Afterwards Kai Mo wandered around with an ax in his hand staring at the people around him as if he wanted to chop them off

I’m sorry you took the wrong script book, this is yours Lu Ye picked up a new script book and opened it, every page was crookedly written with words such as undead, non-human, monster, etc.
Lu Ye couldn’t sleep anyway, carefully After reading it in the middle of the night, I saw the words between the words. There are two words written all over the book, which is the first chapter. I’m back. Longzhou Evening News.
On the morning of No.
1, a dead body wearing a school uniform was found in an alley in the east street not far from Chengnan Middle School in the south of Yuncheng City. It is reported that the deceased Lu Ye was a third-year student in Chengnan Middle School. He was under too much pressure in the state test, and he stayed up late to study and have an irregular schedule, which eventually led to this tragedy. While we mourn for this classmate, this newspaper calls on other candidates and their parents to be vigilant and reasonable.
The strange death incident tells this newspaper that there are still many doubts about the sudden death of Lu Ye, a senior high school candidate.
According to the reporter’s inquiries with neighbors, it can be known that Lu Ye has the habit of running at night, but his route is always near his home. The place of death deviates far from him. In addition, there was a wound on the palm of Lu Ye’s right hand.
The wound was caused by a fragment of a mirror.
No one knew why Lu Ye had this extra wound on his hand before his sudden death.
In the alley next to the school, looking at these old newspapers, books and periodicals, Lu, who has a somewhat illusory figure, slowly came up with his own death report. The cause of death is sudden death.
Since the cause of death cannot be found, it is treated as sudden death.
This is the practice of police detectives. Apart from a bloody mirror fragment, no other clues were found at the scene. Whether the report is true or false, there are many people who gave Lu Ye’s sudden death.
Various evaluations have commented that the state exam is too important, saying that the fate of countless candidates depends on a single exam is too unfair, some accused Lu of not caring about his body, and let his parents have white hair to give away black hair.
Although it was reported in another news report He said that Lu Ye’s parents moved Lu Ye’s younger brother with him during the funeral that ended in less than three days after the incident, and they even clapped their hands and applauded, saying that they hate Lu Ye the most, acting like a dog in front of others, saying that he can’t study well. It’s hard to play every day, but when you get home, you study hard.
It’s what you deserve if you kill yourself.
However, no matter how these people talk about it, Lu Ye is still dead. He stayed up late to study.
The name of sudden death was also assigned to Lu Ye. Irregular work and rest on the head, staying up late studying and sudden death is really bad for those brickmen who can say it Lu Ye shriveled his mouth as if he just woke up, squinted his eyes slightly opened and complained, and said my name is Lu Ye This year, I live single Studied in Chengnan No.
1 Middle School in Yunlang District, south of Yuncheng City, does not smoke, has no Internet addiction, occasionally plays stand-alone games, but only occasionally insists on long-distance running every evening I will finish my homework together with tomorrow’s lesson preview and never leave today’s work for tomorrow.
I go to bed and fall asleep immediately and wake up on time the next day. The teachers all praised me as a top student, but even a top student like me couldn’t do it. To escape this kind of murder against me, Lu also put down the newspaper in his hand, looked at the gray money paper flying around, squinted his eyes and thought about it, the day his accident happened, he vaguely sensed that something was wrong. As a real top student, Lu He is also physically, intellectually, morally, aesthetically and labor-round developed, and he is much smarter than others.
The various behaviors of those people have not escaped his eyes, but after all, he is a high school student who has not yet entered the society. Shunyan wants to teach him a lesson.
After all, being too good at birth is also an annoyance. People often envy his beauty and intelligence, but they never thought that what the other party actually committed was a decisive murder.
On that day, various clues flowed into Lu Ye’s mind.
There is no such thing now.
All kinds of clues have flowed into the core of his soul body. Some investigation directions are gradually becoming clear.
I said senior senior senior senior. Not far away, a sneaky young man in a black sweater is calling Lu Ye carefully. Lu Ye squinted at the black sweater. The other party couldn’t help but tremble, but after thinking about it, he still said, Senior Lu Ye, if you finish reading it, we should leave this alley as soon as possible.
Although usually no one comes, it would be bad if you are really seen like this.
I feel that your lines just now have a sense of sight.
These are not important.
The important thing is that you believe me.
Lu Ye smiled and squinted his eyes as if there was an oppressive force that made the black sweater stammer and said, of course I trust the senior.
That’s fine, then just listen to me and I promise to help you complete the task of the Nightmare Dimension, which is the investigation task of the investigator. The senior is not a black sweater in the Nightmare Dimension. I am happy but also feel tangled.
I always feel that the senior is very unreliable and rumored to be sunny The gentle and helpful senior looked a little changed compared to the senior who was awakened by him.
From time to time, some weird words came out of his mouth, and at the same time, he squinted his eyes. This reminded him of the saying that squinting is a monster. Lu Ye, who had died half an hour ago and had something to burn, actually received the burnt paper, which made him wake up from the chaotic state after death, and then a few rays of light wrapped his soul body to rebuild his body, burned the paper and helped Lu Ye build it. The new body is exactly the black sweater in front of him.
His name is Zhai Di. He also studied at Chengnan Middle School. He belongs to Lu Ye’s younger brother, but now he has dropped out of school. At that time, Zhai Di looked deep and cold when he had a second stroke. Around the alley, with candles and a few strange statues, they cast a spell to control Lu Ye, and said something in the name of a psychic.