After the annoying Li Chenyuan finished speaking he closed his mouth inside and the little man moved looked down and saw that his wife had

Chapter 1 Time Traveling So Hungry Sister, you woke up, here is a sweet potato root, you eat it first, fill your belly, brother, I will find something else for you later, Li Chenzhou opened his eyes weakly, and what he saw was a sallow, thin face.
Who is the younger sister? Eat it, you won’t be hungry. Li Chenyuan looked at her brother worriedly. There was a stabbing pain in his head, and some fragments flashed in his head. The memory of this body is not much. She is only 2 years old now, and she only knows that the boy in front of her is her brother. Others There is no information and the original owner is the elder brother who was starved to death and his stomach hurts. Li Chenzhou raised his hand and rubbed his stomach. Li Chenyuan stuffed the sweet potato root in his hand to her and helped her rub her stomach. After eating it, the pain will not hurt.
Brother will rub it for you. Li Chenzhou picked it up Put sweet potato roots into your mouth and put a small stick in your stomach.
The pain in your stomach is much smaller. My sister’s stomach still hurts.
Li Chenzhou looked at the sleeping little boy next to him, reached out and touched his face, his sallow face looked skinny and thin, Zhou Zhou, you are awake, Li Chenyuan cracked his mouth and laughed, are you hungry? Let’s go and go to the mountains with my brother to find something to eat. Going or not, I didn’t realize that once I said it, I was really hungry. Li Chenzhou nodded silently and got up with him.
The brother and sister washed their faces, Li Chenyuan combed her hair, took her hand, and went out the door. Li Chenzhou was observing the village along the way.
I am also learning about the situation in the village with Li Chenyuan.
This village is called Panlong Village. The houses in the whole village are built in the shape of a soaring dragon.
The situation is somewhat similar to the era when she was born in the first life, but the leadership team is different.
In the first life, the Chinese leadership team she was in was headed by the old man, but now the Chinese leadership team is headed by the old man, so this era can only be parallel.
There is no pressure on her to accept this point in the superficial era.
All high-level cultivators know that there are three thousand big worlds and three thousand small worlds in this world.
What is disturbing is that the aura in this world is thin and her soul is from the late Mahayana period.
Cultivation is not bound by the law of heaven, only the law of heaven and earth binds the creatures in this world. There are signs that there should be no law of heaven in this world.
Look, there is a pheasant there. Zhou looked up and saw the pheasant clucking as if frightened and flew away, puffing and puffing.
It’s a pity to scare it away. If we meet a pheasant again, let’s keep our voice down. It’s a pity that Li Chenyuan looked at the pheasant going away.
Li Chenzhou’s milky voice is full of regrets, Luo Pingyang was bullied by a chicken, even if she still has a layer of spiritual power left, this arrogant pheasant will not let this arrogant pheasant run away She was injured during the gap and now she can’t use her spiritual sense. In her previous life, she passed through the world of cultivating immortals. As soon as her soul arrived, she was taken to Tianjimen by an old man who claimed to be Xuanjizi.
Fate is dear Since then, she has followed her master Xuanji Zizi to inherit his mantle, but she prefers sword cultivation. Fortunately, she got the sword cultivation method Qianyuan Law Code and Qianyuan Sword Code in a fairy cave.
Combined with the Qianyuan body training technique, it is a complete system of cultivating immortals. In the year of cultivating immortals, both the Tianji Collection and the Qianyuan Sword Canon have been cultivated to the late stage of Mahayana. When she was chased and killed, she broke through the late stage of Mahayana. It is conceivable how powerful the two high-ranking monks in the late stage of Mahayana died together. I didn’t find anything to eat in the circle, and led my sister down the mountain in despondency. Li Chenyuan and Li Chenzhou looked up.
Li Chenyuan shouted, “Uncle, a tall and thin middle-aged man ran in front of him. This person is Li Chenyuan’s uncle, Li Zetian.
Li Zetian hurried. Give him the package in your hand, take it home, don’t come out, uncle, go first, don’t be seen, before Li Chenyuan reacts, Li Zetian has already run away Good man, let’s go home quickly and hide the things that the uncle gave me, otherwise if the uncle finds out, there will be a big quarrel Listen more, watch more, talk less.
Back home, Li Chenyuan opened the package and saw a small bag of white noodles inside.
There are not many white noodles. If you save some food, it should be enough for their brothers and sisters to eat for three days.
Zhouzhou, you sit and play by yourself, and your brother goes to pancakes for you. Li Chenyuan hugs Went to the kitchen with flour for a while and smelled the smell of pancakes coming from the kitchen.
Li Chenzhou walked into the kitchen with short legs and saw his brother pick up a piece of pancake. He couldn’t help swallowing, he was really hungry Seriously, Li Chenyuan tore a piece from the cake and stuffed it into his mouth.
Nodding repeatedly, he took the cake and turned around. He saw his sister standing at the kitchen door and smiled at her. The sister came to eat the cake. Li Chenzhou stepped forward, picked up the cake and stuffed it into his mouth. But after eating half of it, I was full.
This small body can’t eat enough.
He held up the remaining half of the pancake in his hand and gave it to Brother Li Chenyuan to eat. Well, Li Chenyuan ate the remaining half of the pancake with a smile on his face.
This silly brother, this pancake is just lunch. Forget it, go in, Li Chenyuan holds her back to the room, Zhouzhou, you sleep at home, okay brother, go to the mountain to see if you can find something to eat, Li Chenzhou nods, she has long wanted to be alone for a while, her portable space Buddha in the palm Guo doesn’t know if there is any damage in the gap between time and space, and whether this body has spiritual roots, etc. I need to confirm that Zhou Zhou is really good.