After thinking about it as Zhang Chengs eyes lit up he turned to the right hand direction of the main city and said in a

Rebirth Ding Ding a loud ringtone awakened the sleeping Zhang Cheng Zhang Cheng opened his eyes suddenly as if startled, and quickly bent down to look at the familiar huts around vigilantly, but the familiar ringtone made Zhang Cheng puzzled.
Did he die? Why did he appear here? Chen Dong frowned and stood up in doubt, but looked at the surrounding environment and muttered in a low voice until Zhang Cheng saw the calendar nailed on the wall in the hut. Zhang Cheng’s heart was shocked. The calendar clearly says June 30th, how could I go back to the day before the disaster? Zhang Cheng looked at the calendar and muttered to himself. At this moment, his heart was full of shock and excitement, and Zhao Cheng forcibly suppressed it. The throbbing in my heart slightly frowned, glanced at the alarm clock beside the bed, and said in a deep voice, if we really went back to before the catastrophe, counting the time according to the time, Wang Bing should call in a while, that’s right.
Sure enough, Zhang Cheng’s voice just landed next to the alarm clock.
The phone rang suddenly, Zhang Cheng looked serious, but his shaking right hand showed his mood at the moment. Sure enough, Zhang Cheng looked at the word “Wang Bing” displayed on the phone screen and shouted out excitedly, but suddenly thought of something. Zhang Cheng, who hadn’t called for a long time, became more indifferent with the expression on his face, but the other end of the phone seemed not to care, but still affectionately called, “Brother Cheng is my soldier.” Ah, let’s have dinner together tonight, don’t forget, you know, you won’t forget, but Zhang Cheng’s heart softened when he heard the familiar voice, but he was about to say something, but he stopped, and then he sighed and said it’s nothing, see you tonight After speaking, Zhang Cheng took the lead to hang up the phone.
Wang Bing’s voice made Zhang Cheng’s already cold heart ripple again, but with Zhang Cheng’s light sigh, the little sadness in his eyes dissipated.
In the last life, Zhang Cheng was a pair. Wang Bing really confided in his heart, let Wang Bing use any good materials first, and treat him like his own brother, but the world is unpredictable. Wang Bing stabbed Zhang Cheng for a small silver medal. Although he didn’t kill Zhang Cheng, he also made him Zhang Cheng no longer believed in anyone Zhang Cheng didn’t think about these sad past anymore, he turned his mobile phone to silent, took out all his money and went outside The system will be completely interrupted, the whole world will enter a time of great silence, and then hell will really begin. It didn’t take long for Zhang Cheng to return to his residence.
This trip, Zhang Cheng bought a lot of food and weapons, but he only found an iron rod, because even if it is Now it is too late to find someone to make them, not to mention that buying these knives is illegal. Although the weapon is only an iron rod, Zhang Cheng has other plans. Zhang Cheng packed these things and lay on the bed quietly waiting for the disaster.
The coming time passed bit by bit, and the phone was turned off by Zhang Cheng because it was useless after that.
Although Zhang Cheng knew that the disaster was coming, but at this moment, his heart was surprisingly calm. Tick ​​tock, tick tock, when the alarm clock was about to point to twelve o’clock, Zhang Cheng suddenly spoke softly, and then he closed his eyes after Zhang Cheng closed his eyes. All electric power and communication equipment were collectively interrupted and could no longer be used, and all human beings, including all creatures on the earth, collectively entered a deep sleep at this moment, without exception, and the entire earth became silent for a while to become Zhang Cheng.
When he opened his eyes again, a cold voice rang in Zhang Cheng’s mind. Congratulations, you have passed the screening of the system and become a user of the nightmare system.
I hope you can survive longer in the next world. The voice disappeared completely after finishing speaking, while Zhang Cheng said in a deep voice, the nightmare system of my society is the creator of this catastrophe. Even in the future, no one knows who created and launched this system, and all people only Knowing that the moment this system is activated, all creatures with consciousness will collectively fall into a deep sleep, and like its name, it will materialize all the nightmares these creatures have had and the monsters they fear in their minds, and carry out an attack on humans. Crazy massacres, and those humans who woke up from the nightmare system are called players by the nightmare system. As for those humans who did not wake up, Zhang Cheng slowly walked out of the window and opened the curtains. Looking at the inhuman scene outside, he took a deep breath.
The humans who couldn’t wake up from the nightmare system were turned into zombies by the nightmare system, and their physical strength was strengthened so that they would attack the surviving humans like nightmare monsters. Zhang Cheng glanced at the humans fleeing around and behind them outside the window. A gleam of light flashed in the eyes of the zombie struggling to catch up. He grabbed the iron rod beside him and rushed out.
As soon as Zhang Cheng opened the door, he saw a pale zombie rushing towards him with his bloody mouth open, but Zhang Cheng didn’t panic and raised it. As soon as the iron rod in his hand was sent to the zombie’s open mouth, the slender but strong iron rod passed through the zombie’s mouth, and Zhang Cheng stretched out his other hand to grab the other part through which the iron rod passed. One head, then turned it hard, and smashed the zombie’s head from the mouth of the zombie. Zhang Cheng shook off the black blood of the zombie in his hand, then stretched out his right hand and shook it hard in the air, and saw a white transparent figure coming from the zombie’s mouth. The corpse floated out and flew towards Zhang Cheng’s right hand.
The white figure sank into Zhang Cheng’s right hand and disappeared.
Zhang Cheng looked at a black pattern that suddenly appeared on the back of his hand, chuckled and said “a soul.
” Is this zombie quite rich? Zhang Cheng finished speaking