After taking Naito Yu home he is quite a bit showing off Naito Yu even blinked at Naito Yu at the end and asked Naito

Dust escape, wood escape, Susanoo, almost all of them are shattered with one punch.
When the strength reaches its limit, there is nothing that cannot be solved with one punch. There is a quiet and elegant atmosphere in the school, but there is a child who seems out of place among them. After a puff of white smoke came out, the clone did not appear at all.
It failed again! Naito Yu had a slightly wry smile on his face. It’s been a few years since I’ve been in this world. This is a world of ninjas. Naito Yu once imagined that he could become a blockbuster genius and stand out in the ninja world. However, the fact is that it is extremely difficult for his body to extract chakra, let alone practice ninjutsu. His chakra amount is a fraction of that of children of the same age. As for ninjutsu, he can’t even practice the most basic ones successfully, no matter how much effort he puts in.
But what I want is not a flash of youth but eternal glory Naito Yu looks at the sky with a bit of resentment Can you stop playing with him like this? Besides, there are at most two years before the Second Ninja World War breaks out Not to mention the genin, even the chunin and the top ninja have no power to protect themselves Naito Yu sighed again.
The time he traveled here was on the eve of the Second Ninja World War. It was very bad.
He is only eight years old now.
The time left for him is running out. He doesn’t have enough self-protection ability within two years. In the outbreak of the Second Ninja World War, he is almost the fate of cannon fodder.
Naito Yu doesn’t want to be cannon fodder. Let’s continue to practice Taijutsu, even if it is difficult to practice ninjutsu, you can’t give up easily. Shaking your head and throwing out the thoughts in your mind, Naito Yu stood up and walked towards the woods behind the school.
From time to time, there are ninja schools on the road. I heard that the guy has not practiced ninjutsu until now, and I am afraid that he will not even be able to pass the graduation examination in the future. Sure enough, the guy from Xiaonin Village will never be able to compare with us geniuses who were born in Konoha. There was a burst of discussion, accompanied by some disdainful eyes Naito Yu directly turned a blind eye to this, a group of older children waited two years for the Second Ninja World War to start, they would know what it means to cry, but speaking of their own luck, it was true It’s not too good to come to this world, it’s fine to be a Konoha ninja, even if Naito Yu does not want to become a Senshou clan, Uchiha clan, even if they can have a normal family, but the fact is that he doesn’t even Naito Yu was not born in Konoha, but came from a small ninja village.
That small ninja village has been wiped out by Sand Yin Ninja Village, one of the five great ninja villages. Naito Yu may be the only survivor who was killed by Konoha. After the ninja found out, the person who brought him back to Konoha’s outer village was just a child, but he was very unpopular in Konoha, everyone was cold-eyed, and Naito Yu had already gotten used to it. The upper end of the stake in front of the stake has an obvious The dent was caused by countless side kicks and hammering with his fist bit by bit.
Even though Naito Yu had no talent for practicing ninjutsu, Naito Yu never had the idea of ​​giving up. He looked at his hand and The bandage on the foot Naito took a deep breath, suddenly kicked it out of the groove of the wooden post, one two three thirty five thirty six sweat poured down, and soon a deep exhaustion and fatigue The parts of the body, especially the ankles, gradually began to ache, sore and swollen, but Naito Yu did not stop, but gritted his teeth and continued in this place where it was almost dark and no one was there, Naito Yu was practicing physical skills alone, he couldn’t After practicing Ninjutsu, the only way to develop is Taijutsu, so he has to exert several times or even dozens of times more effort than the children of the same age. Gradually, Naito Yu began to pant violently, and the sweat had already killed him. His clothes were completely soaked, even dripping to the ground, and finally when his legs were numb and even a little unsteady, Naito Yu stopped to take a rest, followed by 500 straight punches, and then 200 side kicks Naito Nariza Take a rest next to it and look at the sunset in the sky with only the last twilight left. There is a slight sense of relaxation on your face.
If you can do this every day, it would be nice to enjoy the beautiful scenery while practicing, but it is a pity that the second Ninja World War is the third. The fourth Ninja World War, with so many crises hanging over his head, it is impossible to relax, just when Naito Yu rested for a while and was about to get up to practice again, he suddenly let out a sound of surprise because he noticed that at the end of the sky When a ray of afterglow fell, it seemed that a strange shadow appeared in a certain direction in the woods. What was that? Naito Yu showed a trace of curiosity on his face.
The shadow just now was not big, like an apple. What delicious fruits are there in the woods? Naito Yu walked slowly in that direction with curiosity, the sky gradually became completely dark, and Naito Yu took out a ninja tool for lighting, and then continued walking forward for a while, Naito Yu stopped in front of a bush When he got down, his expression instantly became dull, revealing an expression as if he had seen a ghost. When he was shocked, even the light in his hand fell to the ground.
The light disappeared and the surroundings fell into darkness.
This is Naito Yu, who squatted down and touched a few times. Next, he picked up the lamp again and shone it on the thing in the grass, still with a dull expression, finally Naito Yu carefully stretched out his hand and took the thing in the grass over.
This is a strange looking fruit. It’s impossible for anyone to know what it is, and I’m afraid they will throw it away as a poisonous fruit, but Naito Yu, who used to be an anime fan, can almost recognize what it is at a glance