Almost went crazy waited for the bodyguards to fork that psychopath out he took a big pack of tissues and wiped it tremblingly as if

He is over 1.8 meters tall with phoenix eyes, majestic and domineering, shoulders wide and legs long in the sky With his Hao Yingjun system, he began to sweep across the world. Master Shou wears ancient times and wears modern fashion to practice cultivation. Although I don’t think it’s a big deal, since many people care about it, I explained it in advance. Zhong Zhongtian’s Article Chapter Fan Zhilan was in a daze and heard a person’s chaotic footsteps, and then there was a continuous buzzing sound. He sat up in a daze.
The hum intermittently became more and more clear, and finally it made him come back to his senses and look around, only to feel that something was wrong. The painting style of the room he was in had little resemblance to the one he had lived in before, and he could tell the ghost place just by taking a breath.
Hao Yingjun’s aura is so thin that I can’t bear it at all. Hao Yingjun came out. Fan Zhilan leaned on one side of the bed, her eyebrows were high and narrow, and her phoenix eyes looked very majestic and intimidating at first glance.
When I opened the door to his room, someone suddenly pushed it open from the outside. A very fat and black woman was startled when she saw him, she hurriedly stopped the vacuum cleaner she was holding, and greeted him in English with a nod and bow, “Master.
” You didn’t go to class, sorry to bother you, Fan Zhilan couldn’t understand what she was talking about, he was shocked, didn’t expect there to be such a dark and ugly woman in this world, who dared to wear skirts with bare arms and legs.
What language does she speak? Fan Zhilan can see that this woman is a mortal with no foundation in cultivation, but he has never heard that the language system of mortals is different from cultivators like them. Fan Zhilan was very wise before she figured out the situation. He waved at the fat black woman and signaled her to go out quickly. In fact, she was a very competent Filipino maid.
The woman named Haimi was very sensible, and she went out and closed the door by the way.
After a while, the sound became much quieter This hardworking Filipino maid appeared again, cleaning the room diligently. Fan Zhilan continued to put on a troublesome posture and called Hao Yingjun. Come down, close your eyes, turn your body, and show Fan Zhilan’s hairy buttocks in the air. Ai Ai said in a soft voice, you can hit it. Fan Zhilan flexed her fingers domineeringly and flicked the hamster-shaped guy’s buttocks.
Clutching her butt, she jumped, turned her head and glanced at Fan Zhilan, then hurriedly continued to put on the habit of confessing and pleading guilty just now, and said in a low voice. It was an accident at all, at least I saved our lives Fan Zhilan impatiently played it again Hao Yingjun reversed Lai Shunyan sniffed and told the truth in a broken jar. You have time-traveled, and Fan Zhilan had heard Hao Yingjun’s science popularization about the meaning of the word time-travel. Of course, he just listened to the story of possessing someone else as a story. The world of cultivation is not new, but to reach the realm of seizing the house, at least it is possible for the ancestors of the transformation god stage, and seizing the body cannot increase the lifespan. It is also impossible to tell him to live for nothing. There is also another form of seizing the house, that is, above the Jindan stage, you can try to disperse all the cultivation bases, and just keep a trace of spirituality.
It is equivalent to reincarnation and live a new life, but it is impossible to choose. The object of reincarnation, for example, is unlucky, so that there is no place to cry and there is no place to cry, and basically there is nothing left in the memory, even if it is a cultivator in the transformation stage, at most there will be more memory fragments like dreams, just like Hao. As Yingjun said, an ordinary person easily possesses others, there is no sequelae at all, he remembers the past clearly, and even crossing the barriers of time and space is trivial A familiar face was reflected in the water mirror.
Fan Zhilan lifted her chin lazily A pitiful hamster, Hao Yingjun, crackled and said, wait, it’s really not my fault, calm down, let go first, cough, cough, remember, we met someone from the Blood Demon Sect, and it was I who wisely found a space at the critical moment The crack saved you, you can’t give me revenge, don’t slap your face, Fan Zhilan immediately let Hao Yingjun live I also remembered that it was indeed a close call at the time, yes, he didn’t have the bad habit of venting his anger on others, besides, it seems that he was indeed able to survive thanks to this guy, but you still have such a great ability Hearing this sentence Hao Yingjun kicked his ass Sitting on the ground, wanting to cry without tears, the desolate way is not there.
You know how many years I have recuperated and how hard it is to accumulate such a small amount of property.
After this, there is almost nothing left. Now I have more than ordinary hamsters. A function that can speak human words. Heaven is jealous and talented. Fan Zhilan gave it the last knife. You used to be like this.
There is a difference. Hao Yingjun is already gloomy and doesn’t want to say anything anymore. Why did he know me? He is not stupid. This is an obvious respectful attitude.