After the game you and I have no grievances why are you still looking for trouble How can there be no grievances and grievances for

Source 80 e-books uploaded with integrity and travel all over the world. Time words. Talk about medicine that can cure all diseases. Holding the Wealth of Nations in Hand Chapter 1 Guarding the Tomb Huangxiu Village is a large village with a population of over 1,000. The village is divided into three groups. One group is surnamed Yu, the second group is surnamed Chen, and the third group is also surnamed Yu. There will be some contradictions, the most troublesome one is the dispute over the tomb. In the middle of the farmland where the third group and the second group meet, there is a raised mountain bag. There are several vegetable fields and a grave on the mountain bag. What is the specific name of the owner of the tomb? No one knows, but the old people in the village often say that this is a geomantic treasure.
The person buried here can bless the villagers to be safe and prosperous. Since the owner of the tomb is named Yu, the villagers in the second group don’t expect him to bless them, but the first group and the third group do it for this.
A tomb broke his head and even got into a fight in front of the grave, trampling several vegetable fields of Chen Yang’s family into a mess. The sun was shining at noon, and the villagers went home to rest after finishing their farm work. Only 18-year-old Chen Yang held a wooden stick and guarded the vegetable field in front of the grave, motionless, hey, crazy boy, the sun is so big, he still can’t go back, suddenly a playful voice broke the tranquility of the afternoon, Chen Yang wiped the sweat from the corner of his eyes, only to see Yu Jianti from the third group Yu Jian was three years older than Chen Yang, and he was also taller.
He would block a section of irrigation ditch every day while grazing cattle, and mold lobsters and eels in it. There are no lobsters in the game ditch. Go to other places to herd cattle.
Chen Yang hurriedly shouted. What he fears most is that the few cows in Yu Jian’s family can eat up more than half of their vegetable field if they don’t pay attention. I also want to go to other places. But my dad insisted that I guard the grave of Bodhisattva Yu. If he was really a Bodhisattva, our village would have made a fortune long ago.
You know what? The two people in our village who made a lot of money doing business in other places are because of worshiping Bodhisattva Yu.
One day you dug out an eel and found a golden eel, I believed you, Bodhisattva Yu, your parents were superstitious because you had never studied, but you have been in school for a few years, why are you still as superstitious as your parents? I got angry and others said he was good at everything, but they couldn’t say that he was uneducated. When he was a child, he was playful and skipped classes every day when he was in the first grade.
His parents were afraid that he would fall into a puddle and drown so that he didn’t read the first grade. His parents don’t want him to read after reading.
What’s the use of reading? Your dad has read books all his life. Didn’t he run away with other women? Hurry up and pay homage to Bodhisattva Yu, maybe he will be merciful to help you find a father, or just recognize me as a father, forget it, I will go to bed tonight, your mother, you Chen Yang is completely angry, and you lift the broken bricks in front of the grave towards Yu Jian Smashed it over, Yu Jian leaned to the side, hid lightly to the side, cursed your mother, the bricks on Bodhisattva Yu’s grave dared to look up and see how I taught you today, Yu Jian is tall and has no problem against Chen Yang When he rushed over, Chen Yang suddenly mentioned the long The stick hit Yu Jian’s shoulder with a loud bang, and the stick hit Yu Jian’s shoulder Yu Jian cried out in pain, clutching his shoulder and screaming, fell to the ground, oh my hand, my hand is broken, Chen Yang panicked and blamed him I was too ruthless just now, if I really broke Yu Jian’s hand, I would lose money! Why are you standing there stupidly? Take me to the health center. If it really breaks, you will help me herd cattle every day. It’s so easy to break.
Chen Yang said he didn’t believe it, but he still dropped the stick and ran over. But when he was approaching, Yu Jian suddenly strangled his neck with his injured hand, and then he kicked Chen Yang directly.
On the ground, fuck me with a stick and see how I killed you, you fucking lied to me, what happened to you? You are the only one to blame.
Yu Jian pressed Chen Yang to the ground, clenched his fists and smashed Chen Yang on the head. Chen Yang barely blocked a punch with one elbow, but who knows that another punch came down again.
After four or five punches, Chen Yang could only hug his head and curl up like a hedgehog.
You hide, I let you hide, Yu Jian smashed A few punches didn’t work, and suddenly he went crazy, grabbed the brick next to him and smashed it down, there was a loud bang, Chen Yang suddenly screamed, blood flowed down his head, this time it was Yu Jian who panicked, and the villagers fought It’s no better than outsiders who can hurt people by making small troubles, but you are all right. Yu Jian said in a panic, I’m going to call the doctor over. Chen Yang covered his head, no matter how hard he tried, he felt drowsy.
He looked at it. Xu Jian’s vague back just wanted to scold the bastard, he couldn’t even stand up, and let him lie under such a big sun, didn’t he want him to die? At this moment, he suddenly felt the burning of his body against the grave The scorching sun made him unable to open his eyes, but the strange thing is that his head doesn’t seem to hurt anymore, as if he lost consciousness, without any feeling at all.
I don’t know how long this state lasted until he felt something moving under him. With a little consciousness, this kind of thing moved coolly and quickly covered his whole body.
He was sure that he hadn’t opened his eyes, but a clear picture appeared in his mind, in which he was surrounded by countless plants, all of which were They are different species, some he has seen and some he has not, but he can call out the names of these plants. For example, the one growing on his right hand side is obviously an old Polygonum multiflorum.
He stared at Polygonum multiflorum for a while and thought of it. The picture in the picture began to change rapidly. He saw a winding path along the path into the woods. After walking a hundred meters forward, he saw a large bunch of thorn trees growing under the thorn tree. Chen Yang has seen a thorn tree. He once joked that there must be a rabbit nest under the thorn tree, because no one has ever entered it.