All the formations are destroyed so it’s still a forbidden place but Junior Brother Cai is still thinking about the forbidden place so please return

Chapter 1 My life is my destiny in the Divine Desolation Continent East Desolation Jade Ding Kingdom Chengwu Palace The morning sun is rising Shen Ya sits on his spacious bed with a crimson silk quilt half-covered on his body in a light red satin nightgown with blank eyes looking around him frowning dreamy footsteps The voice of the palace maid came from outside the palace. His Royal Highness, the second prince, and the guests are approaching the capital.
The emperor ordered his servants to come and ask His Highness to get up as soon as possible and go to Yudingmen to welcome the distinguished guests. Chengwu Palace was silent for a moment before Shen Ya’s voice sounded. What year and date is it today? Your Highness Yuyuan third year, August 5th, although the maid outside the palace replied, she was puzzled, but at this moment, she suddenly screamed, Second Highness, please forgive me, it turned out that Shen Ya emanated a strong murderous aura, protecting the Second Highness at the same time Dozens of guards suddenly appeared inside and outside Chengwu Palace, and several guards even landed in front of Shen Ya’s bed with a murderous look. Shen Ya withdrew his murderous look in a daze inside and outside the palace, and said calmly, “It’s okay, let’s go back.
I just had a dream. The figures looked at each other and were speechless.
” After two seconds, they all disappeared without a trace, get up, wait for me outside the door for a moment, Shen Ya’s voice fell into the ear of the terrified maid, the maid waited for a few seconds before she dared to get up, but she was horrified to hear that the second prince was Yuding The number one evil genius in the country for thousands of years, but the killing intent just now is too terrifying, isn’t it a dream? I’m back, back to the day when Tantai Mingli stepped into the Jade Cauldron Kingdom In front of the mirror, there is a strange yet familiar self, young and handsome, full of the aristocratic aura of the royal family, this aristocratic aura is quietly changing, and the murderous intent comes again, but it is only concentrated within one foot of his body. I did not expect that I, Shen Ya, would die. And resurrection back to 800 years ago, maybe I have never left, I just had a dream of 800 years, saw the future finished dressing, turned around and came outside the palace, watching the palace maid sent by the emperor, let’s go on the fifth day of August, Shen Ya never forgot I remember that this day was the day he changed his destiny.
As the Yuding Kingdom, a small country with hundreds of ranks in the Mingji Region, the eldest lady of the Tantai family, the seventh-rank family in the Mingji Region, was welcomed by the Yuding Kingdom. The VIP with the most status is the beginning of the prosperity of the Jade Ding Kingdom. Although she did not stay in the Jade Ding Kingdom for half a day, she took away the second prince Shen Ya.
From then on, Shen Ya became the strongest follower of Tantai Mingli and the strongest of the Jade Ding Kingdom. Backer In this life, I also want to be the backer of the Jade Ding Kingdom, but I won’t be a dog.
Half an hour later, Shen Ya followed his father, the emperor of the Jade Ding Kingdom, Shen Zhan, standing on the high city wall of the capital. At this time, he had finished his thoughts and understood him The next road to go is fast, look at the VIP coming down, black dots appear in the distance, after a few blinks, black dots appear and fall on the city wall, in front of you is a huge wooden boat, the wooden boat hangs in mid-air, surrounded by the aura of heaven and earth, the emperor Shen Zhan’s eyes are full I’m envious and amazed, this is a Yunkong boat that is unique to the great powers of the Ming Dynasty, even I only see the Tantai family for the third time Hurry up and salute, a sharp voice came from inside the boat.
The Emperor of Fan Kingdom, Shen Zhan, has seen Miss Tantai, Shen Zhan, how dare Shen Zhan be negligent? Kneeling and worshiping with big gifts and no character Small countries are also called every country. The emperors kneel down in the palace and the nobles naturally lower their proud heads one by one. However, there is one person who does not kneel.
Standing in the middle of everyone is particularly abrupt. Everything is just like the scene in front of you in the previous life. Shen Ya already had a memory in his heart. If he knelt down and raised his head now, what he would see would be the scene of the extremely beautiful woman stepping out of the clouds and the empty boat. The woman he followed for eight hundred years in the previous life. In this life, his path is already on the way.
The moment he didn’t bend his knees, there was a change, um, why don’t you kneel? He asked in a sharp voice, the second younger brother, quickly kneel down next to him, the eldest prince of the Jade Cauldron Kingdom, Shen Yu, pulled his leg and said in a low voice, Shen Zhan, who was at the front, also secretly turned his head and winked desperately. I, Shen Ya, have been kneeling on my knees all my life. My parents, Miss Tantai, are not on this list.
My words startled thousands of waves, Shen Zhan was furious, and turned his head in panic. After a moment of stupor, he shouted, you bastard, hurry up and kneel down.
You still don’t kneel down to Miss Tantai to kowtow to apologize Shen Yu and the ministers next to him looked at him in shock, my father, I kneel you and you kneel now are two different things Shen Ya shook his head Shen Zhan panicked everyone around him today the second prince What is going crazy, but Shen Zhan still reacted quickly and pulled the rebellious son down and hit him with a hundred sticks. As soon as the words fell, several soldiers rushed up, but at this moment, the sharp voice sneered again and said, “One hundred sticks, little prince of Fan Kingdom!” Dare to despise me, the Tantai family is still dead, right? Suddenly a sword light fell from the cloud boat and slashed towards Shen Ya, Lord, please forgive me, it’s too late for Shen Zhan to scream. The sword light has already arrived in front of Shen Ya, but at this moment Shen Ya But Ya’s body quietly let go of the sword light that would have split his body in half. A few strands of silk and satin flashed from his side, a few strands of hair were swept up by the wind, behind him were the screams of the citizens of Yuding, and The sound of the building collapsing is a little tricky, but we still have to wait for a while, the sharp sound stops abruptly, and the lazy sound resounds from the cloud boat.
In front of Shen Zhan and other kneeling worshipers, the eldest lady, the owner of the sharp voice, an old man with triangular eyes followed by dozens of guards, Tantai Mingli’s eyes fell on Shen Ya’s body, at the first level of Qi Gathering Realm, Xuan level, with at least one martial root The sense of smell in the Acupoint Realm is indeed crazy. It is very good.
Do you know why I came to the extreme south of the Mingji Region? Looking at Tantai Mingli, Shen Ya’s eyes froze, as long as a normal man sees Tantai Mingli for the first time, he will With the same expression, no one knows that Shen Ya’s memory is like going back to the last pass of the Emperor’s Road in the previous world yesterday, in the Ten Thousand Swords Demon Cave, in front of the most terrifying giant sword, Tantai Mingli’s sword.