Alright Tao Feifei jumps up and down happily into Wu Tians arms then you must not rob me of my husband Sister Shu its a

Girl, you have a bad omen. It was at noon.
Wu Tian, ​​who had been running in the county town all morning, couldn’t stand the hot weather. Fortunately, he waited for the urban and rural bus back to the village.
To be honest, Wu Tian didn’t like the atmosphere in the bus, especially in summer. The air conditioner was turned on in the car, and the windows had to be closed tightly so that the air could not circulate. The smell of sweat and smelly socks inside made Wu Tian unacceptable.
Just when Wu Tian was about to complain, his eyes suddenly lit up behind the bus. There is actually a stand out from the crowd. It is a very young girl in her early twenties wearing a small white lady’s blouse.
Although her breasts are not as big as pumpkins like the village king’s widow, they are still full of cups. A girl with a ponytail.
Her long hair is tied back to her head so that her beautiful face is fully displayed, her fair skin is almost wringing out water, and her pair of big watery eyes seem to be able to talk.
Wu Tian is curious that we will appear on this urban and rural bus. What about such a juicy little lady? If this girl went to the village, she would not be a village flower. If she could ride it, she would be so happy. Seeing that there was no one sitting next to the girl, Wu Tian smiled and walked straight away with her shopping bag. In the past, Shu Jie really couldn’t stand the environment in the car, especially the smell.
She thought it was a very wise choice to go to the countryside, but now it seems that she seems a little naive, but thinking of the time when her family promised her to come down The smile is not a smile, Shu Jie knew that they probably thought that she would not be able to bear the hardships and fled back, right? While thinking, Shu Jie found someone sitting in the seat next to her.
It’s so bad, where are you looking? This guy stared at her chest when he arrived.
Shu Jie was very uncomfortable. After getting closer, Wu Tian smelled the girl’s fragrance and secretly thought that the ride was not bad. Although the smell in the car was bad, there were beauties there. Just when Wu Tian was about to speak, he happened to look down and saw the deep white groove on Shu Jie’s chest. Looking at this scene, Wu Tian couldn’t help but want to lick his tongue so that the saliva also slipped down involuntarily.
On the girl’s chest, I suddenly felt hot water dripping from her chest.
Shu Jie was startled at first, then looked up, and saw a young man staring at her chest with a face like Brother Pig, looking at you, you shameless Shu Jie, with a non-disgusting expression on her face. Glaring at Wu Tian, ​​this man looks pretty good, but he didn’t expect him to be such a vulgar person, which also imprinted Wu Tian in Shu Jie’s heart. Seeing the girl staring at her in shame, Wu Tian coughed lightly and said with a hey laugh Miss, I’m really sorry, don’t worry, I’ll wipe it for you, Wu Tian was about to reach out his hand to the place where the saliva was drooping just now, Shu Jie was startled when she saw Wu Tian’s hand stretched out, she exclaimed and slapped it off fiercely Wu Tian stretched out his hand, biting his red lips tightly, scolding you, you stinky hooligan, if you do this again, I will call the police. Seeing that Shu Jie seemed to be really angry, Wu Tian sat down resentfully, and muttered, saying that you are not happy to wipe it for you.
It’s not that I haven’t touched it but And the one I touched was bigger than yours, Wu Tian was also a little upset, thinking that those sister-in-laws in the village have much bigger breasts than yours, what’s the big deal, but it’s hard to meet such a beautiful woman and the journey is boring Wu Tian Then he continued to smile and say hey, girl, you have a bad omen, you, you are shameless, Shu Jie bit her delicate red lips tightly, and her eyes were full of anger, girl, I see you said that meeting is fate, and you really have a bad omen Seeing that Shu Jie was angry, Wu Tian continued to say, if I read correctly, you must have not had enough sleep recently and you should be angry frequently, which also caused some minor diseases in your liver, which made your whole complexion a little gloomy.
In fact, the so-called Yintang The blackening is also caused by this. Hearing what Wu Tian said, Shujie was stunned for a moment, and then realized what Wu Tian was talking about was this ominous omen.
A look of shame flashed in her eyes, but she was proud, but she didn’t want to give in in front of this guy, but she was in her heart.
But I admire Wu Tian’s sharp eyesight. Indeed, during this period of time, I have been arguing with my family, I can’t sleep well, and I often lose my temper with my father. He said it seems true. Who would believe it? Shu Jie rolled her eyes and turned her head to look out of the car window. Wu Tian is very good at observing words and expressions, he knew that this little girl must have fallen into his tricks, he smiled and said eccentrically, it seems that some people think wrongly in their own minds, tsk tsk, you said that you are a big girl, and everyone thinks so It’s so embarrassing. Is it possible that you still don’t wear a bra? You are shameless. This time, Shu Jie also knows which bra Wu Tian is talking about. She didn’t swear, but turned her head angrily and didn’t want to talk to this stinky hooligan. Seeing that Shu Jie was really angry, Wu Tian, ​​who has always been compassionate and sympathetic, smiled shyly and said, “I’m just kidding you, aren’t you people in the city very nice?” It’s open, but I’ve heard people say that you can go out and have sex with someone who plays Momo WeChat or something I was about to fight back, but I saw Wu Tian messing around in the baggage, took out three packs of yellow paper bags and handed them over.
Under Shu Jie’s puzzled eyes, Wu Tian explained that it was three packs of traditional Chinese medicine. You often stay up late and get angry recently.
It hurts the liver and qi, so if you are so weak, take it back and drink it, it will be effective if you don’t cure it, Shu Jie, who is prone to endocrine disorders, looked in surprise at the three yellow paper bags in front of her, indeed it smelled like Chinese herbal medicine And from Wu Tian’s bag, you can see that there are still many medicinal materials. Could it be that this stinky hooligan is a doctor? Although the other party is a bit hooligan, the diagnosis is very good.