Afterwards lets talk although he still remembers the look in Yang Yuanliangs eyes military matters are not a trifle Huang Jiadu Li Mingxuan said with

Chapter 1 Traveling through the Hou’s Mansion to become the young master of the Great Zhou Dynasty Nan’an Hou’s Mansion Lu Zhengyuan felt dizzy and mumbled in his mouth that he drank too much last night.
Where did he sleep? Why did his head hurt so badly? The scene of this scene ah, where is this? It can’t be that I drank too much last night and was plotted against. It’s not peaceful outside recently. As a new youth communist in the 21st century, a practitioner of the great theory of Marxism, an excellent boy like me When you go out, you have to protect yourself.
After touching your body to confirm that there is no missing organ, Lu Zhengyuan finally let out a sigh of relief. It’s okay. I can’t drink so much alcohol. After confirming that I’m okay, Lu Zhengyuan began to sit up and look at the surrounding environment. This is Which crew? How could I be here? Looking at the light gauze red tent in front of me, there is still a rosewood incense table next to it.
The faint sandalwood floats in the air.
After sweeping around, Lu Zhengyuan finally noticed the guy in the blue hat standing beside the table.
Young master, you finally woke up, you scared the slave to death.
Looking at this guy in front of you with a flattering smile and a bit of a beating taste, Lu Zhengyuan was confused.
Which young master are you? You don’t remember me, I’m Wang Quan, yesterday The master said that you stayed at home all the time and was afraid that you would get sick, so the younger one proposed to take the young master out to relax, but on Yongan Street, His Royal Highness the Prince galloped and almost ran into the young master. The young master passed out after being frightened. One day, the doctor came to look at it and said that there is nothing serious, just need to rest for a few days and everything will be fine Haha, the young man in Tsing Yi muttered in a low voice, “Master is not crazy, right? How is this a good master?” Lu Zhengyuan ignored this guy and sorted out the information in his mind.
It turned out that he had really time-traveled A guy whose name is exactly the same as his own.
This guy is the only son of Lu Jin, Marquis of Nan’an, because Mrs.
Marquis of Nan’an passed away early, so Lu Jin has always loved this son very much. But this guy didn’t rely on his family background to go out and cause trouble like those dandies, he likes to be alone. In today’s words, this kid is somewhat autistic. He is fifteen years old and has been staying at home and not going out for activities. I am Crouching Dragon, I am so salty, I can’t be salty anymore, Lu Zhengyuan thought in disdain, no wonder he burped after being startled by a horse, this guy’s body is too weak, it’s a blessing in disguise that I transmigrated into him, the only son of Lord Hou Ah, no one divides the family property, and there is no embarrassment for the concubine.
This is not a good feeling.
Realizing the situation he is in now, Lu Zhengyuan can’t help but laugh out loud.
Isn’t the young master really crazy? Don’t scare the little one, Wang Quan knelt down in horror.
Let’s get on with it, are you crazy? This young master is fine. By the way, my father.
Lu Zhengyuan knew through the information in his mind that he is a good father who loves him, so he can’t wait to meet his cheap father. Quan stood up and replied, Master just saw that the young master left immediately before he woke up and went to the palace.
He hasn’t come back yet.
The kitchen cooks a table of dishes for the young master. Lu Zhengyuan immediately entered the role. Since he is the young master of the Hou family, he should enjoy the treatment first.
The young master in the past was rather dull, and now the young master is always much more lively.
The master should not blame me when he comes back.
Wang Quan can only comfort himself like this. The food in the Hou Mansion is pretty good. The more you are startled, the young master used to eat very politely, but now his forehead is rough, as if he has been hungry for several days, you dog, don’t look at me with that kind of eyes, the young master is disgusting, that’s all right, you don’t need to wait for you, sit down too Let’s eat so many masters, I can’t finish it all by myself.
The young master joked, how dare the young one? Everything is good in ancient times, but these feudal ideas should be changed, etc.
Wait a minute, young master, I will lecture you after dinner, call all the servants in the family, young master, teach you well today, as a new youth in the 21st century, Lu Zhengyuan feels that it is necessary to let These ancient people learn new ideas and strive to become new youths.
Wang Quan also wants to understand the young master. If he changes again, he is also the young master. Why do he think so much? Just do it.
So after lunch, Wang Quan called all the servants to the yard to finish eating After eating, Lu Zhengyuan burped and walked slowly to the yard. He ate a bit too much.
The food in the Hou Mansion is much better than the school cafeteria. At first, Lu Zhengyuan thought that although the Hou Mansion was big, it seemed that there were two or three hundred servants, but he obviously underestimated the battle of the Hou Mansion.
Rong Guang, the housekeeper of the Hou Mansion, walked up to Lu Zhengyuan and bowed his head to report that Uncle Rong was suffering. Lu Zhengyuan was speechless looking at so many people, so many people listened to my lecture, but at this time, he could only bite the bullet and walk to the front steps every day. Everyone has their own right of freedom when they come into this world, they are all independent people, so we must rise up against this slavery system, we must fight for independence, we must fight for our own power, we must unite to resist slavery, landlords and nobles, of course these words Lu Zhengyuan only dared to think about it in his head, he felt that he said these things today