Also tell the truth to the senior brother the master has already removed you from the Xuanwei palace book you are doing your job well

The gray sky and the ground are gray and the snow is drifting.
The gray snow is like dust, and everything is covered with a thick layer of gray. The withered grass under the gray is also gray. On the gray snow, there are many gray people. The children stick out their gray faces and stare at the sheep in the slaughterhouse with their gray eyes wide open.
Only sheep are white, so white and so clean, like a white cloud passing by and accidentally falling on the gray ground. The children are laughing. Only Leng Yan is crying, that is Leng Yan’s sheep, she mows the gray grass every day, feeds the little lambs fat, strong, white and beautiful, and at the end of the year her sheep are led into the slaughterhouse.
The palms of her hands were burning with pain, she pulled the hemp rope around the sheep’s neck and refused to let go, the mother slapped her and laughed and scolded the silly girl for raising big sheep for meat? Peel off the skin, sell it, and tear the flowered cloth to make clothes for you, dad beat her Be good with your hands and share a piece of meat with you later.
Even the haggis is not for you.
Leng Yan shook her head, she didn’t eat her own sheep, she was weak, but they pulled the rope out of her hand and rubbed off a layer of skin on her palm. The sheep turned its head and yelled at her, like a person crying Leng Yan also sat on the ground and cried.
Suddenly, the sky spun and she realized that it wasn’t the sheep that was tied up, but her clothes were soaked in ice and snow, and her clothes were so cold that she shouted anxiously, but she couldn’t see her around.
There are only a lot of gray shadows, one after another Faint voices drifting over, now far away, now near, like ghosts, not your parents are cruel to keep your whole family dead, it’s better to be reincarnated into a rich family earlier than to be brought up with us through hard work, you should be It’s time to repay my parents, Yan’er is a filial child, a sharp knife is poked over, the cold blade almost sticks to her flesh, Leng Yan desperately yells for mother to save me, but what comes out of her throat is the wail of a sheep, but God seems like Hearing her pleading, just when the blade was about to cut her throat, a ray of light split the gray and chaotic world.
It was a sword, and it was a person.
The sword was like cutting ice, and the person was like jade.
Ordinary people in Guangli feared and worshiped the demon god who was split into two halves under his sword and collapsed on the ground like mud The look on her face was a gentleness that she had never seen before. He gently stretched out his hand to her. Master took you home.
That was the snowy night when Leng Yan first met Xie Yao. The morning sun has already dyed the mountain house golden red, the flowing water beside the ear, the pine waves are mixed with the clear sound of young phoenix singing, the mountain house is as warm as spring, and the mountains outside the mountain house are filled with birds singing. Slowly calm down, this is the Zhongfeng Swagger Palace of Chongxuanmen, she has lived here for ten years, since Master brought her to the spirit world, she cut off the mortal relationship and the lower world, everything is left behind, she rarely thinks about the past, her parents are haggard and old Her face has also been blurred in her memory, she doesn’t resent them very much for being forced to a dead end, it’s common for them to eat for their own survival, if it wasn’t for this, she wouldn’t He met Xie Yao, the immortal lord Xuanyuan who came to the lower realm to eliminate demons, and was rescued by him.
He followed him to Qingwei Realm and joined one of the nine major sects.
After all, it’s not a pleasant thing.
Leng Yan raised her hand to tuck away the cold sweat on her forehead. Suddenly, there was a piercing pain from her left shoulder. She took off her coat and took a look at the wound torn by the thorn snake’s fangs last night. Purple Qi is a bit more ferocious than when she just came back last night.
A mortal body is too fragile after all. Although the master has used many miraculous medicines to recuperate her body in the past ten years, she is still weaker than ordinary monks. Many ordinary traumas are nothing but the thorny snake’s fangs are torn The wound cannot heal itself, if it is not treated in time, it will continue to fester until the poison enters the heart, even a god can’t save it.
No matter how big a mistake he made, he just made her think about it behind closed doors for a day or two. There was only one thing he didn’t allow her to get hurt, even if it was just a scrap of oily skin, it would make him displeased, because he was afraid of her getting hurt, the master didn’t let her practice swords, only taught her Some methods of refining Qi and body Leng Yan looked at the wound, the black and purple gas seemed to be more intense in the blink of an eye, tomorrow the master will leave the customs, she must find a way to heal before then, the only way for now is to ask the little master Uncle, he is the best talker. She has loved her since she was a child. She was accidentally injured in the past.
She didn’t dare to let the master know. She always went to the little uncle for treatment quietly. He always helped her together without telling the master.
Di Piyi got up and suddenly heard a clear voice from outside the wooden screen in front of the bed, and finally woke up. The voice was still as gentle as a sweet spring, refreshing, but at this moment, it sounded like her funeral bell to Leng Yan.
Leaving the gate ahead of time, Xie Yao walked around the screen towards the bed. He was dressed in a blue and half-worn Taoist robe, which was slightly white, as if bamboo leaves were stained with silver frost.
He also had an aura of frost and snow on his body.
In the bamboo forest, I can’t help but breathe lightly.
Xie Yao walked to the bed and his figure covered the morning sun slanting in from the window. How did he get hurt? The apprentice was not hurt. Leng Yan felt guilty and denied it subconsciously. Xie Yao’s gaze, wanting to conceal his misrepresentation, passed over her shoulder and returned to her face. His expression didn’t turn cold, but he felt that he was angry. His emotions and anger were never shown. Cold Yan could detect his subtlest emotions, like a bird in the ice and snow. Before it disappears, I realize that winter is coming and spring is coming. Naturally, if emotions, anger, sorrow and joy are all affected by another person, this is the easiest thing.
The last time Master was so angry was when she was ten years old, she secretly learned how to drive clouds with her senior brothers and sisters, but accidentally Falling from the cloud head broke his arms and face, and made a long bloody gash on the rocks