Alliance but alliance is the most unreliable relationship in the world To deal with it you only need to break your heart one by one

He built Ningyuan City to pass the Silk Road to save the princess and win the beauty that is rare in a thousand years. He is the thorn in Zhuhu’s side, the nightmare of An Shi’s generation, and the plots and tricks of the treacherous officials and rebels of the Tang Dynasty. Hu Bingfeng, he despises.
The blade slashes across the smoke and disappears, and then look at the emperor’s throne, it seems that you can also covet it. The story is purely fictitious.
Please do not imitate.
There are very men, there are women, and more men pick up women.
Please see how the ancestors of Jiangdu were ravaged by pigs and expelled.
Clean pig horns are responsible for the Tang Dynasty I am here, the little wolf is only showing its fangs Chapter Datang I am coming to sell cakes, have you crossed? This is Li Huaitang’s last flashback in modern times, just because he is standing on a small mountain in Xinjiang I love you in the Tang Dynasty, poor Li Huaitang was unfortunately and fortunately passed through, maybe God is also tired of those people who are alone and want to drop the big responsibility to Si, and Li Huaitang came to the first year of the prosperous Tang Dynasty without knowing it After crossing the west of Congling, the hometown of the Han and Tang Dynasties, he is actually very talented, brave and courageous, but God is too stingy, and he doesn’t leave him a single piece of clothing. The only companions are only two spherical amethysts. Why is he also confused with two amethysts? Because the memory in my mind has already been crashed Thirty miles west of Markham, a massacre is taking place along the riverside.
What are you waiting for? Get rid of them quickly.
A white knight fiercely pointed his sword at dozens of Dashi soldiers.
He just ordered to kill all the slaves under his care Behead your head, hurry up and rush to Shiren’s ranger.
If you don’t want to leave your head here, hurry up and return to the city. The white knight is a centurion in the Khorasan army called Stud. The boss who has nothing to count but is assigned to mix with the slaves outside the city.
Stud has hundreds of slaves whose main job is to pan for gold by the river. The ropes tied to hundreds of slaves are the food they bind each other People say that the purpose of the rope is only to prevent them from escaping, because they will be sent back to the city in the first row. A string of more than 30 slaves was led out of the crowd, the bloodthirsty Dashi soldiers with ferocious faces, their scimitars out of their sheaths, murderous looks, and they were duped. Heizi and Liu Houzi, who were in the crowd, looked at each other and shouted out the despair and grief in their hearts hundreds of times. Among the slaves, Heizi and Liuhouzi are from Datang. The killing didn’t stop because of the slaves’ pleading and despairing cries. Heizi and the six monkeys, like grasshoppers tied together, could not help but knelt down on their knees facing the soldiers of Dashi, begging for mercy, and begging for mercy. The face is full of unfeeling from beginning to end. As the slaves kneel down, there is only a hint of contempt on their faces. Another string of slaves lying down in the grass and jumping among the weeds adds a touch of disdain to the dense water bank.
It is impossible for Wei Yi to desperately beg, but it is futile. The only thing left is to wait for death. Impossible, there may be a miracle.
To the scouts of Tuqi Shiren Tuqi Shiren? At this time, the remaining slaves pin their hope of survival on the faint legendary knight. Listen It is said that Tuqi Shi Sulu Khan has raised an army of 100,000 to sweep Zhaowu, the Nine Kingdoms and Tang Dynasty occupied by the big cannibal It’s about to explode, pull out the third column, don’t worry about it, let’s go together, hack them all, Stud’s patience is at an end, riding back to Samarkand in the rain is not an easy task It takes time and effort, but he still has to do it like this. Bringing these slaves back to the city is simply a joke.
Waiting for these slaves to walk back to the city on foot, the scouts who rushed to the city have already cleaned up Stud and the others with bows and arrows, but you don’t have to think about letting these slaves go.
We all know that there must be these slaves among the soldiers who will assist the sudden cavalry to attack the city in the future. More than 30 Dashi soldiers are already red-eyed.
Killing is already a joy in their hearts.
The monkey closed his eyes in pain. What he was waiting for was not the fall of the butcher knife, but the end of the suffering years. Regrettably, he would never return to Suiye Town, and he would never see his relatives again. Bright and dazzling lightning cracked the black curtain, the dark and dark sky suddenly brightened like the scorching sun in the sky, illuminating the desperate eyes of the slaves, what is the sunspot in surprise? A huge fireball rolled down from the dark clouds split by lightning, and jumped in the grass by the riverside. Wherever it passed, the fireball burst into flames.
The miracle, the long-awaited miracle, finally appeared. It was unbelievable, but in time, a hideous guy appeared.
The devil who escaped from hell screamed and appeared in the center of the fireball naked.
His burly and strong body seemed to contain infinite power.
It felt as if the god of war had descended to earth. People on the grassland had a heart of reverence for thunder and lightning, even the most ferocious warriors.
Said that the slaves, those big food soldiers who were committing crimes, were all stunned.
The ice sculptures transformed into expressions of extreme shock and froze. The time seemed to have stopped on the spot. Although the loud noise just now was breathtaking, it was not as shocking as the scene in front of us.
The light messengers all spoke in unison.