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Uchiha Madara I won’t let that happen again in this life of Uchiha Madara, Rongrong Takeqing, Chapter 1, First Amendment Madara smiled in relief after opening her heart to Hashirama, and after finishing the last sentence, Madara closed her eyes and kept quiet Waiting for his own death spot, he was waiting quietly at this moment, but found that he could still move. Spot had died once before, at that time, it was dark and he had no strength.
Slowly, he didn’t feel anything, but this time, although he was still In the darkness, he found that he could move, and Madara’s handsome face immediately wrinkled. When Madara was puzzled, a vortex suddenly appeared under Madara’s feet, and at this moment, Madara realized that he seemed to be surrounded by tens of thousands.
The heavy weight weighed on her body and immediately fell down, and then Madara could only watch helplessly as she was sucked in. The hateful Madara was sucked in and said the last sentence. I don’t know how long it took, a middle-aged man with injuries all over his body.
The man walked over and was holding a child in his hand, and the man’s eyes were filled with tears.
When he passed by a pool, he found a child who was slightly older than the child in his hand.
The man stepped forward and looked at it.
The child was picked up, and then continued on the road. Time flies, and six years have passed in the blink of an eye. The village of holy souls, if you just listen to its name, then this is definitely a rather surprising name, but in fact, this is just Notting, the province of Fasno.
A small village in the south of the city with only about 300 households is named Holy Soul because it is said that a hundred years ago, a soul master of the Holy Soul level walked out of this place, so it got its name. This is also the eternal pride of Holy Soul Village.
At that time, two boys were sitting on a small hill beside him. One had healthy wheat-colored skin. He had ordinary black short hair and looked very neat.
Although his clothes were so simple and clean, he also had long hair fluttering and his skin was as white as clouds. Bufan’s only shortcoming may be that the childishness on his face hasn’t dissipated yet, bro, let’s go home.
The one who spoke was Tang Sanban, glanced at the boy in front of him, and said, um, Madara’s name is no longer the old Uchiha Madara, he has a new name Tang Yu In fact, Madara still wonders why he came back here. He only remembers falling into a deep sleep after being sucked in by that one.
When he woke up again, he found that his body had shrunk, and a middle-aged man, Madara and Tang Sanyi appeared in front of him. Running to the west of the Holy Soul Village, you will come to a house in the middle of the front. On the big roof, the house is an adobe house with three rooms, and a wooden sign with a diameter of about one meter. On it is a simple hammer. The hammer is in this world.
The broadest representative meaning refers to the fact that the blacksmith can smell the tangy rice fragrance as soon as he enters the house Hole, but Madara has been working outside since he was four years old, because he can’t bear to see the life of his younger brother and father in this life, so since he was a child, he has helped some people to do small things in order to get some rewards.
Whenever the villagers see Madara feels worthless for Madara because of life like this.
Such a good child has such a father, but Madara is very happy. He feels a feeling that he has never felt in his previous life. In this life, he has a new goal to protect his family.
Madara filled the rice porridge well bowl by bowl, Tang San and Tang Hao’s two bowls were extraordinarily large, but his own bowl was full of grains, and after a while, a tall figure was lifted from the curtain behind the door, and a tall figure walked a little staggeringly. Stepping out, the torn robe was worn on the body, even the patch did not reveal the bronze skin underneath, and the facial features, which were originally normal, were covered with a layer of wax, with sleepy eyes, messy hair, and a beard like a bird’s nest. I don’t know how many days I haven’t sorted out Tang San and Madara, then sat down Tang Hao saw his bowl and Tang San’s bowl, and slowly asked, Yuban, did you pour your porridge back to us, Madara? Dazed for a moment, he said, “Dad, no, I’ve eaten before.” After finishing speaking, he gestured to Tang San, with faint tears in Tang San’s eyes, he said yes, Dad, brother, already eaten before.
Tang San was full of guilt, obviously he was about the same age as his brother, but The older brother showed things that shouldn’t be done at this age. Tang San told Ban many times that he could help Ban make money together, but was rejected by Banan, and Ban’s reason was that I am the elder brother and you are the younger brother.
Eighty percent of them entered Tang Hao’s stomach, let out a long breath, put the bowl on the table, opened his drooping eyelids a little, looked at Tang San and Ban and said, “If you have work, you can take it first, I’ll do it in the afternoon, and I’ll go to sleep for a while, Dad.
” Tang San suddenly called out. Tang San pointed to a piece of raw iron in the corner with a layer of faint bird light.
Can this piece of iron be used for me? In his previous life, he was the most outstanding outer disciple of the Tang Sect. He is very familiar with making all kinds of hidden weapons.
At that time, all kinds of materials were provided by Tang Sect. After arriving in this world, although he has practiced for several years, his strength is still far from enough. At the same time, he never thought of putting down his best hidden weapon manufacturing. He has already started now. Trying to forge some hidden weapons.
Dad’s piece of iron ore contains iron mother. Tang San didn’t expect that this iron ore actually contained a certain amount of iron mother. It would be suitable for forging hidden weapons, but Tang Hao’s eyes shifted to pig iron.
There is iron in it.
Jing walked over and looked down, then turned to look at Tang San, do you want to be a blacksmith in the future? Tang San nodded, being a blacksmith is not bad. Tang Hao looked at Tang San, but then he looked at Madara and said, what about you, Yuban Chapter 2 Forging and Modifying Madara After thinking about it, forget it, Dad, I still have to go to work. Although Madara also wants to, but the conditions at home are also known. If you go by yourself, it is a problem whether Xiaosan and the others can eat enough. Tang San heard Banana Immediately in response to