Ah I cant sleep without you I want to hear your voice baby Tuziyuan sent a message no no no Ill sleep with my mother

The author, Tu Hanqiu, tells the story of the difficult growth and love history of a national defense student and a funny and charming second-generation girl. Childish incarnate as a steel soldier, but still can’t hide the faith and see the fate of being suspicious and slandered.
Chivalry and evil fight against the secular world and the game of true love.
A soft promise is so soul-stirring.
The impetuous world needs a quiet heart.
How can you be calm? Facing the weak water, only take a ladle and drink it.
This is a sinful world. The world of Hengsheng needs a king to rule.
Blood is poured to sprinkle true love to bury everything.
The first volume of defense students can’t get it.
It’s always turmoil. Longyang is located in a small county in the southwest. Few outsiders have heard of it.
The small here does not refer to the small area of ​​the county, but the small usable area. It is surrounded by mountains and low-lying in the middle. The thorns are all over the place, the traffic is not well-connected, the information is not smooth, but Longyang doesn’t care about these things, doesn’t care about whether you know it exists, you know or don’t know, I’m standing here, the mountain is majestic but not stunned, but this small town is surrounded by strictness On the southeast side of the small town, there is a winding road, stepping on the potholed road, and there are bumpy vehicles.
This is the only connection between the small town and the world, but the peaceful and peaceful Longyang has left poems of praise for many years. One day, the spring breeze of reform and opening up finally came in from the east, but all of this did not belong to this small southwest town.
Perhaps poverty was originally a kind of beauty, a kind of beauty that does not want to be awakened, a kind of simple beauty that contains an ancient atmosphere, and it is hot summer. The ground is scorching hot, even the wind that blows gently brings heat, but the wind won’t care about you The eyes of the world are still dying, blowing on its own, Longyang in August has everything that a small southern town has Temperament Longyang No. 1 Middle School Longyang County No.
1 Middle School Longyang is the place where talented men and beautiful women are bred. The story begins here. It should not have started here. August is a painful season. At least for the children entering the third year of high school, this is a painful time.
The season means making up lessons under the high temperature, jingle jingle jingle, a long-lost bell for the end of class slowly rings, but everyone spreads it straight on the desk covered with thick stacks of books, and even the review books have not had time to close. Sleepiness sweeps over The whole class just finished biology class and looked at the listless children. Even the usually strict biology teacher Lao Qian shook his head and didn’t break the silence. He walked towards the door with heavy steps. Making up lessons is a task assigned by the school for everyone.
The target given by the school for senior high school students is to break through the undergraduate enrollment rate next year. This is a daunting task, at least for a small western town with underdeveloped education.
Correspondingly, if you can’t keep up, at least in some people’s eyes, if you can’t keep up with your steps, education will be relatively backward. This is the second class in the afternoon, and the next thing is egg pain. The English class was painful and the grammar test everyone had to pop into the minds of the big-mouthed English teacher, old Shao Ziyuan. The guy was in the middle of Tuziyuan’s sleep. There was a cry from behind, followed by a slap on the back. The attacking disciple opened his sleepy eyes. The biology class just now broke his own historical record again. After listening to the old money for three minutes, he failed the original record. The original record was four and a half minutes of progress.
Just about to kiss Sister Wu, Tu Ziyuan suddenly raised his head and yelled at Xia Bing It was Tang Yan, who had just returned from washing her face, her school beauty goddess whom she had been secretly in love with for a long time. Tang Yan was wearing a very classic today, a white long dress with a graceful temperament and a delicate and plump figure. The sister Wu that Ziyuan was talking about was the owner of the milk tea shop at the back door of the school, an unmarried woman who was five or six years older than herself.
Shao giggled, revealing two white canine teeth, turned around, reached into the bottom of the table, and took out a thick gray plastic bag, which contained the German team uniforms they bought not long ago.
There is an English class teacher coming soon, I have to check attendance, no one is allowed to skip class, Tang Yan watched her apprentice Ziyuan and Xia Bing block up in the aisle, preventing them from going out She is a meticulous person, she is very serious in everything she does, and she is not humane. She is very strict with middle-to-late students like Tu Ziyuan, and she usually has a cold face. Everyone calls her Ice Beauty Shrimp Bing, looking at Tang Yan again. See if Tu Ziyuan didn’t dare to move half a step forward Shrimp Bing’s real name is Xia Bing In front of girls, he is typically as timid as a mouse, just a wretched man. At this moment, Tu Ziyuan picked up the bag and stood up and walked towards Tang Yan. Standing very close in front of him, the two of them stared hostilely in the air, and the classmates in the class all cast their eyes with attention. After a while, Tang Yan was still defeated after all.
Tu Ziyuan has sharp eyes since he was a child, and Tu Ziyuan smiled evilly, please let me know.
Thank you for showing the white teeth Tang Yan whitened Zhang Wenli glanced at the corners of his face, his face turned slightly red and turned into disdain, the corners of his mouth quivered and said no, no, no skipping class, the teacher is coming soon, and we have less than a year left, this is the most important thing As soon as Tuziyuan heard that she was doing Lao Shao’s tricks again, he interrupted her and immediately became angry. If it was someone else, he would have erupted already, but he was facing his favorite school girl Tang Yan, and he couldn’t get angry at all.