap of the stairs.
The group of pig-like mice are crowding upstairs.
It seems that they are starving.
Others may have peed in fright at this time, but Lin Jie was only running at this moment, ignoring others.
In a blink of an eye, the sun on the roof was particularly dazzling